Can You Monetize Your Fitness? | EP#149

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today I’m going to do
a brief review of five different crypto
monetized fitness applications and
essentially these are mobile apps that
allow you to earn cryptocurrency for
taking steps so it’ll track your steps
and give you cryptocurrency based on
that one of them also similarly tracks
your heartbeat rather than your steps so
let’s go through some of them and
realistically there is only one that is
super viable to actually use in my
opinion there’s a little bit of a
resistance with getting started because
it’s steam and it’s not super easy to
get signed up on Steam compared to other
places but I guarantee once you do you
will see the benefit of using active fit
versus these other applications so if
you want a really quick review
what should you download right now
active fit fitness tracker is the only
really good one but I’m going to go
through the others to tell you well
share why they’re not super super ideal
but you could use them if you wanted so
first off we have sweat coin sweat coin
and life coin are both you know they’re
they’re not really using cryptocurrency
they claim to but it’s more of a point
system they’re just giving it a fancy
name it’s like it’s like line Oh points
for D live like it could have been a
blockchain but it’s not so they rewards
you 0.95 of their coin both of them do
per thousand steps and they cap at 5
points per day you can increase that cap
by paying $10 USD a month for life coin
or 4.75 sweat coin on sweat coins sweat
coin is a lot more ideal since with life
coin you’re gonna end up losing money
with sweat coin it you could earn the
amount that you need per month in one
day so that’s not too bad
however with both of these you can’t
actually publicly trade these coins
because they’re not real
cryptocurrencies so they’re not on
exchanges you can only really redeem
them through their point redemption
systems on the actual applications so
for example for a $50 PayPal card it
would generally take you up to a year of
of taking steps for both of them
and they also require phone and e-mail
verification whereas the other
applications do not so you know consider
that when you go into it because they’re
definitely not super they don’t have
really good reward systems they’re not
good models they don’t give you much
it’s not super worth it but again you’re
just getting this stuff for free anyways
because you’re exercising so keep that
in mind but again we’ll we’ll get to the
vinyl one which is the only one that you
really need to care about Jim Rewards is
the third one this does use a real
cryptocurrency on the eos network but it
requires that you use a heartbeat
tracker so it’s something that you would
have to buy and wear on your wrist it’s
not ideal that it has this extra
requirement to be able to earn so you
have to invest some money plus similarly
to sweat coin and life coin if you want
to be able to earn more than what it
caps at you have to pay a monthly fee in
u.s. dollars again and because these
aren’t traded on exchanges even though
it is a real cryptocurrency but it’s not
being traded I don’t recommend doing
this so the next one is limbo limbo is
good because it’s actually got its own
cryptocurrency lym it’s traded on
exchanges everything is in check except
the app itself doesn’t work very well a
lot of the reviews say people have to
reinstall it all the time there’s so
many issues me personally I couldn’t
install it it said it was incompatible
with my device it’s just a basic fitness
tracker why does it need some like
high-tech brand new device to be able to
operate I don’t know my phone is
decently new I mean it’s not the newest
because I lost my phone well I dropped
it in a lake or a river whatever but
active fit is the only one that’s going
to solve all of the issues presented in
all the other applications active fit
you can instantly withdraw you earn you
know enough that it’s actually like
useful and they have no reason to not
pay out like the it’s they’re fine to
pay it out to you because they pay it
out via a vote on Steam so you start off
by getting your steam account and then
you can just post everyday via active
fit and if you have a steam account
already and you want to focus on social
media and like creating posts and
content then you can just create a
second account and do that for active
fit and then you can redeem out to your
other account or sell it or whatever you
want to do but the point is that you can
instantly with draw anything you earn
from active fit mind you you do have to
wait seven days after you originally
make the post because that’s just how
the Steam network works it takes seven
days and then your post will stop
earning rewards and then you can redeem
the rewards they will upvote that post
with their voting power and then you’ll
earn money from that and yeah and it’s
just it’s just based on how many steps
you took that day and then you post for
that day
ideally they want you to also share a
picture of like where you walked or
where you ran or just wherever you were
exercising to legitimize the experience
because it’s more so if people do a
crazy high amount they to ensure that
you’re not cheating they want to be like
okay like show that you actually ran
like a marathon or whatever you’re
claiming to have ran based on the amount
of steps that you’ve checked in for the
day so yeah I mean that’s pretty much it
act if it solves a lot of the problems
that are inherent to the other ones it
has its own crypto well I mean it’s not
its own crypto but it has steam which is
a valid crypto currency that is easily
traded no network fees no transaction
fees it’s on exchanges
there’s no issues with actually being
able to redeem the cryptocurrency you
don’t have a cap on what you can
actually earn and it’s not there’s no
like struggle to actually getting that
and withdrawing and just having easy
access to your funds and yeah it’s it’s
it’s pretty straightforward act if it is
pretty easy the only resistance point is
if you already don’t have a Steam
you’re gonna have to go and create one
and it takes a bit of time to get
approved since they’re giving you free
Steam / they’re lending you free Steam
so let me know what you guys think I’m
sure there’s other applications out
there that monetize your fitness and a
lot of you to earn for your steps or
your heartbeat or whatever it might be
let me know of any apps that you know
absolute you’ve tried apps that you
would like to see reviewed I’m sure
there’s more out there again but I
wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them
had some of the similar issues – Jim
rewards limpo life coin sweat coin
that’s why active fit is an easy easy
pick for me if you know something better
though again please share I would always
love to hear more better suggestions and
be able to share them with my audience
as well so leave those in the comments
below and let me know what you think of
these do you use active fit currently do
you plan to now that you’ve heard about
it let us know in the comments below I’m
Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness
signing off Cheers


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