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The world as we’ve known it so farhas no future.Either it will collapse,either an evolutionary leap will happenin our species,which will make it able to take careof our planetand to protect the humansand the non-human beings who live there.This evolution of consciousnesswill not come out of nice ideasnor will it originate fromthe centralized organizationsthat govern

Ethereum Q&A: Gas and resource allocation

“How is gas used? Is it used only in Ethereum?” This is a very interesting question.Gas is a fascinating topic regarding Ethereum and other smart contract platforms.When people talk about Ethereum, a term you will hear almost immediately is “Turing-complete.”When you hear “Turing-complete,” it sounds like something that is a great feature to have.I mean,

Interview With The CVO Of Dagcoin Kris Ress

How would this technology change your life?I was using university serversat night, to mine for bitcoin and some other coins.What would you say the real purpose of cryptocurrency is?The real purpose is creating a better version of money.Simple as that.Well, thank you very much for coming today.The reason we invited you to come and speak

Today’s Future Now – Smart Technology: The Daily Show

It’s time to check in on news from the tech worldwith Ronny Chieng in Today’s Future Now.♪ ♪Thanks, Trevor. Got a lot of stupid tech bull(bleep)to show you today, so let’s get into it.Everyone’s been talking about virtual reality,augmented reality, and whatever hellish realitywe’re stuck in now. So you’ve probably already seenthe season’s biggest seller,

ADAM: Episode 1

(budzenie się) (ciężkie oddychanie) (otwarcie drzwi) Hej, ruszaj się! Zostaw go Spadamy stąd Wracamy do wieży (granie muzyki) (dźwięk dostrajania) (ponowne granie muzyki) Napisy stworzone przez społeczność