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could not get a video up honestly I
tried everything I went to Starbucks I
went to McDonald’s I went all around the
cafe’s in this area from the hotel
nothing would upload in less than 8
hours so it was impossible for me to get
the video up I apologize but we are back
right now let’s get into this Amazon
made battle face book with its own
cryptocurrency so basically this article
is talking about the two tech giant’s
potentially launching their own
cryptocurrency so we might be getting an
Amazon coin and we might be getting a
Facebook coin so those two would be big
and the fact is that these two companies
are so big that it would make sense and
it would be more profitable for them to
actually launch their own cryptocurrency
to use now this also brings us to the
other side which is if all of what about
the other companies what about these
smaller companies what about you know
companies that don’t have the money to
invest in launching their own
cryptocurrency right now both with the
risk factor involved but also just don’t
have the capital to do it so they are
going to be looking at other crypto
currencies to pick up and that is where
I think the cryptocurrency market is
going to thrive I don’t think they’re
gonna be picking up I don’t think an
eBay would pick up an Amazon coin I
don’t know if that makes sense for them
to do so they might be looking at
another cryptocurrency to picked up
let’s say might may be Bitcoin maybe
Ripple maybe – maybe if there whatever
it may be they might be looking at
picking up one of those now a lot of
people say this is far-fetched this
isn’t gonna happen people aren’t going
to get people a massage not gonna launch
a cryptocurrency Facebook’s not gonna
launch a cryptocurrency well keep in
mind a few things first of all is Amazon
Amazon bought three domains previously
and that was Amazon etherium amaz
cryptocurrency at Amazon
cryptocurrencies now this could have
been simply for the safety of their name
of their trademark that could of the
brand name that could a hundred percent
be it but they also got Apple um Amazon
pays VP Patrick I don’t know what his
last name is but it’s not me
trust me it’s not me he told CNBC last
month and this was in November 2017 so
is the month before November that Amazon
had no plans to accept cryptocurrency
because there hasn’t been much demand
yet and Amazon may simply be protecting
its brand name by buying the domains but
guys this was the month before November
so what has changed since then we saw
that crazy spike at the end of the year
and more and more every single day that
goes by we are having more and more
demand so it is looking possible that if
there is enough demand there if they
think there’s enough demand there
they’re definitely going to be looking
at launching their own cryptocurrency it
simply makes sense these big companies
need to do everything possible to adapt
and it’d be one of the first ones to
adapt they don’t want to end up like a
Toys R Us which ends a which ended up
not adapting well to e-commerce and then
slowly shutting down and going out of
business that’s not what they want to
end up doing so in order to stay on top
they need to keep that they need to keep
active and keep growing now the next
thing I have for you guys is Bitcoin
searches spiked on Google Trends so
there has been a correlation between
Bitcoin price and Bitcoin searches on
Google we saw this previously there was
a huge spike up on Google on searches on
Google Trends for Bitcoin at the end of
last year and since then it has been on
the decline well guess what things have
reversed it is now shot back up it does
this mean the price might do the same I
think so I think it is possible and I
think it makes sense that the more
people are looking at it the more people
are going to start getting into
cryptocurrency and therefore the overall
market cap will go up and that to me
makes sense and now the only thing we
can do to help these people when they’re
coming in is not let them fall for the
scams that are out there as there are
plenty of scams we have to do our best
to vet every project we have to do our
best to help the community grow lead
them to you know useful videos
useful tutorials whatever it may be but
avoid the scams and then they’re gonna
be long-term investors in cryptocurrency
are gonna fundamentally understand what
it is about and therefore make better
decisions and not get scammed and then
run around thinking that
cryptocurrencies the end the world can I
still get these comments go check out
the last few videos as comments go check
it out you will see people in there who
are saying that cryptocurrency is now
over and I guarantee you they bought it
in and they bought in at the end of last
year / January this year and they sold
probably the day before they left the
comment or the same day they made the
comments so I guarantee you guys go
check that out it is there but if we
look at the overall market cap 285
billion dollars bitcoins almonds 39.7%
things are up a little bit yesterday we
had a much greener day now we have a mix
of green and some red not to mention
nano was up 17 I think almost 20 percent
after we talked about it in yesterday’s
video so for those who picked it up I
was very happy to see that trade right
there I told you guys I would be picking
some up I was very happy to see it for
those of you guys who picked it up as
well congratulations now let’s look at
the biggest mover so Bitcoin private one
of the biggest movers today or the
biggest mover in the top 100 of 13
percent other than that we have basic
attention token we have iOS we have Tron
we have 0x finally making some move
upwards aetherium zob substratum sup a
lot of cryptocurrencies are up but if we
look at the reverse we have coins like
this which I still don’t know what this
is so it’s down 15 16 % hopefully you
guys aren’t too invested in it but
Cardinal is down 2% there isn’t too much
rent if you look at it there’s more
green than there is rent which is
overall enough for us to call this a
Green Day now let’s go into some
specific crypto currencies and talk
about what they are doing and what is
new so first off is card on look at how
cheap the price is for cards on Oh guys
