Crypto Currency Codex By Crypto Currency Institute Scam Review

Hi, Guys! FAYSAL here and today i will be
talking about cryptocurrency codex by
cryptocurrency institute and
cryptocurrency codex is an E-book
basically that can turn your twenty
dollar investment into one hundred
thousand in just three months. Can you
imagine how profitable this E-book is!
How valuable! Well, someone’s name is PAT KENDRICK and he says that he has 25
years of experience in financial
industry and he has created this ebook
that is worth $47 dollars and
you can be a millionaire within a few
months by reading this ebook. First of
all, I have searched for Pat Kendrick
on Google but there is no information
about Mr. so called Pat Kendrick.
They are saying that they have 100%
return of investment on cryptocurrency
within 24 hours. That means you will have
almost 3,000% return of
investment in just one month. Can you
believe this shit? This is just a
bullshit and you cannot be a millionaire
or you can turn your $20 to $100,000
within just three months. That is insane
and that is just a hilarious claim.
In support of their claims, they display
badges. Here you can see, they say that
their website has a 128-bit secured SSL
connection. That is a total lie. You can’t
see there is any HTTPS SSL
secure protection. They really don’t have
SSL secured connection.
If you want to
purchase this eBook, your investment
amount is unsecured because your
card can be overcharged by these
groups. That is the problem of not
having an SSL security connection
encryption and they don’t have any ssl
but they are claiming they have SSL and
they show some fake badges here McAfee
secure. They say their cryptocurrency
institute was inaugurated five years
before but our survey says different. You
website was registered on 28 June 2017.
That means it is three or four months old.
So, how come they are claiming that they
have been in the market for five years!
That is another lie and you see in the
inside information, they display some
profit claims. You see 585
percent profit in 31 days and
percent profit in four months! I don’t
think there is any business or
investment opportunities that offers
that you can earn 4,734%
percent profit in four months. These
crooks, this fraudsters, this con artists
have no idea about cryptocurrency
trading and they are just insane!
I will definitely definitely not
recommend you to join this
cryptocurrency codex by cryptocurrency
Institute. Stay safe and never join this
program. Thank you very much.


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