Complete Toiletries under 1 Dollar – Pinoy Sari Sari Stores

Do you have like soap or anything? Ah, which one? Head & Shoulders. [intro music] What’s up mares and pares,it’s you boy kuya
steele here and I am in a car, with my friend Rica. Hello! She doesn’t speak apparently. We are actually on our way to look for what’s
called a sari-sari store. Right sari-sari store? Sari-sari store. Yes, and it’s not like I’m sorry, apologizing,
or please forgive me. Patawarin, in Tagalog right? Yes, forgive. But it’s a store, S-A-R-I. Okay so the reason why we’re going to find
this sari-sari store is that a buddy of mine that is actually backpacking here in the Philippines. I saw one of his post, he couldn’t pull out
money out of his ATM, something went wrong with his bank, and I saw this he literally
had 40 dollars to his name and I believe he was stuck in Palawan for like 4 days you know
5 days or something crazy like that and I was thinking man, how crazy would that be
if that happened to me? I asked myself what would I do? If that happen to me? For those of you guys who don’t know me, I
am a Fil-Am-Hawaiian and I took a one-way trip here to the Philippines and I’m living
here in the Philippines. I’m still here alone in the Philippines. So what I wanted to do is… If I couldn’t take money right now out of
the bank, or I didn’t pull out cash today, or recently. I have my money in the bank if I couldn’t
pull out money. How will I be able to survive? So I decided that today, I’m gonna try and
survive or buy essential things that I need with just spare change. With just a change that I have in my bag right
now, there’s this stores you can actually buy 1 slice of meat or 1 slice of cheese. Apparently, you can buy things just one, one
or two or three as needed and that is really the sari-sari culture. Which is cool because it actually helps you
stretch out your money longer so again with that being said we’re gonna go and head out
to Makati and look for some of the more non-touristy places to find these sari-sari stores and
go ahead and see what we can get with just the change in my bag. Alright guys, so we found Angie & Danny’s
sari-sari store, that’s so cool guys. There’s a sari-sari store named Angie & Danny
and my boy Danny has actually a Youtube channel with his girlfriend Angie. Angie & Danny it’s like a podcast they have
Youtube channel, they’re really doing something. So I’m gonna put up their link in the description
here so cool. I wanna show some of their stuff. Alright so unfortunately we have to park kinda
faraway, we park at Rockwell, Rica’s home town. Super conyo girl, no. Super maarte, you are more conyo than me. Super maarte, we have a maarte girl showing
me sari-sari stores. Alright, so we got already to Angie & Danny
sari-sari. My first sari-sari experience. Okay so I’m gonna go ahead and see what I
can order. Okay, so I need toothpaste. I need like soap, toilet paper. Okay there’s nobody in the store yet. There’s no cashier, but like I said I’m gonna
buy some stuff based in my bag so. Change, spare change. I’m gonna let everybody buy there stuff first. Because I don’t know what I want. I don’t wanna hold up the line. Hi, can I buy? Can I buy toothpaste? Toothpaste? Yeah toothpaste, yeah. 10 pesos, okay so I’m buying toothpaste. So 10 pesos, for 10 pesos I bought a toothpaste
or do you have like soap or anything? Shampoo? I had to buy soap and shampoo. Which one? Palmolive? Head and Shoulders? Head and Shoulders. So I bought Head and Shoulder shampoo now. I’m so hot right now, so sweaty outside. 7 pesos. 7? 7 pesos Thank you. Do you have like toilet papers or tissue? Yeah. Oooh! So see they have toilet papers, that’s important
I think you should have toilet papers. For staying in the Philippines. I’m all like paying for which is this confetti
change that’s so awesome. 10 pesos. Ooh that’s so cheap. Okay, this is good and it is hot, do you have
guys water? Do you sell water? Ooh! Iced water, appreciate it. Alright, 15 pesos, oh 15? Thank you, thank you! Alright. So essentials that you need, that I needed
obviously toilet paper it is important. You need to brush your teeth that’s good,
and soap. So alright guys that was my sari-sari experience
really exciting and that could really come in handy actually if you need to buy something
you don’t a lot of money. Everything I think cost me less than a dollar
to buy those things and I say that again could go a long way it will save you a lot of time
and a lot of stress. You don’t want to be stress-drilling while
you’re in the Philippines because that sucks. You wanna enjoy, alright guys with that being
said I’m gonna go ahead and end the vlog now. That was my sari-sari venture and I’m sari-sari
if it wasn’t what you expected but it was cool. I’m super excited to learn all these cool
things. If you guys like what you see go ahead and
subscribe, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, I’ll go ahead and put it right here. I think it’s over here right now, I don’t
know where it is, but I’m gonna go ahead and with that being said guys see guys all later and
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