Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding Was Voted “Sexual Healer” in High School

-How’s it going?
-Welcome. Thank you so much…
-Holy moly.
-…for coming to the show.
I appreciate this.
-It’s an honor. Holy moly.
Like, I’ve literally dreamt
about this moment
my entire life.
[ Laughs ]
-Not even joking.
But you — this, I got to say,
“Crazy Rich Asians,”
this movie came out and you’re
the star,
and you’re fantastic in it.
-Thank you.
-You didn’t have a single credit
— a movie acting credit…
-No, I didn’t.
-…to your name, before this
-No, I didn’t.
I was a presenter.
I was a travel host for a long
time, and they tracked me down.
As much as I sort of tried not
to audition for this,
they really, like, Jon pretty
much sent the hounds on me
and tracked me down.
-How did — But, how do they —
Yeah, I know, people are howling
at you.
-But how did Jon —
how did he find you and who
recommended you,
or what happened?
-So you know, there’s, um,
there’s this lovely lady
in accounting.
Her name’s Lisa Kim.
So, if you’re out there,
Lisa Kim, I still owe you one.
-Lisa Kim.
We love you, Lisa Kim.
-Yeah, Lisa. I love you, Lisa.
-This is how these —
-I love you, Lisa!
This is how stories get made.
I love this.
-So, she was like, “Well,
I met this guy five years ago,
in Malaysia.
Um, I don’t know what he’s doing
now, but, for me,
he was this character,
Nick Young.”
Passed the name down to,
sort of, Jon.
Jon had been receiving
all these names
for the past sort of six months.
Um, he’s like,
“I’ll look into it.”
Falls down the Instagram-YouTube
hole, and was like,
“We have to get hold
of this guy.”
They sent, like, probably about
three or four e-mails,
asking me to audition, and I was
like, “No, no, no, no.
I’m not an actor.
I’m sure there’s somebody
absolutely amazing,
ready for this role, and the
studio’s not gonna gamble
on a newbie, or a greenhorn.”
Um, I spoke with Jon, he got in
contact through a mutual friend,
Steve Jang, in San Francisco,
and I received this e-mail,
and he’s like, “Oh, I’ve got
this buddy in L.A.,
he’s, like, a filmmaker.
Um, he wants to cast you,
I think.
You know, have a Skype
and see what you can.”
When you meet Jon,
anyone can tell you,
he is most convincing
human being, ever.
So, he convinces me —
-Which is what a good director
And so, went through the whole
process of auditioning,
chemistry read, I got pulled
off my honeymoon
to go and finish off this
sort of — this screen test.
Wife wasn’t happy. Still
making up for it, but, uh…
-…I think she loves me.
Yeah, yeah.
-A lot of people love you.
Yeah, yeah, they do.
Well, what were you like
in high school?
Were you voted for like “Most
likely to be a movie star,”
or what?
You know, I think what I got
in the end-of-year book
was “Sexual healer”?
[ Audience oohs ]
But it was due to the fact
that I used to go around…
-No, I understand why.
We understand why. We do.
-Nothing — Nothing to do with
It was due to the fact that
I used to go around singing
“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.
Uh, that was — that was my
Just walking around the,
sort of, lockers
and singing that.
-When I get the…
♪ I get sexual healing ♪
♪ Sexual, ooh, healing ♪
I’m the worst singer.
-So, you used to do that —
you used to do that,
walking around high school?
-Exactly. Thank you.
-That was your move?
-Yeah. That was my thing. Yeah.
But — But I guess it got —
it never caught on.
-That’s what you won “Sex —
-Just — Just, “Henry Golding,
Sexual healer.”
-Sexual healer?
-I don’t know.
-Did your — Did your mom freak
out when she saw the yearbook?
-They weren’t best pleased.
They’re like, “What are you
doing at school, exactly?”
-Uh, I just love that.
I heard that, and I heard that
you did these travel shows,
and then I heard that you were
a professional hairdresser.
-I was. Yes.
I’ve had —
I’ve had a few lifes.
I was a hair stylist.
So I used to be a sort of
a barber sweep
when I was about 14 yeas old.
I kind of progressed, after
school, into a shampoo boy,
and then I became
a hair stylist.
I moved up to London,
I was sort of doing hair
in this amazing salon
in Chelsea.
Um, and then, I had this bright
idea of moving to Malaysia
and trying to be
a television host.
-Isn’t that awesome?
-And so, I booked a one-way
ticket, I packed a bag.
Next thing I know, I was —
I was on television.
It was weird.
-Henry, what a great story
this is, but I just —
And then, now, I’m in cinema.
Like, I’m in the movies.
It’s crazy.
-Well, I mean, ’cause you ended
up doing some interviews
where you interviewed, like,
a movie, like press junkets,
where you interviewed —
-Yeah, I just bumped into, like,
one of your guests,
and I had interviewed her like
three or four years ago,
and she wanted a photo with me.
She was like,
“Oh, there’s somebody inside
who wants a photo with you.”
And I was like,
“Oh, cool. Great.”
And it was this lady.
I won’t mention who it is.
But, uh, but I was like,
“Ahh, I want a photo with you,
because I met you
like four years ago,
and I’m like totally in love
with you.
You’re amazing.”
-Like, now — now, you’re the
star of this movie,
you’re on the cover
of the Hollywood Reporter.
I mean, how proud, buddy.
-What a beautiful cover, though,
-It’s a gorgeous cover.
I got to say, that whole — the
whole cast is fantastic in this.
-It made me laugh, it was
well-directed, it was well-shot,
comedy is on point.
-It’s so good.
-Do you want to set up
what the film’s about?
-Yeah. You know what, guys,
it’s — it’s about love.
It’s bringing back those —
those family values of love,
the sort of — the gauntlet
of family
trying to sort of separate love.
And it’s about a boy
who loves a girl.
Um, and it’s
“Crazy Rich Asians.”
I mean, it’s phenomenal.
-I want to show everyone a clip.
Here’s Henry Golding
in “Crazy Rich Asians.”
Take a look at this.
-So, what about us taking
an adventure East?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-You want to get pork buns
in the East Village.
That’s what it is, isn’t it?
-[ Laughs ]
-I was actually thinking
of further East.
-Like Queens?
-Like Singapore.
For spring break.
Colin’s wedding.
We’ve been dating for
over a year now,
and I think it’s about time
people met my beautiful
Come on. I’m Colin’s best man.
Don’t you want to see where
I grew up?
Meet my family. My Amaw?
I made up with that strange
college roommate of yours.
-Pick Lin.
-She has been begging me
to come visit her, you know.
-The universe has spoken.
It wants you over there.
Come to Singapore.
-Dude, I’m telling you.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I’m telling you, this is first.
James Bond is next.
-Oh, hey.
-Henry Golding, everybody.


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