Crypto Crash Fortune Scam Exposed! CryptoCrashFortune Review Analysis Recycled Fraud!!

hi, guys! FAYSAL here and welcome to my channel.
this review will be short and to the
but before I begin, don’t forget to Like
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updates. crypto crash fortune says
that you can benefit from Bitcoin even
when the crypto markets are crashing. you
know recently crypto currency markets
are down and it says that you can earn
money even if the crypto markets are
crashing. join today and see how much you
can make. the sign up page. this is a
basic website. it is a one page website
not like professional websites. they
display a voiceover video here that
explains nothing and some unusual
badges here.
it says how can you earn money from
falling prices. their statements are very
funny. it’s just say that you just predict the
market and it will place the trade
according to your direction! that’s what
it says! some influencers quotes.
that’s it. I’m reviewing it because this
crypto crash fortune has gone viral over the
internet. I have seen many reviews and
many videos. many positive reviews about
this but after seeing their promotional
video, I immediately recognized something.
it’s a chain scam software.
it was named different and promoted to
the online traders. for example, I am in a
site called Bitcoin Profit. do you
find any similarity between these
websites? obviously! look at this dialogue and look at the Bitcoin
Profit website dialogues are identical.
if you see this form you will see
exactly identical dialogues and the form.
also the videos are similar as you can
see. but okay now you see that
crypto crash fortune displays the video and
Bitcoin profit shares the same video.
what does that mean? it means
that the same group of fraudsters created
some ridiculous trading application,
give a different name and promote via
different channels. so that’s the quick
review and now you decide will you join
the crypto crash fortune or not. my duty is to warn you to not to join
with any scam software. that’s what
I’ve been doing for like four or five
years because I got scammed in the
past. so I know the reality. don’t
forget to Like and subscribe to this
video and subscribe to our channel.
until then take care!

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