Especially in 2018, we talked abundantly in
the Crypto Dictionary, the old name Vechain, the new name Vechain Thor’da VET’te literally
boiling boilers. VET, which makes its investors 1000 pounds
1700 TL in 2 weeks, which means more than 70% money, causes these steep increases and
what happens next? Can VET be entered here right now? We will answer these questions in this section. Meanwhile, some of the topics in this video
are of interest to those who invest in Bitcoin, or those who invest in other Chinese crypto
money projects such as NEO, Ontology or Tron. Because we will talk about the second wave
of ascension from China, and I will explain to you the coins flocked by the Chinese and
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matter with your permission. In the meantime, let me say the following
to gather this video from the beginning. First of all, in this video, I will talk about
VET first, connect the subject to Bitcoin and China, and then return to Chinese-oriented
crypto coins like VET and try to answer the questions. So if you watch this video to the end, it’s
great. Now friends, those who have been following
me for a long time know that one of the first subcoins spoken on this channel is Vechain,
VET. Other than that, NEO was among the coins we
talked about in the early days. I looked at VET much more positively after
the agreement he made with the German automotive giant BMW in the same year, 2018, but when
it came time to time with very sharp decreases, VET had fallen too much, he couldn’t even
lift his head but now friends are in VET things seem to have changed. At first I said VET would win more than 70%
in two weeks. So 2 weeks ago 1000 pounds of VET is now about
1700 TL. This is primarily a nice rise in such a market. Ha, a very solid bull season opens 70% of
anyone who does not like that we go and tell them to the traditional stock investor, I
swear they will hit the man’s mouth with a shovel. Because if he wins 10% of the investors in
the market, he kisses and puts it on his head. That’s probably why people are already investing
in crypto currency. To win more, but the loss of this market as
well as the loss can be very very hard. So watch out. So, friends, why are these increases in VET? Is VET entered here? After that, folks, if you need to question
it a little bit. First of all, this is not only about VET,
but also about those who invest in other top Chinese crypto currencies like NEO, Tron and
Ontology. So please listen to me carefully. First of all, after the Chinese President’s
statement praising Blockchain 2-3 weeks ago, these crypto coins, especially from China,
had experienced strong increases. One of them was VET, although we did not mention
it here. And after the Chinese president’s announcement,
as you can see from China’s official currency, Yuan, there was a very clear flow of crypto
currency, especially Bitcoin. In other words, Chinese citizens have begun
to receive crypto money in a way more comfortable than before. Do you know why E? Because? The head of state already made affirmative
statements. Actually, these were already obvious. We’ve been talking on this channel here for
about 3-5 months, I’m trying to tell you. All of the old videos are recorded, you can
open and watch. I said that crypto coins will be a cold war
vehicle, and China is starting to use it especially in its race with America. Once China has issued its official crypto
currency, the Yuan, it can now extend the Yuan to a wider audience. You know, Yuan, who we know from his seat,
can also be appreciated, friends. There is also such a thing. I’ve already told you. Just as you have one eye for the dollar, you
must have the other eye in Yuan from now on. Anyway, here’s the interesting thing, folks,
I want to bring the issue back to the crypto money that Chinese citizens buy. I want to explain the crypto coins that the
Chinese took and flocked, and I said at the beginning … In the meantime, they don’t
attack NEO, Tron, or VET, contrary to what is believed. They buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecon, Bitcoin
Cash and a little Ethereum. Oh, of course, if they take Bitcoin first
and then cross over to NEO, Tron or something, we don’t know, but there is such an event. As a result, the Chinese crypto money that
we just talked about, at least we saw. as far as we can say that the stock. Now, folks, I’m bringing the case back to
VET, and I hope I’ve explained the reasons for the first rise of VET. Classical Chinese effect. But there is another reason behind the sharp
rise in VET for the past week. That was the announcement that VET would be
listed on Binance US, the Binance US stock exchange, and see that Binance wants to be
listed specifically for crypto coins in the United States, because if you can be listed
