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Hello everyone, my name is Ron Pope and I want to thank you for being here with me tonight. I’m
Honored to be here and get to share the cash FX group opportunity with you. So let’s jump right into it and
You know, what exactly is the forex market because cash FX that’s what it’s for. It’s part of the forex market
So what is the forex market? Well, it’s the largest most liquid financial market
In the world today, it trades over 5.3 trillion dollars
Daily, it’s historically proven to be recession proof. It’s the most flexible
risk management
you know market that’s available out there so you can put in money management risk management techniques and
At the same time get the maximum gains on your capital
It trades 24 hours a day five days a week. So it’s different than the standard stock market would be or the options market
Okay. It’s open a lot more political mobile
Now who is who is cash FX? And how do they fit into all of this?
Well cash FX is a team of project management experts that specialize in the financial markets. Okay, our highly trained educational team
Is focused on the guidance and success of our trade trading membership. Okay cash FX corporate offices and
educational floor are located in Panama City, Panama
And our brokers are regulated by the following regulate regulatory authorities, which is FCA the FSA
FSC a and FSA
Okay. So what I want to tell you guys is it I personally know the founders of cash FX in and I and I know
where their heart and their minds are at and and
really what they’re trying to do with cash FX and it’s very very exciting to see as it’s coming together here the
Values that this company is being built on values such as transparency honesty and respect
Okay – and for our cash FX family now what exactly is the mission of this company?
What are they trying to accomplish here? They want to offer world-class forex trading?
performance while providing a personalized and Professional Academy
program for the purpose of improving the financial lives of cash affects families around the world
okay, so the core product of all this is education the core purpose is to educate you so that you can
Better your life so that you can gain a skill that will allow you to live any
Quality of life it is that you that you desire
Cash emic trading success. Our our success is actually achieved with a combination of
expert advisors professional traders
AI okay artificial intelligence and box and the bots are fed
algorithms that the professional traders have come up with with the expert advisors and
So as they’re feeding this into the box and bots are making the trades
the AI the artificial intelligence is sitting back and watching what’s happening and
Learning from this so because it’s very important guys that you understand
The algorithms and bawd so they are only good for so long and then you have to recycle them
You have to come up with new algorithms to feed into the bots
Okay, so you can’t create one algorithm and think that it’s going to trade forever the markets change, but that’s where the AI comes in
It starts in learning and helping create new strategies. It also is very effective in scalability
being able to you know trade for millions of people so
Amazing ingenious system that cash FX has put together here
Marketing tools, how are you gonna get this out to the public. How are you gonna tell people about this?
Well, I’m the president CEO for the conversion pros which were in where the marketing software company. We also offered full
Marketing services, so we have accepted the contract with cash FX to do all their back office
You know software their commission tracking all their marketing
Marketing materials marketing software all of it. So we were developing the background right now
the banners landing pages capture pages bridge pages the full funnel are
the autoresponder series
so basically what we want to be able to do is provide you if you decide to get involved with cash FX a
Turnkey system here in the very near future that you’ll be able to plug into and start marketing
So if you’re sitting there saying well, I’m somebody who doesn’t have a warm market. I don’t know how I’m going to do this
That’s where the marketing comes in
We’re gonna give you guys the tools that you need to be able to go out
in market cash FX successfully and generate a constant flow of of new people that are
Interested in what you have to offer
Okay, so that’s how it all plays together
Let’s talk about the core product here guys
It’s the Academy the Academy program cash FX Academy program is the key to your cash effects business
Okay, every trading contract has a specific section of our trading curriculum included with it
