previously on we DIY dollar tree hey guys look what
I found like as soon as we walked in the door so
these last time already picked up the motorcycle here’s another one no
or you know pretends that that’s really cute right by the register I feel
these it’s sparkly little superhero mask so cute stylus pin we saw these before I
didn’t even say hi I’m so sorry that’s right it’s a candle that’s so cool it’s
gonna be like it easy Sesame Street already she wants to show you guys her nails you have to go like this let me see okay now go like this so they can see check out this giant glow beachball
maybe it’s just like a regular ball then you put one of these on the inside
there’s something like that so that’s new and then they have these flying
discs that glow as well news look at tsum tsum so little you’re
looking right at it I think they’re all the same writing it’s super cute
check out this tape dispenser stop Oh it that’s okey and I found another
mermaid mirror I mean mermaid mirror what am I talking
about mermaid candle and check out these little LED oh my goodness pineapples these are new Transformer bounce
well you can see so these are just little bouncing ball yes if you didn’t
catch the two come in a pack and over here I found something new My Little
Pony surprise charms their charm so you can hang them on your
book bag or maybe a bracelet that you don’t have yet I almost couldn’t even go
on a necklace okay so I forgot to show you guys this I think in the last dollar
tree we saw made not one or two items but this Dollar Tree has somewhat
stopped this last year but I think I saw them after Easter I can’t remember or
maybe after I did like Easter baskets or something you check out these lights they don’t they you see them when they
come in purple it’s fun oh wow some glitter putty oh my goodness
did you guys just hear zari what did I do zari what did I tell you about you
don’t have to tell people okay you just say excuse me and then you just keep it
moving all right I think I was talking about the glitter buddy and it’s pretty
cool and new I haven’t seen that before check out these gorgeous scarves oops I’ll get it these are so nice these are new they’re pretty big too or
like pretty tall their little arms move and legs move a little bit bamboo I need that bracelet
shake the bamboo Oh wha what what are you gonna do with it I’m going to
make a candle it’s an excellent idea need some more we have lots of little
going mix activity max miss Elaina where no this is not miss Elaina this is Alena
Princesa is she a princess I can’t remember ooh what are these there are light up tops
or little spinners some more coloring books over here marshmallow eggs candy
of course Laffy Taffy tons of Easter candy if you
need some I like the like the funnier ones that was funny
zari so extra yeah oh my goodness this is a gummy marshmallow where’s the
chocolate I don’t think this says it milk chocolate
check out this bubble 6 that’s pretty cool doesn’t know I haven’t seen that
before man check out these new flowers yeah I know that’s the new one I was
talking about they have like a metallic finish to them come in pink and a gold color I think
this is the first time seeing just regular grass or onion grass whatever
it’s called you know you know with something else in there your whole grass
hey you guys look a little mini broom and dust pan stop it oh my goodness
mini kitchen this is a really good deal I have one like that and if you didn’t
have one I’d get this one more bubbles don’t kiss the bubbles silly
yeah even ooh and they all have like different emoji faces room on air kiss
okay this is a really good deal this morning you were little and are you big
now oh you were reading a book this morning yeah when you were a baby okay I
see some baby shower gift wrap wrap baby shower baby shower I found some new unicorn emoji dinosaurs this Dollar Tree
has some nice baby shower stuff I don’t know what’s that was that some ribbon
lots of it and the thicker one loves that and the thinner rules I know I saw
them something I could definitely use some of this instead of pulling the tool
from the Dollar Tree skirts you watched my DIYs you know what I’m talking about
oh I’m loving the glitter and the faux wood Oh oh that’s pretty every time i cut the camera on she talks so they have these
happy birthday or the set look butterflies and everything it’s a lantern centerpiece they have
some little swirlies invitations banner party hats and even little noise things
oh and then there’s a blue one over here without the butterflies they even have a
blue lantern it says happy birthday and they also have plates and I don’t see
any cups but plates and napkins up there the cups same for the blue said some
more birthday stuff decorations we saw that before this is new
centerpiece and the place look you guys another Dollar Tree what they organize
book section might look gorgeous I don’t see anything that’s Princess
Jasmine level three how do one that’s nice oh my I like how they you know put
the levels on there friendship is forever
a mother’s love yeah a mother’s love check this out
coloring the sixties that’s cool stained glass of course I remember Simba what does Apple begin with good job high
five and there’s lots of adult coloring books
up here lots of them lots of them I’m so short I can’t reach or see and
reach zari say when she gets bigger she’s gonna reach it for me hi yes thank you you’re so kind
check out this puzzle how gorgeous would this be as like art you know like wall
art super pretty
I saw another one this one’s nice this one is as well stickers Lisa Frank an
old-time favorite of mine and some shopkins these look new I saw this pack
last some new decorative tape airplanes and this one right here guess who joined
the Justice League figures that Dollar Tree there that is Aquaman okay that
does not oh I was gonna say that does not look like Aquaman
but that’s not you I’m thinking about the other this the only new one look at
these little rubber duckies you have a nurse rubber ducky we have a pilot yes
there’s a firefighter size me in the megaphone and I think that’s it always
say something say um me me me me me mimimi on this one doesn’t even work
mimimi i think you have to be loud or loud loud
check these new train race cords out that’s cute paper clipboard another
clean and organized section I mean this dollar tree is always really nice yes he’s a guy oh these are my favorite