here, you can awaken the perception of these direct investors. Ok xin coin Binance in the United States began
to be sold and this project has passed the strict rules of America, even the SEC is a
crypto money that can get approval and investors can buy appetite for that coin. Listed in Coinbase outside Binance America
may already bring the same prestige. For example, Zcash and Tron have been trying
to be listed in Coinbase since August, if I am not mistaken. Why is that? It’s all because of this prestige. And, folks, at the beginning of the video
I’ll tell you whether VET’e enter here I will clarify the issue. Of course, nothing I’m talking about is investment
advice. You know, I’m just sharing my ideas. First of all, entering China without introducing
its own crypto currency, knowing which Blockchain to use, can be risky for the short term. I need to see him first. That is why popular Chinese crypto coins such
as VET, NEO, Ontology, Tron, Qtum, who wanted to work with it and want to gain an ultra-super-formality,
who wanted to make itself accepted by the Chinese government, entered into a race. In fact, I’m telling you that a friend called
FA on my Telegram channel. Qtum’s founder tweeted the Chinese president. Just because we have the best technology. And as a company, I hope Twitter wasn’t the
only place they could reach the Chinese president. Anyway, let’s see where these crypto coins
are coming from China. Maybe they’re going to be directly in the
collective, maybe one or two will be chosen, or they’re just going to be consultants, or
they’re not going to be anywhere, but I think if friends really look into China, if the
crypto money is really in this ball, no matter what the long term projects are, It decreases. Because he’s going to raise them so they can
get dollars in the country, right? We need to think a little global. Aliexpress, for example, was there 10-15 years
ago, although not many people know, but in recent years has grown thoroughly and has
put more money into his country. Do you think, 3 pounds of things we receive
our land to our black eye comes with free cargo. Of course no. Naturally, they are worried about selling
their products to as many places as possible and making money. Anyway, as a result, if I can afford to lose
at a time when none of the altcoins have yet proven itself, I can take it from here, and
that’s the point. In spite of the sharp rise over the last two
weeks, almost all of the altcoins are at the bottom. That’s actually happening. For example, a coin falls 10 times. He rises three times behind him. Oh, my God, what’s going on, are we flying
or running? No such thing. Let’s pack up, fellas, and let me tell you
this. If I can take the risk here, but I do not
have that misty weather a scatter, let’s see if the Chinese business will have a short-term
pump wave or the future to see if China’s crypto money is expected to announce in 1-2
months. That crypto money is a support of VET, as
I said, VET will probably rise very much and maybe we will not see these numbers again,
but of course there is no investment advice. Let anyone do what they want. But it makes more sense to wait for China’s
explanation to avoid over-throttling, right now. Maybe I’ll take it higher than the current
number, but I’ll reduce a significant risk. Of course, anyone can do what they want. If you take a look at the technical analysis
of VET, friends seem to be forming a fine cup-handle formation, a pattern that was previously
seen too much. Look, if it is true, we can either complete
the cup from here or some more, and then we can go down to complete the club. Remember what was in this formation. Of course, though not always, an increase
as much as the depth of the cup could be expected. If this happens, the VET, which is currently
in the 0.007 dollar range, may increase from 0.012 to 7 to 12. If we combine this issue with any possible
positive news from the Chinese state that I just mentioned before, without giving investment
advice, we said that there was a period of 1-2 months for China to announce its own crypto
money. That VET makes a correction in 1-2 months,
and if good news comes from China then it could affect the entire market, including
Bitcoin, and it can rise as much as the depth of the cup, or as much as it falls, but I’m
not saying it will be one hundred percent. I say there is such a possibility if certain
conditions come together. . Yes, folks today I wanted to talk to you
in the light of the latest events in China, VET and other Chinese crypto coins. Now let’s move on to today’s bonus information. In the meantime, it should be reminded again. Ledger Nano S lottery continues until November
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