CLOSE CALL! Russia: Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus Put at Risk Civilian Airliner With 172 passengers

The landing of the airliner that was flying away from Israeli attack at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria was shot on video. The camera filmed how Airbus 320 is at the boarding place, then flies away when Israel stopped with rocket attacks. The liner miraculously avoided a missile. Denis Alexeev investigates how did the civilian airliner end up at shooting range. These are shots of the successful landing of the Syrian Airlines aircraft at the Russian Khmeimim airbase. They appeared in the public three days after the Airbus A320 almost came under attack from the Syrian air defense, which was provoked Israeli F16 fighters. The board flew to Damascus, but received a danger signal and was diverted into the air corridor provided by the Russian military. They (Israelis) exactly knew what they were doing. It’s because the schedule of all flights is well-known and on the internet, and their intelligence works very good. They know when is what plane flying. They did hits on Damascus, and they just expected that the Syrian air defense would be protected. 172 passengers were on board the aircraft. They were citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria – pilgrims who traveled to holy places for Shiites. The plane made a regular flight at a pre-approved schedule. And before the shelling began, the Israeli side could not have been unaware of the presence of the civilian airliner on the radars. So, the actions of the Israeli Air Force are not considered otherwise than a gross provocation. I just remind you that the Israeli side uses its own intelligence system, namely, it launches planes that track the entire territory before the Israeli strikes on Syrian teritory. for the verified information, for 2 or 3 hours they are patrolling. At the same time, Israeli fighters (it is already known that there were four of them) did not enter Syrian airspace. Iranian military targets were targeted. At the same time, the lives of civilians on earth were endangered. And as it later turned out, also in the air. Because Damascus is an international airport where flights occur all the time. Syrian and Iranian civil companies are working. People are there. Thus, these are normal activities at the airport. Syria is not at war with Israel. But Israel behaves in such a way like it is in war with Syria. The military operation that was conducted by Israel, was conducted by a peaceful country, against the civilian international airport, and it endangered the lives of peaceful citizens. If it were not for the coordinated work of the air-traffic controllers and the presence of the Khmeimim airbase nearby, the consequences of the Israeli strikes that had become regular could become identical to the tragedy a month ago when the Iranian air defense operator on the ground mistook the Ukrainian Boeing for a cruise missile.

The aircraft of the Syrian Airlines, after the completion of Israeli rocket attacks, flew from the air base in the direction of Damascus. All who were on board died. The aircraft of the Syrian Airlines, after the completion of Israeli rocket attacks, flew from the airbase in the direction of Damascus.


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