China Might Send Military to Hong Kong

China threatens to send the military into
Hong Kong
as triads attack protesters.
And China is also on the warpath…pretty
much everywhere.
Stay ahead of the curve on this week’s China
This is China Uncensored, I’m Chris Chappell.
This week’s China news headlines!
Retired Chinese Communist Party official Li
Peng died on Monday night.
Li Peng was known for…
killing a lot of people.
You might know him as the “Butcher of Beijing”,
one of the masterminds behind the Tiananmen
Square Massacre.
Or as state-run Xinhua News describes him,
“an excellent Party member.”
The Tiananmen Square Massacre is on everyone’s
mind for another reason:
Hong Kong.
Chinese authorities are maybe possibly considering
sending in the People’s Liberation Army.
If the Hong Kong government asks nicely.
The chief spokesman for the Ministry of National
Senior Colonel Wu Qian, said,
“The behavior of some radical protesters
challenges the central government’s authority…
That absolutely cannot be tolerated.”
So you know, protesters splash black paint
on the national emblem,
we get to crush you with tanks.
Fair’s fair.
Colonel Wu went on to reference a law,
“that allows the People’s Liberation Army
to intervene,
when requested by Hong Kong’s leaders,
to maintain order or assist in cases of natural
In completely unrelated news, the People’s
Liberation Army
is running anti-riot drills in Guangdong province,
according to their Weibo account.
But would Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie
Lam actually call in the PLA?
Well, she may not have much choice if she’s
“requested to” by Beijing.
But at the end of the day, the Chinese Communist
knows who’s really to blame for the protests.
It’s the fundamental incompatibility between
China’s authoritarian Party-state
and Hong Kong’s cherished freedoms.
Just kidding!
It’s the black hands—
the hostile foreign forces leading things
on the ground.
Which is why the Chinese regime is calling
on the US
to remove its black hands from Hong Kong.
Of course, that’s ridiculous.
We left Hong Kong weeks ago.
But even without the Chinese military in Hong
things are already getting violent.
“After weeks of clashes between demonstrators
and police,
the spotlight has shifted to the territory’s
shadowy criminal network.
Some opposition lawmakers say the men in white
were triad gangsters.”
Yes, the infamous Hong Kong triads.
And they’re on the side of the Chinese Communist
I mean, they do have a lot in common.
At least 45 people were injured on Sunday
after men in white t-shirts attacked protesters.
As well as bystanders, like this guy,
who was just trying to get home.
Fortunately, despite the conflicts between
police and protesters over the past month,
police were quick to stop the violence.
“One lawmaker said it took police more than
an hour to show up after he called them.”
Okay, nevermind.
Now some of the footage was pretty graphic.
Of course we can’t show you that,
because the last time we showed footage of
a violent police response
to a protest in the Chinese city of Wuhan,
YouTube age-restricted the video so hardly
anyone saw it.
It’s important to protect people from facts.
So far police have arrested several men with
triad links related to the attack.
But the police have also banned a planned
protest against mob violence.
Well, I’m sure that no one would dare protest
But there might be a few hundred thousand
people who show up on Saturday
to hold a religious gathering because…
they’re really, really sad that Li Peng
Yeah, that’s why.
But I wouldn’t want you to think the Chinese
Communist Party
is on the warpath with Hong Kong.
There are plenty of other countries/regions
where the Communist Party
is also on the warpath.
In a newly released Chinese military white
the Party says if Taiwan ever moves towards
formal independence,
the Chinese Communist Party will go to war.
This comes in the same month the US announced
a 2 billion dollar weapons deal with Taiwan.
So this should be fun.
Defense ministry spokesman Wu Qian said,
“We must firmly point out that seeking Taiwan
independence is a dead end.”
He added, wink wink, get it?
Dead end.
After which he chuckled a bit, before saying,
“Seriously, we will invade Taiwan and kill
anyone who resists.”
China’s new military white paper also took
aim at the Trump administration—
for standing up to the Chinese Communist Party.
“It claimed ‘hegemonism’ is on the rise.”
To which Trump responded, gotta catch ’em
all, Hegemon!
But I wouldn’t want you to think the Chinese
Communist Party
is on the warpath with only Hong Kong, Taiwan,
and the United States.
The white paper also is promising more military
cooperation with Russia.
To which South Korea responded,
“Oh really?
We hadn’t noticed.”