16 cents almost 17 cents 4.3 billion
dollar market cap definitely one to look
at picking up it is almost at the lower
height here of 15 cents 15 point 2 cents
it’s like a 1 cent difference honestly
card Auto has been taking a huge hit
it’s known to take big hits when the
it is down but these prices are looking
very very nice and to pick some up you
guys can head on over to Finance if you
guys are interested but Cardinals been
listed on bit thumb that actually helped
the price a little bit not too much as
you guys can tell but Cardno got listed
on bit thumb always good to be put on
more exchanges so congratulations for
them for getting listed we’ve seen this
happen though with a lieutenant
cryptocurrency especially these big ones
this is not going to cause this is not
going to give enough volume a big
cryptocurrency being listed on bit thumb
you know signs already on buying an
something’s already on bit tricks for
example being listen on bit thumb is not
going to get enough volume for us to see
a massive price change like we have
previously seen with smaller all points
that say got listed on Finance right but
still shows growth for cardona’s that
they’re still actively growing they’re
still pushing for it and I still believe
Cardno has a very solid future now the
next cryptocurrency I want to talk about
sort of a – crypto currency deal right
here we’re gonna be talking about is
like coin and neo so first off like coin
foundation working hard on adoption now
that’s something I want to point the
article out because this is true they
have been killing it when it comes to
behind the scenes just put in their head
down getting to work and working for
like Quinn adoption if there’s a team
that I trust in other than aetherium and
stuff like that as well it would be like
coin they have an all-star team they
know what they’re doing it they’re
pushing for adoption now another article
I read which is why I opened up like
quaint and neo is the price take a look
at like coin price so it is under $100
and Neil is just over 40 it was under 40
when I was making yesterday’s video
that’s why this worked out when I was
talking about it yesterday but one thing
is it dipped lower than the low right
here that’s one thing but litecoin
hasn’t been this cheap and neo hasn’t
been this cheap since the beginning
since early December I think it was an
early slash mid December 2017 so if we
go back here December 3rd 2017 101
dollars if we go back to summer first 83
dollars and 70 cents for like right now
it’s like quite after that wet pair
all I’m like everything else went all
the way up to over 330 I believe those
350 ish dollars in if not more I don’t
remember the exact peak was but guys if
I told you when like cruise at $300 that
you could buy like Quinn again for 87
you guys would jump on that opportunity
trust me I’ve seen I saw when the market
was up the comments that people were
saying was I wish I bought more I’m sad
I missed the opportunity I’m you know I
wish I got more like winning $80 I wish
I got more like when I under hundred
before Wednesday 350 like oh I’m sad I
missed the opportunity well light coins
under $100 again so I don’t really know
what those people were saying that and
haven’t taken action are looking for it
though the market is giving you another
opportunity to do what you asked it to
let you do now it’s not all about taking
the actual opportunity and Neal is the
same thing it just hit $40 from an
all-time high of was it 161 if big Neal
when Neal was that $161 and I asked
anybody let’s see it’s go all the way
back down December at one point was 37
December 8th December set 35 $34.92 was
the price on December 1st 2017 before it
went to a hundred and sixty dollars so
if I told you guys at 160 that you could
have gone there for $34 and $35 everyone
would have jumped on that opportunity
because that multiple that multiplier
right there is very good that’s a lot of
money to be made in a short period of
well Neal drop back under $40 was that a
buying opportunity in my opinion if
you’re in this for the long run yes I
think both of those were buying
opportunities if you believe in the
project and you want to build a
portfolio dollar cause average it down
whatever it may be now that was a good
time or this is still a good opportunity
to buy some but unfortunately we’re
gonna see a lot of people not take
action and then when the price goes back
up once we see like Quinn at $500 we see
Neal at $1,000 people are gonna be
saying damn I wish I bought more Neal at
$40 it’s gonna happen you can pretty
much write that down I think that that
is what I think is going to
and now moving on Tron has two pieces of
really cool news first off its Tron
wallet adapt has been launched you guys
can go ahead and check that out but even
cooler is the possibility of chon being
added on the ledger nano s so this isn’t
confirmed but they have actually had
they got rid they got reached out I
guess I don’t know how exactly you was
saying but the official team for a
ledger responded quickly that said we
invite Tron developers to get in touch
with us and join our developers slack to
evaluate the technical complexity
related to their own blocking so there’s
a possibility that the legend nos could
support Tron in the near future
obviously this is still pure speculation
now we are in the beginning stage of
this but if you think about Tron and
everything they’ve done so far all the
exchanges they’ve gotten on everything
that they’ve managed to do in terms of
adoption it would make sense for us to
see Tron on on the legend nos and I
don’t think the Tron team would miss out
on an opportunity like this to get on
there and now last thing I have for you
guys is the etherium news on the overall
cryptocurrency news from the SEC this is
huge this basically says that the theory
immed uhz not fall under a security it’s
not a security says the SEC and this
stands for actually all cryptocurrency
so cryptocurrencies with decent
decentralized structures are not
securities and this is a big relief
because this is something a lot of
people were scared about is is aetherium
a security now guys we have the answer
it is not so that is overall some very
good news but guys thank you so much for
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