Christmas 2019 Dollar Tree DIY Chandelier

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make a very elegant festive and unique chandelier so if you want to
learn how to make it put them follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and the project to have for you tonight is definitely not for
the beginning crafter so if that’s you you can watch and enjoy but you might
want to steer clear of this one definitely something for people who’ve
been crafting a while because it can be a bit challenging
not to mention okay so it just happens that I wore this shirt that I leave a
little sparkle she leaves a bit of sparkle wherever she goes well after
this project let me tell you that is 100% fact because it is everywhere I’m
really anxious to show it to you all it was much bigger the inspiration one was
with a much bigger project than the one I actually made I can’t even imagine how
much glitter would have been everywhere if I made the large version of this so
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here so what are you waiting for let’s get into more fun and get into this
video okay let’s do it so as you can see the first thing I did
was went ahead and spray painted my wreaths white and then I have these
little dowels which they’re actually bamboo skewers I got these I don’t know
if I got them just at the grocery store or where if you and they’re about eight
inches long and they have appointed in and a flat end so if you don’t have
these or access to these another option for those would be chopsticks or even
pencils and so you want to spray-paint those white as well what we’re going to
be using those for is to help to keep a space between the two of these so that
we can work on it more easily otherwise it’s going to be really difficult to get
the lights wrapped around and to get everything on them so you’re gonna go
ahead and find a spot to poke your skewer stick in or whatever you’re using
your chopstick or whatever that might be and once you get that spot we’re gonna
find every about third so that you have so that it’s kind of evened out I think
that looks pretty even to me if you want to you can go ahead and measure yours it
also is going to be a little bit dependent on where the space is in your
wreath to be able to stick it in there once you get those in place go ahead and
add some hot glue to keep them secure and then the next thing we’re going to
be doing is adding on our top wreath to get it kind of centered you’re gonna
maybe need to look from up above to see that it’s hanging centered over your
other wreath and find it places there as well to poke the sticks into and get
those secured in place as well and let your hot glue cool off so that it holds
firmly in place while we’re waiting on that to cool I have put a really
generous amount of hot glue in each of these spots so I’m going to put that off
to the side and let it really really cool off in the meantime take some of
your little florals here and go ahead and start removing the berries from the
stems so I have a bunch of the berries already removed
this amount of berries is actually from eight of these dollar tree stems what
we’re going to be doing is bringing back our wreath forms here and we’re going to be
focusing on gluing these berries kind of down around all the way around our
wreath here I’m going to stand it up so it’s easier for me to work on but you
don’t have to do it so much on the top part focus a little more around the
sides and kind of down because the distance in here is pretty great so
we’re going to have the red and then the silvery stuff and then more red so we
want that kind of to be filled in so I’m gonna go ahead and start gluing my
berries in place here and for a more natural look kind of glue them in a
little bit different directions not everything exactly you know at the same
angle kind of put some facing a little bit upward and some may be facing
slightly downwards you can glue them in different spots you don’t necessarily
have to glue them from the plastic part so just all different directions so that
they kind of fill in nicely and cover this area here’s what I’ve got so far
just to give you an idea and can keep continuing all the way around so here’s
how mine is looking I have to be careful how I show this and not to bump but go
all the way around and get those all in place and it does take some time for
that hot glue to cool off so the next thing we’re gonna do we’re going to take
a little bit of a break from putting on those things and we’re gonna use our
lights now I got this set of lights from the 99-cent store for $2.99 and it is
the fairy light style and it looks like these are like 21 feet long so that’s
why I opted for this one I’m gonna be attaching my battery pack up here on top
of my chandelier because I figure it’s up high people won’t really be able to
see it because they’ll be looking more so from underneath so I’m gonna go with
that and if you want to you can camouflage it too with a few more
berries or some greenery or whatever you would like to do just do make sure that
you’re able whatever you do to get the top off so that you can replace the
batteries so I ended up using a pipe cleaner and wiring that through my
reform around and just twisting it one so it kind of holds it into place so the
initial part from the battery pack on doesn’t have any lights so I’m going to