So as you continue to increase your package size your education also increases with it
Excuse me the three different series that we have is yellow elemental series the supreme series and the advanced professional series
Under the elemental series. There’s going to be four different levels of education that basically introduce you to the world of forest
Learn the basics and become familiar with the important terms and concepts
Okay, the supreme series takes you further into forex concepts and techniques where you learn advanced skills
That will serve as a foundation for your success if you choose to take on your own trading account. Okay, so
Obviously here with cash FX. You can earn while you learn
so as you’re going through the education cash up X can take care of the trading side of it for you with the idea that
when you get to a certain level in the education, you can now go ahead and download the tools the the
The app and everything the cash FX offers and start doing your own trading and account management
Then you have the advanced Professional Series which introduces you to the most
Challenging and I believe one of the most important aspects of forex mastery
It’s the psychology of professional trading you see you have to remove yourself from your money
You cannot be mentally attached to your money when you’re trading in the Forex or any market really you should be
Unemotionally attached for money. You just need to separate yourself
alright because as soon as you start injecting
You know
Your relation or your attachment to that money? You’ll start to make bad decisions on your trading
I’ve seen so many times when people will go in too heavy on a trade and then they lose a bunch of money
so then they get really emotionally attached and
So they go even bigger on their next trade and then they lose money on that one
And so they just keep going bigger and bigger and then next thing, you know, they’ve got a complete devastation on their hands. So
Through the education we want to teach you guys how not to do that
but at the same time put tools and software in your hands that you can depend can depend on and
You know help you win the trades
So, sorry
Cash FX trade contracts elemental series
Here’s those four different series packages that I talked about reported and packages within the elemental series that I talked about
We got the Academy package as a $300 package
We have a five hundred dollar package a thousand into two thousand
Each one of these 30 percent goes towards your education
The rest of it goes into trade for you and each one of these comes with leadership program points for you. Okay personal volume
We’ll get into that more here in a little bit
Then you have your supreme series. You’ve got three levels of education underneath this
Again, 30% of each one of them going towards your educational package. Then you have the advanced three more series here and
Each one has again 30% that goes towards the educational package
And then the difference goes into trade and you get your leadership program points
Okay cash FX reward plan
This is where it all gets pretty exciting here guys, very unique
Rewards plan a lot of industry-first here really, so if you watch over the next few minutes to go. Wow, I’ve never seen that before
It was designed to be that way. Okay, a lot of industry first a lot of very unique
Aspects to the compensation plan here the benefits that are easy to qualify for
with a concept that accelerates your team building and they’re earning success so cash FX wants to encourage everyone to
Help others, you know?
Help you people below you
Build up their businesses in by doing so you’re gonna be rewarded for that
Let’s talk about the Bulls and the Bears here now. I know that’s a very common term in trading
That is not what cash FX is referring to them the Bulls and the Bears and cash FX is really a play on words
the bear think of this as
Passive someone who puts their money in and sits back and waits for their earnings to come in through the trade earnings
Okay, so they don’t refer anybody over to cash FX. That’s okay and
You can earn two times your original package amount
So if we look at to the right here, you have a two thousand dollar package example
Well, we already know that 30% of that’s going to go towards your educational package
Half of that or excuse me. Um, so when you are a bear
Okay, and it talks about making 2x on your money 2x of what?
2x to the
$1400 that’s left over after your $600 package. No, that’s one of the very unique things that I love about cash FX
Is they give you the ability to actually earn on what you spend on your education?
Earn that back and a whole lot more profit on top of it. Okay?