A few days before the white paper release,
“two Russian bombers and two Chinese warplanes—
both capable of dropping nuclear weapons—
entered South Korea’s air defense identification
Which was shortly followed by another Russian
And then South Korea scrambled 18 fighter
which fired machine-gun rounds and released
But I wouldn’t want you to think the Chinese
Communist Party
is on the warpath with only Hong Kong,
Taiwan, the United States, and South Korea.
Japan said that Chinese and Russian aircraft
also flew over disputed Japanese territory.
Which is great news.
Don’t worry though.
Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are not the
real problems.
It’s the United States that’s to blame—
for destabilizing the world.
The military white paper,
besides highlighting all the places China
is willing to go to war over,
singled out the US for undermining global
strategic stability.
And China, “resolutely opposes the wrong
and provocative activities of the U.S.”
For example, last week,
President Trump met with victims of religious
persecution around the world,
including four people from China—
a Tibetan Buddhist,
a Uighur Muslim,
a Christian,
and a Falun Gong practitioner.
Thank you so much, thank you so very much.
My favorite Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman
and Mortal Kombat character, Lu Kang was furious.
He said, “There is no so-called religious
persecution in China at all.
The Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religious
belief in accordance with law.”
Ohhhhh, Lu Kang just pulled off a fatality
on facts!
Speaking of the US’s provocative activities,
here’s FBI director Christopher Wray clearly
antagonizing the Communist Party.
“China is fighting a generational fight
And when I say China, I want to be clear,
this is not about the Chinese people as a
or the Chinese Americans in this country.
What it is about, though, is a variety of
ways the Chinese Communist Party
is using government officials, private sector
entities …
to steal their way up the economic ladder
at our expense.”
Okay, sure, Chrisotpher Wray is making it
very clear
this is not about Chinese people as a whole.
But when people have criticized the Communist
Party before,
that hasn’t ever stopped the Communist Party
from crying racism anyway.
After all, Lu Kang is Mr. Fact Fatality.
But the accusation that China was stealing
their way up the economic ladder
was echoed by Brigadier General DeAnna Burt
of the US Space Command.
She recently said,
China was stealing the US Space Command Blind.
Which I can only assume means China has stolen
Geordi’s visor.
But China’s space program may be having
some problems.
A senior official there is under investigation
for corruption.
Which if you’ve been paying any attention
to China Uncensored,
you know what it means when an official is
charged with corruption.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has made the military
a particular focus
of his so-called anti-corruption campaign.
And while in most cases,
the officials really are corrupt,
the corrupt ones Xi Jinping goes after
also tend to be tied to his political rivals.
Which is why there’s a saying in China,
“Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss,
dying in the vacuum of space is still better
than what the Communist Party will do to you.”
And finally, the China-Russia cooperation
doesn’t stop at the military.
It’s also hitting the big screen!
The Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
was directed by a Russian and filmed in Beijing.
It’s called The Mystery of the Dragon Seal:
Journey to China.
It’s a chance to recapture all that childhood
and then throw that magic on the ground and
stomp on it
after you realize your childhood heroes have
been tarnished forever.
And that’s it for this week’s China news
And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you—
a fan who support China Uncensored with a
dollar or more per episode,
by contributing through Patreon.
Joe King asks,
“Chris, does the CCP target the ancient
eastern religions
with the same fervor delivered unto Western
and Middle Eastern religions?”
Well, just ask the Tibetan Buddhists.
But beyond the Tibetans,
Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism
have also been heavily persecuted.
Especially during the Cultural Revolution,
when their ancient religious iconography got
Under Mao, there was even a specific campaign
to criticize Confucius.
But once Buddhists, Daoists, and Confucians
were brought to heel,
the Chinese Communist Party set up the State
Administration for Religious Affairs,
so religion could flourish as a well controlled
of the officially atheist Chinese Communist
Each of the 5 major religions in China has
been controlled
by the Party under this organization.
But in 2018, Xi Jinping said the State Administration
for Religious Affairs would be dissolved,
and religion would come directly under the
control of the United Front Work Department.
Because remember, as Lu Kang said,
“There is no so-called religious persecution
in China at all.
The Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religious
belief in accordance with law.”
And Lu Kang is an expert at sending people
to the afterlife.
Thanks for your question.
And thanks to everyone watching!
We could not make this show without your support.
Whether it’s supporting us through Patreon
or just watching and sharing the show with
your friends and family.
So thank you from me and everyone on the China
Uncensored team.
Once again I’m Chris Chappell,
see you next time.


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