kind of stash that up here on the top a little bit and then what I’m gonna do is
start with my lights and wrapping them around so keep going all the way around
until you use up all of your lights and then so my lights are all wrapped around
you can see them I turned them on so that you’ll actually be able to see them
and the next parts gonna be a bit of a messy part this is where we’re going to
be using our glittery pieces and the next row we’re going to be doing is
going to be in between this very row and we’re going to be doing this with
berries as well so we’re going to have a very glittery messy part but we’re going
to be attaching these in between partially you can attach them to the
underneath side of your wreath form kind of however you can get those attached
now because it’s awkward I’m going to kind of do this off camera because I
need my hands and you guys won’t be able to see what I’m doing so I am just gonna
basically be attaching them and going all the way around my form here now a
little tip to help you get those to fit on better is to give these start giving
these a bit of a bend so I’ve kind of bent the stem part a bit and I am kind
of giving some bend to these pieces as well we don’t necessarily need them all
to be bent but that will help you to kind of get them into place and be able
to attach them I’m also kind of bringing them from underneath and shoving it
under into the kind of twineyness here too so that it will stick and then I can
add some hot glue up in through here and then we’re gonna work on the next step
once we get those into place oh my gosh you guys there’s so much glitter
everywhere my husband’s gonna die if I could just show you you can’t even
see I am covered in glitter anyway this is what we have so far and what we’re
going to be working on next is kind of doing the same thing we did up here but
we’re going to be adding in the red berries down here so go all the way
around and add them in the same way that you did above I suggest so when you’re
putting on the berries on the bottom that you put a bowl underneath to hold
it off of the your counter or your workspace because you can see with the
berries hanging down it’s gonna make it difficult to actually have them sort of
hang given this is going to be a chandelier we want them kind of hanging
downwards so that’s about the only way I can come up with unless you have a place
that you can hang this from to work putting it on a bowl really makes all
the difference so our next step just to make things a little easier before we
finish the lower part of our chandelier we’re going to be putting the pieces
that we use to hang it and I’m going to give you a few options for that and one
of the options is using the Mardi Gras beads and we’re going to be doing as we
did with the skewer sticks three different points so you can use Mardi
Gras beads there’s also this mesh tubing that is used normally for a lot of
people use it for wreath making you can use that because when it stretches out
it still holds a nice firm shape also if you go to a fabric store there’s this
really nice cording I only had it in gold so that’s probably not going to be
an option for me to use since I’m doing silver there’s also the option of ribbon
like this this one I got from Costco this roll there’s a lot of beautiful
ribbons that you can use as well if you’d like to and Dollar Tree has some
real nice ribbon as well and my first choice was actually going to be the
chains that you can get at Dollar Tree but it’s usually during the summertime
when they have the garden stuff out so right now unfortunately that is not in
season so I was not able to get that but that was my original choice and two
spray-painted silver so there are some options for you what we’re going to be
doing is finds the three spots on the top where if you want to use
same places where you had put your dowels in I can see you can’t see them
but I can see if I have one here one here and one over here which you can see
from the inside and we’re going to go ahead and attach the whatever option you
decide to use for hanging this so I think I’m going to be using the Mardi
Gras beads I feel like it’s pretty festive and I’m gonna need three strands
so I’m gonna find and cut three equal lengths with this I think even half a
strand is probably enough so I’m just going to go ahead and make three even
strands and then the weight of this is actually not too terribly heavy so I’m
going to find the spots that I want to put these I’m going to use a pipe
cleaner I’m just going to cut it into thirds so I have three pieces that I can
use one for each of my hanging parts and then I’m gonna wire these on and attach
them with the pipe cleaner pieces so I’ve gone ahead and put my pipe cleaner
through and I’m gonna give it one twist around just to make it easier on me to
work with then I’m gonna put my beads in place I’m going to leave a couple beads
sticking out and then I’m gonna give it twist again to my pipe cleaner so if you
can see there I have it’s kind of going wrapped around two beads in and then
just twist it real tight this way it holds this nice and securely in place
and I’m going to go ahead and do that to the other two and then we’ll move on to
the next that’s what I’m going to be doing is cutting another piece of pipe
