Crypto Commandment #7: Have A Gameplan | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going
to teach you about the 7th commandment of
crypto trading…
Thou Shalt Have & Abide by A Game Plan!
If you want to experience a high level of
success in the crypto markets you can’t just
be randomly slinging satoshis on the exchange
everyday with no vision or goals…
Trader’s who approach the market without a
specific gameplan in mind are most likely
to become whale food…
Don’t be that guy!
Decide what your goals are…
For example, how much money do you want to
make and how often… how much would you like
to make per week, per month, per year…
how much do you ultimately want to make before
you liquidate out into other investments like
real estate or an income generating business?
This would be in relation to your long term
goals with your crypto profitability…
And how much capital do you have to invest?
It’s okay to dream, while being realistic
at the same time.
If you set the bar really high, you are bound
to at least achieve a good result and grow
from there.
But as a universal rule of thumb, something
that applies to everyone, you should only
enter the crypto market with money you can
afford to lose…
You should not be depending on making trade
winnings daily, weekly or monthly to eat or
‘pay your bills’.
This will end up being a root cause to bad
trading decisions as you may end up selling
your holdings to pay the bills, and then your
coin skyrockets… which is always a painful
or even worse, if you really needed that money,
and then the market goes red or even crashes
and you can only get a fraction of the money
that you needed… and now you can’t pay your
So this is why you should never put money
into the crypto market that you are afraid
to lose or going to need in any shape or form
‘anytime soon’.
Once you become clear with your crypto trading
goals, you can tailor your portfolio accordingly
to reach those goals.
And of course no game plan is complete without
a well thought out Exit Strategy.
So while every one of your trades should have
a profitable exit strategy, as well as an
exit strategy to preserve your capital for
the next trade, if things go south on you….
You also need to have an exit strategy for
when you reach your longer term goals with
trading crypto…
Of course I can’t give financial advice, but
I personally think it would be unwise to stay
100% invested in crypto long term.
And to me, it makes more sense to diversify
your success out of crypto into other forms
of investments that are less speculative like
real estate, which can also have income generating
So think about what you’d like to do with
your money once you’ve reached your loftier
goals of crypto trading, and you will be prepared
to maximise on the situation and build a legacy
for your families future generations.
A major benefit of having a game plan with
your crypto trading, is that you will be more
in control of your emotions and less likely
to fall prey to FOMO.
According to your gameplan you will only be
entering the market when prices are low and
selling when prices are high…
You will not FOMO into coins that have already
broken out to higher levels…. meaning the
buying opportunity has past.
You will not hold onto trades too long once
your profit targets are reached and end up
back in the red when it corrects…
…because you avoided impulsive actions or
complete inaction, stuck to the script, and
sold according to your gamplan…
This is just scratching the surface but I’m
sure you can see by now there are a lot of
benefits to having a gameplan.
Having a solid game plan in place is one and
the same as having a winning mindset with
your crypto trading.
Because you are conditioning yourself to make
the trading decisions that need to be made,
so you can consistently take profit and preserve
your capital…
whatever the needs may be according to each
given trading situation.
This is where so many newbie crypto traders
go wrong.
Some may end up winning big, but because they
didn’t have a game plan in place to take profit,
they end up holding on too long.
And they may not even end up selling until
they are back to break even or maybe even
in a loss!
Don’t let yourself be that guy!
because I guarantee it will not be a good
Stick and abide by your gameplan, take the
emotion out of it and be methodical with your
trading and maximise your crypto profits as
a result.
Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club, and I hope you got massive value out
of today’s training.
Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
of Crypto Trading, that I have put together
just for YOU.
Because I want to help you avoid the costly
mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto
In the next training video coming right up,
Commandment #8, I will reveal the methodology
that successful traders are using to develop
winning gameplans for trading the crypto markets.
Because the more educated you can be about
all of this, the more powerful you will become
with each trading decision and your ability
to minimize your losses.
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