little workbooks yeah I see you matches my thing your
nails vamp arena yeah look the little glass milk crates or you know jars
that’s a really really good deal yes he does this is um this is new I’ve never seen this they are you’re so sweet
you’re sweet Oh check out boom I like that that’s cool I love the glitter
daddy’s section pal he’s like superhero inserts they very section and check out
these in the bag you saw his section last week thinking
of a master plan I love this it’s all on MDF board – it’s not cloth that’s pretty
cool check out this gorgeous canvas right here it’s supposed to be like a
faux stone the inside maybe of a geode geode that’s gorgeous
let’s put that right there for a second Wow oh my goodness you guys I think I’m
more in love with the picture not know I don’t know anything I don’t know what I
think I love a good clawfoot tub I pulled the
whole thing down because I’m that nosy person that wants to see everything
inside I’m loving the gold oh wow that is gorgeous it’s just like blows my mind
that these are $1 that’s gorgeous hot coffee oh my goodness
totally make a collage with those beautiful African art pieces
oh is this a new one no first time ever for me 5 x 7 white on white picture frame I don’t know if I
saw this before but I love the texture so I’m gonna get it
dollar tree has the water bottles who saw my DIY the Dollar Tree DIY these
are new these are lives they’re pretty small
oh my goodness check out these meds that is so cool would be awesome if
there’s more than just that one but I’ll take the one when these look like
they’re not a Dollar Tree brand nope or maybe it is I don’t think so oh no
Jakks that’s a toy company got some new hair clips all right let’s go this is one of the
reasons why we love dollar tree it has a bathroom and i use my back and went to the bathroom
I’m so proud at me all right we’re approaching the makeup
section and I don’t think this dollar tree is gonna have a huge display
that I’m not getting any makeup I’m just showing them okay
they look new some cleansing mousse these are new cosmetic bags mommy I do
copies no okay maybe I did copy or diamond lip gloss we haven’t seen these
in the world Oh check this out wet and Wow gel nail polish out the
colors there’s a peach one if you haven’t do peach and the blue that’s a
pretty awesome find got some new nails I think the metallic ones from the
beginning are my favorite out of the bunch today
more mermaid mammary mermaid scales some more hair accessories I know this is
pretty and new peacock feather scarf that’s a scarf and the yeah these are
socks love this check out these new mugs yes you can help me we can mix them
together look at these glass bowls oh I love
glass so I’m just excuse my excitement so there’s two different ones I like
this one this one’s nice too you guys stop everything it’s not what
you’re doing oh I cannot pink on the inside to stop
oh this is so cute look it’s a cow print or cow print is that right
I mean it’s animal print but oh I love this love it check out these and new
glass cutting boards you can just go ahead and take over
pick this up because I love me something I can use it for something so grab all
of these books but I picked up a ton of books for zari school yep it’s the first book that first book is Ariel and everything
am here and what do you think this book is about do you think this book is about
numbers no it says numbers in counting one two all right you guys no no she turns three
in May May 2nd and we tend to get pre-k and K educational books from Dollar Tree
I grab two of these 5 by 7 frames I love the texture I don’t really like the
color so I’m probably gonna spray-paint it and make something really cool and if
you guys aren’t checking out our Dollar Tree DIYs click on the screen it’ll take
you directly to the playlist shared with all your friends and watch if you’re not
watching already we do some really cool things very simple but I like to think
they’re pretty unique so i grab some painters tape and okay five of these
plastic containers look at this oversized bowl mug thingy Cup and it’s a
pink on the inside oh my goodness I love this thing so much and I cannot wait to
feature this in a Dollar Tree DIY I love this thing so I picked up two of these
cuties $1 and they’re pretty heavy too today
im calling daddy daddy’s in the snow on you and this is
mommy say hello what is going on it I also
pick up this glass cutting board what back cutting board
that’s cutting more yes everything yes so I have a really simple DIY they don’t
want to do with this and I can’t wait to share it with you guys if you didn’t see the beginning of the
video zari got her nails done by Papa Bear
all right papa bag so should you show it about to use just then I grabbed this
little butterfly fine it has lots of glitter on it so as always let’s put it
on the bottom I grabbed this folder with a clipboard I love this texture so I
decided to pick it up picked up this puzzle it’s nice and easy maybe I’ll put
it together oh sorry this is me and you it is a teddy bear
it’s a dry erase board take it on your fridge okay
two of these plastic flutes or did I grab four what do you think that is I
don’t know much do you think it’s a water or was it an instrument very
good ha how do you think you play it we play where’s your mouth really yeah show
me pretend okay grab this tsum tsum tote bag illustration and I love the pink and
white and picked up some duct tape and I grabbed four of five bags these little
mystery bags with the My Little Pony charm I was not expecting them to look
like this and you’re gonna focus you know so you definitely could not oh
maybe you can make this a necklace I don’t know but this will be so cute on
your book bag you want to put it on your book bag yeah check out this farm fresh
little stationery Hey so the camera can focus I grab two
of these notebooks or notepads had to pick up the tape dispenser that has
little berries all right it’s a doughnut tape dispenser oh not ok let’s bet tape
dispenser pretty awesome I grabbed a roll of tulle
two or three bags and this mirror hey Friday back up so that’s everything we hope you guys
enjoyed hanging out with us if you did thumbs up this video my bad
what about me you left my thumb Hey there you go love this video don’t worry
to thumb us hey hey and we’ll see you again this Thursday for a dollar tree
DIY bye guys didn’t even make eye contact nearby


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