cleaner probably about a half the length of the pipe cleaner and this we’re going
to be using to connect all three of our pieces here together and to make a loop
for the top what I’m going to do is form a small loop here to be able to pass the
beads through I’m putting two in from one side and one in from the other side
just so that it’s a little more evened out and then tie
met up real good with that pipe cleaner around so it holds all three of those
pieces those little strands together and then we’re going to create a loop from
this to use to hang this from wherever we decide to hang it from so that’s what
we have now for the top part now for this next part if you have a place to
hang this from to work that would be your ideal situation in the meantime I’m
going to start putting together my next grouping that’s going to be the final
piece that hangs down underneath so to make the bottom piece that we’re going
to be attaching we’re going to take that other half of the pipe cleaner and two
more of our eighth inch sticks here that we well the or pencils or chopsticks and
we’re going to be attaching these firmly together by twisting our pipe cleaner
and then going both directions so that we have have it so they don’t move
around and it stays in that cross shape so you should have something like this
and it should be pretty firmly put together I didn’t spray paint these
white I totally forgot and they I don’t think they’re going to show too much so
we should be okay so now back to the very glittery messy glitter we’re going
to be taking our last two pieces of the I don’t know what you call these the
sticks or whatever they would be called and give them a good bend so that this
piece is folded these are what it we’re going to have hanging down underneath
our chandelier and spread those branches out a bit we’re going to be attaching
these to our little cross piece here because a lot of it is touching the
stick you can go ahead and just hot glue that to the stick there and then the
other one’s going to go on the opposite stick the other one’s going to come from
this side past kind of through the middle of your sticks and cross over now
you can use some of your sticks to wrap around and hold
this in place because this sides not going to lay very flat since it’s on top
of the other one you can take some of your branches and wrap them and hold
that in place I’m going to do the same with the other side even though I glued
it just so that it kind of has the same effect on both sides okay so I know it’s
a little hard to tell but this is what we’ve got so far I’m just gonna hot glue
this so it doesn’t slide around this is my other stick okay lastly in the middle
of all of this we’re going to be creating our last little bit of red and
you can either leave this altogether what I’m going to do though is pull off
the leaves because I don’t want the leaves or if you don’t want to leave it
altogether what you can do is just glue in your pieces underneath here to form a
bunch so I’m just going to glue together probably three of them so they look like
a nice little cluster and then I’m going to go ahead and attach those into the
inside of all those silver sticks if you have the the patience and the skill
level to do this this is absolutely a gorgeous project to cluster together
you’re going to go ahead and go to the center part of your sticks here where
you have the piece of pipe cleaner still hanging down and put glue on your pipe
cleaner pretty good amount and then center the cluster and attach it just
kind of press it right in there let that cool off really really well before you
do anything else so the next thing we’re gonna do it’s easier if you have
somewhere to hang this we’re going to be inserting from underneath your criss
cross piece and then we’re gonna be gluing that into place I can’t hold it
and glue it at the same time so I’m sure you guys can figure out we just need to
get this glued in so that’s all you have to do okay so the last thing we’re gonna
do is put the batteries in these I don’t know that I’m actually
going to be lighting them up because that would require turning each one of
them on every time but they come in the package like this and there are six
batteries three for each one and it’s really easy to put them together you
just unscrew the top and put the batteries with wordid side facing up you
put in three of them all in the same direction with the words up and screw
the top on and that’s it so when you of course oh there we go
and then you just as you turn this now if you have this problem and you’re
turning it and it’s not lighting up just unscrew it and adjust that little wire
in there and make sure that it’s actually kind of on a little bit on to
the battery and then as you turn the lid then you’ll be able to actually turn the
lights on so just a little bit of troubleshooting in case you have a
problem so I’m going to go ahead and just hang these on various spots on the
chandelier and then I’m gonna show you it up and I’m excited don’t forget to
thumbs up the guys and leave me a comment let me know what you think of
this project it was a challenging one but I think it turned out really nice
okay let’s go check it out and let that dry drop and let your and
let your hot drew cool and let your hot glue dry off air and let your hot dry


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