So you’ll actually earn on your entire $2,000 package
1,400 of your $2,000 package goes into trade. Okay. Um
One second here. Actually I’m saying
Yeah, okay, so start with that
$1,400 in the two thousand goes into trade for you. Okay, and
but you’ll earn 2x of the original $2,000 package so you could earn up to
$4,000 and it and it only cost you 600. Okay
But you’ll earn that off the $1,400 balance that you have in trade the bull capital
This is very unique as well
If this is once you refer even just one person to cash FX now you enter into the bull capital site
Opening you up to another 2x of your original contract. Okay. So now you have the ability to earn
On a thousand dollar package or
$8,000 on this 2000 dollar example. Okay, so it’s 2x which is 4000 of the bare side and 2x
Which is 4000 on the bull side for a total of 8,000 dollars that you could earn now going back to the original
package here of the 2000 and you paid the 600 for education what happens to that $600 well,
$300 of it or half of it goes to faster
We’re talking about fast start here in just a second the other 300 goes into the unilevel
And we’ll also talk about that here in just a moment
Let’s talk about the trade results first off before we get further into the compensation side our proprietary
AI technology combined with our professional forex trading team and our technicians all work together to create a variation your ordinary
trading results
I’ve been involved in trading Forex things like that for over 15 years and what I’ve witnessed with cash FX is
It’s a fitness. It’s a phenomenal. It really is. It’s a phenomenon. It’s it’s
Amazing. I went out and met with the founders of cash FX in Orlando, Florida recently
And got to watch some of the different trade strategies be put to use in
You know
I like to think that
I’d sure I created a bot back several years ago that we were hitting 8 to 13 percent a week and I thought that was
pretty incredible
Guess what? I can say here guys is we’re not dealing with a company that’s struggling to meet that 15% a week obligation
Okay, they actually do far beyond that and they implement their
You know their risk management their money management techniques
To allow them to reserve capital in case they do have a bad day of training
There’s always that backup reserves so you and I would not be affected by that
Okay, so they would be able to just continue trading because they’ve got that backup reserve at all times
Which also means it they don’t put a hundred percent of the money in play
There’s no reason to especially not in the forex market
When you send money into the company not a hundred percent of that’s going into trade
They put in the trade what portion they need to in order to meet their weekly obligation
Okay, if you look down below says this bonus accelerates your bear capital
So your trade results are part of your bear capital, which again is someone who has not referred anyone to cash FX
They’re considered a bear. And so this your trading goes towards that 2x towards it on the $2,000 package that
$4,000 that you can make as a bear. This goes towards that $4,000
I’m going to show you another way that also pays towards your bear capital here in a moment
Let’s go into the past are fast fast start bonus here an Academy pack is part of every cash FX trade contract
Okay, the Academy pack as I’ve discussed a few times here is 30% of your overall trade contre
100% of the value of your Academy pack is paid back out to the field
Okay. So what I just said there is our core product
The company doesn’t even make a profit on they pay that back to us the reps
The reps in the field that are bringing the business to the table
Okay, each time a new Academy pack is purchased half of its value
Okay goes into your fast start bonus. We talked about that
The other half is distributed into the unilevel bonus and I’ll go over that with you
You earn a fast start bonus every time you refer someone to cash FX
So you earn it up to a maximum fast start bonus according to your current personal trade contract amount
okay, so if you can only earn two X and
You’re sitting on a 500 dollar contract. You wouldn’t be able to receive the full
Commission on say a $50,000 package. Okay. So always keep that in mind as you’re talking to people and they’re like, yeah
I’m going to come in with a big package
You’re gonna want to upgrade your package
So that you can receive those commissions the fast start because you had to refer someone to cash effect in order to get a fast
Start bonus. Okay, that feeds on the bull side. Remember the bull are the ones who are
You know personally referring people to cash FX
The unilevel bonus this is a very very exciting bonus here guys, the unilevel bonus is
So when a package is first purchased half of that goes into the fast part
Well, the other half is coming over here into the unilevel
Okay, if you choose to participate in our referral program, you’ll earn additional commissions as your team grows
So the unilevel is everybody from you down on your team
Okay, so it starts with you everybody starts a brand new you and the level everybody has ten levels to earn through
I’m going to show you how to get to infinity here in a second, but
It starts with you. It’s your personal team down
But you’re making money off of what your P – and what their people do and their people do and so on
Down ten levels deep which is, you know, thousands of people here guys
Their ten level of growth that you can be rewarded on as you qualify
Further into the leadership program and you can earn it to infinity. That’s what I was referring to in just a moment ago
So again, you had to refer someone to get this type of compensation. So it feeds your full capital side of things
Okay, so that to 2x on the bull side. This goes towards that 2x
Now look at these numbers here for a second guys. You’ve got levels one through four you’re making 10% on so
Let’s say that you had
you know some a group of people come in and
They bought twenty thousand dollars worth of packages. We’ll just use that as an example
Okay, so out of that twenty thousand dollars in packages. There was six thousand dollars in commissionable
Money there. Okay, the educational package so divide that in half
That means three thousand dollars went into your unilevel out of that three thousand
Levels one through four gonna make ten percent of it levels 5 and 6 will make twenty percent of it
Seven and eight five percent nine and ten five percent
but if you earn your way into the leadership program
I’m going to show you how to do that at the end of this presentation
So stick around but if you earn your way into the leadership side of things you can now
earn additional money one percent 1.5 and and two percent
So when you become a part of the President’s Club and you open up that tenth level you’re getting five percent on you’ve also opened
up one percent to infinity
That’s pretty incredible if you think about that for a second I mean
You’re gonna be down 40 50 60 hundred levels deep before you know it
How would you like to be making one percent of all that or one and a half to two percent?
