Comparison of perpetual swaps on Bitmex, Deribit and Crypto Facilities – Making Money on Bitcoin

My English is a bit slow, feel free to watch it at 1.5x speed
You pay/get funding for each spike because these are not averaged
Enough to buy a Lambo-shaped car air freshener…
That was a mistake, due to inverse nature of the swap, long position is easier to deleverage and long should have significantly more margin
that’s a longish wait, feel free to fast forward a few minutes un less you want to see me explaining why I wait
Funding Bitmex overload, looking at the orderbook and funding rate I decided the price will go up after system goes back to accepting orders, this is why I executed here
My mouse was broken, double clicked sometimes, I was still waiting for a new one…
Deribit is faster than Deribit… yeah sure… I meant Deribit is advertised to be faster than Bitmex
They take positions with their margin (1% or more for bigger positions). That 1% is supposed to be liquidity provider’s profit if he can immediately hedge at mark price somewhere else.
Nothing like non-existent old Poloniex support lol


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