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60,000 BTC Moved From Wallet!? Bitcoin Important Price Zone! (Bitmex Trading + Cryptocurrency News)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video – gotanother killer video if you guys full of information today we’re gonna be lookingat somebody moved sixty thousand Bitcoin not sixty thousand dollars worth butsixty thousand actual Bitcoin we’re always gonna be looking at bitcoinsimportant price level as well as tons of

This week in Bitcoin- 5-17-2019- Stephan Livera & crew: BTC roller coaster, gold, exchanges, China

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meisterwelcome to this week in bitcoin today is May the 17th 2019strong hand offended by selling be a unique uncompensated one Bitcoin equalsone Bitcoin Bitcoin isn’t that X Bitcoin alright we’ve got an exciting lineuphere today guy Swann makes his debut on the show he’s

Bitcoin Q&A: CME Bitcoin Reference Rate

[AUDIENCE] My question is about [the Chicago Mercantile Exchange].On December 10th, if I’m correctly informed, the CME is going to start futures trading [of bitcoin].Since this year, we have seen already two forks, almost three.Forking is something quite new to a futures exchange; the underlying assets usually don’t fork.I haven’t seen gold or oil contracts

Bitcoin Q&A: How much bitcoin do you have?

[AUDIENCE] I am a novice in all of this cryptocurrency stuff.[ANDREAS] Welcome![AUDIENCE] It is interesting to hear what you are saying. Clearly you are a huge believer [in Bitcoin].My question is, what percentage of your wealth is tied up in bitcoin? [Laughter]And what percentage of our wealth should be tied up in bitcoin?[ANDREAS] The answer

Bitcoin Q&A: Sidechains and the security model

“What is the Liquid sidechain? It looks like a private blockchain,but claims to have some degree of decentralization.”“If it does work, what does it mean…for the Bitcoin community and other sidechain projects, public or private?”First of all, Liquid is a product name. It is the creation of a company called Blockstream,which has a number of

Bitcoin Bull Run Indicator?! Tron TRX #2 On Rankings?! 100,000 Lawsuit! (Cryptocurrency/BTC News)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new videotape aboutanother killer video for you guys full of information today we’ll be talkingabout the Bitcoin bull run indicator Ross he’ll be looking at China’scryptocurrency rankings as well as tons of other news that went on in thecryptocurrency space but guys before you start