Okay, let me go through that. I’m gonna show you how to do all that force matrix 3 by 10. I
Refer to the matrix as a hybrid
the force matrix
It feeds the bare side and you might be saying well, how’s that possible? Well, that’s another very unique thing about
Cash FX is you do not have to refer anybody in order to get into the matrix and start receiving an overwrite
you know right of what well every single time that
someone gets ready to
Hold money out of their balance. So as they’re earning through their trade earnings or their earning through their
referrals and things
It builds up a balance in their back office that they can
Pull that money how to do what? Well, they could take it home
They could you know buy a car with it
They could upgrade their package they could do whatever it is that they want to do with that money. Okay, that money is theirs
But every single time someone would draws money it creates a twenty percent withdrawal fee
So for example, let’s say we use that two thousand dollar package as an example
Out of the two thousand if they were to withdraw two thousand dollars. Okay, that means there’s four hundred dollars in withdrawal fees
What I want you to understand. Is that what Rafi is not profit for cash FX guys
It’s in it’s a unique and deliberate strategy to create constant residual reward
For all of our loyal customers and team builders within the cash FX family, okay
So remember I said you don’t have to refer anybody to go into the matrix
By being in the matrix and you can receive spillover from above you now what is fuller?
Let’s talk about that for just a moment here. I get a lot of questions. Let’s pull over
spillover in a matrix
You don’t have you don’t have spillover in like a unit level or anything, but in a matrix you can get spillover, okay?
Spillover takes time, but it’s very possible to get your spillover. So spillover is simply this
Everybody’s matrix runs all the way up to the company
So it depends on how many levels down you are from the company or how many levels down you are from your from your sponsor?
II but you might be thinking well
I should be direct to my sponsor in the you know level you are but in the matrix
You could fall several levels below them because they only have three
frontline positions
Alright, so what if you’re their 10th or 20th or 50th referral to the program you’re not gonna be able to fall in those first?
three spots
Well those first three mind about built out there three even build out there three, you might end up several levels below your sponsor
Okay, all of that through growth, but how do you get spillover?
the system works from left
And it looks for any weak spots and he’s any any spots that don’t have anybody filled in yet
And it said, oh you get one then he goes on to the next person and goes
you’re missing spot and gives one there and so on and so forth that goes from left to right until that entire level of the
Of the matrix is filled up and then it starts over from left to right again
So that’s how the system works if you’re you know get involved
You don’t see spillover right away could mean that there’s mid, you know multiple open spots above you that hadn’t been filled in yet. So
There’s many different things that that affects fill. Oh, okay, but I did want to touch on that here tonight
I wanted to make sure that you guys understood that with the matrix you could receive
Spillover from your sponsor or their sponsors or that all the way up to the company
It just depends on you know, who’s got extra spillover that could fall underneath you. It’s just how the system works
so out of the four hundred dollars in the fees that fed into the
Or that we’re available. Okay, the twenty percent half of that
Went into the matrix
All right, so you’d have two hundred dollars worth of fees that fit into the matrix from the example
I gave out of a you know out of the packages that I gave the example on
Okay, so out of that two hundred dollars what portion of it do you get?
It depends on where that withdraw was done was that on your first level your fifth level or your tenth level?
Each one of them is you can see down the right comes with a different percentage. I love the seventh level
Look at that thirty percent
Paid out on two thousand one hundred eighty seven people pretty incredible a full matrix guys is eighty eight thousand five hundred seventy two people
So this could really become something very substantial at the time for you. If you’re a builder, it could become something even quicker
Okay, but if you’re a if you’re a bear and you just want to sit back and get your trader names and get your matrix
Income you can definitely do that
That’s why this feeds into
The bear side though is that you don’t have to refer anybody in order to take advantage of this compensation. Um
Now out of the twenty percent withdrawal fee half of it goes in the matrix. Where’s the other half going?
