Crypto Edge System Scam Exposed! Review

Hi, Guys! FAYSAL here and if you have not
yet subscribed to our channel, please do
so and hit the like button if you like
our videos. Today i will be
discussing about CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM and
CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM promises that you can
earn thousands of dollar within a very
short period. But their website looks
pretty decent
and they won’t promise any specific amount that
you can earn and they show how you can
trade crypto currencies with the
CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM. We have found some
disturbing elements that we’d like
to discuss. First of all, their website
design is not that professional as you
can see that there are some grammatical
mistakes that they have done here. ”See
what our cliens are saying”.
Actually, it will be ”clients are saying”!
I would like to show
you that when the CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM
was registered. You see website
was registered on 22nd November 2017
that means it’s not even a week older
but they are promising you thousands of
dollars! In support of that they
display some testimonials over here as
you can see that this guy says how much
money he has made with CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM
and there are more testimonials. But
we would like to show you
this particular guy is a professional
actor and he has appeared in many scam
video promotions. You can see there is
the guy selling his gigs on
for 5 bucks and he says he’ll create a
natural spokesperson video in 24 hours!
You see, he is wearing the same
t-shirt and here is the guy and there
are many more! We have spotted this
particular guy because he’s a known
professional actor and here is the exact
same guy selling his gigs on
for 20 dollar as you can see.
This particular guy is also appeared in
many scam video promotions that is our
problem. Using professional
actors are not that bad but the actors
who appears in scam video promotions are
not good. You see him appearing in ”Moscow
Millionaire” and we have marked Moscow
Millionaire as a scam before and he
acted as the CEO of Moscow Millionaire.
Interestingly the Moscow millionaire web
site has already shut down their
business because it was a biggest scam
that launched a couple of months ago.
Considering all these aspects into
consideration, we definitely not
recommend you this CRYPTO EDGE SYSTEM and
if you are looking for a legitimate
crypto trading software then I put some
links in the description below.
You analyze it, you review it and if
you find them useful, then you can use it
or you may not. It’s up to you. It’s not
because I am telling you to try these
softwares but we have got good results
with these software and crypto trading
softwares. That is it.
Stay safe and don’t get scammed!

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