Well, you got ten percent that goes into a check match. That’s why I call it a hybrid
I’ll explain the check match here in a second
But you got ten percent go to the check match in forty percent going to the leadership rent bonuses
We barely touched on the leadership rank bonuses a couple slides ago
We’re gonna go deeper into them here in just a moment. But matrix hybrid hop showed you the first side of the baron
Okay. Well the check match is where it becomes the bull side
So if you refer even one person to cash FX, well, they’re in that matrix anything they’re making in the matrix. You’re getting 10% up
Just for referring them to the program. There’s no qualification beyond the fact that you just refer them to the program. That’s it
Okay, and then you’ll get 10% of what every single one of your personals makes in the matrix
So it feeds both the bull and the bear side of things very very exciting
you want to go out and get as many personals as you can so they’re all making money in the matrix and you’re getting the
Ten percent check match. So I love this. I love this compensation right here
Okay, guys, let’s get into the Leadership Program I’ve been promising that we’re gonna go over this I think this is extremely
Exciting when you really grasp what’s going on here
Let’s look at the executive level over here. Alright, so at the executive level you need to have 500 PV. What is PV?
That’s personal volume remember back on the slide the where I showed you the packages? Okay
Each package came with a certain personal volume level. Well had a thousand dollar package. You’re getting 500 PV
So if you look at that guy’s
500 PV is all you need to get all the way through these ranks as far as your personal volume goes
You can be global ambassador with only 500 PP
Now to become an executive you need 500 PV and 3 referrals
And then you need 7,000 total group volume underneath all of those people
You’re not looking at a whole lot there that you need to put together to become an executive that can happen extremely fast for you
We see people doing that their first day right now. Ah,
Manager, how do you get to manager? Well, same 500 PV, but now you need 25,000 room volume
You need to executives in two different lineages
Okay, so what does that mean?
Let’s go back to the to the matrix here just for a second. Okay?
I’m going to use this as a
broad example
So let’s say this is you right here at the top the gold spot
These first three spots here are each a lineage or a line of sponsorship
Okay, so you got lineage one two, and three that’s just an example
I wanted to give you a visual of what we’re talking about when I say two different lineages
Alright, so as I showed you you have three different legs there
Well, you need two executives from two of those legs a total of two
That’s one in one leg and one in the other and you don’t have to have an executive in that third leg
So pick two out of your three and help develop some executives down there again
That’s just three referrals and 7,000 in group volume and they’re an executive as well
So you need two people to do the same thing. You just did
Here you need a hundred thousand group volume two managers in two different lineages. Okay, so we just explain what lineages are and
So now you need two people to become a manager the same thing. You just did to make you a director
Okay, so that’s one manager in two different lines of sponsorship. They’re two different legs
How do you become a president president ambassador and global ambassador remember this is that extra 1%
1.5 and 2% to infinity so you want to get to this place, right?
Not to mention that on top of the extra money. There’s going to be bonuses from the corporate level could be cards
It could be you know fancy trips
They’re coming up with all kinds of great ideas
They’ll be discussing a lot of that at the official launch in Panama City in mid November so very exciting
But you want to get to these levels. How do you do that? Half a million group volume?
Okay, you need three directors from three different lineages. So now you need three people to do what you just did from three different lines
Okay, so if you got three legs, you need one from each one of those legs
one director from each leg
to million group volume three presidents
So three people to do what you just did
But you could do two presidents on one leg and one in another you only need it in two lineages here
you open up one and a half percent of
global bonus to infinity
And then you have your global ambassador position here guys
You need three people to become ambassador as you just did five million group volume points
But those three ambassadors you can those over two different legs
All right
So two and one one or the other or you can do one in each
You know in one in each of your three legs the minimum of two legs. So is what you need there, so
But that’s the leadership program. This is the full compensation plan
This is cash FX guys, and I’m excited to be here with you
You can see it doesn’t take very long to present
This anybody can present this get back to the person who invited you here get some more information from them
They can help you pick your package and get started tonight. I want to thank you so much for your time. I’m good evening

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