Crypto Good Times Coming? Talking EOS, LTC and Bitcoin with Chris Coney

welcome it’s the new kids on the block
chain and we’re back on tour again at
this time we are in Vegas so slightly
different format for this week’s show
decided to get our good buddy Chris Coney in for a chat and ask him are we in a
bull market is this the end of the
crypto winter
what’s going on with litecoin Leo’s
Bitcoin and a whole lot more so over to
blockchain banter so Chris welcome
always a pleasure to chat and tell me
are we out of this grueling crypto
winter when can we see some light at the
end of the tunnel it’s nice to be back
again so my thoughts I’m gonna go sort
of top-down so if we start with if we
start with Bitcoin the is half the
market so that’s why we like to look at
Bitcoin so I’ve been doing a few videos
on the charts about Bitcoin recently
what I’ve been looking at mostly is is
this big old downtrend line on the
Bitcoin chart which began it began about
the 17th of February 2018 and one of
them with that I’ve basically joined up
you know with prices swing up and swing
down well this is the line that it has
the most touches on it where every time
we do a pullback any obviously we’re
always setting slightly lower high than
last time a slightly lower high but
there’s a particular line that touches
one two three four five six high prices
that continually get lower and that’s
the that’s what press does against 6,000
eventually pressed us and broke below it
so that’s a really key key key lie now
we we hit a bottom what was it three
thousand hundred and twenty eight
dollars on about this fiftieth of
December 2018 and since then we’ve been
gradually riding back up again and where
we are now today is we are touching that
big old yellow downtrend line so this is
like this is like a real test this is
like the cusp do we cross it and
technically by the charts you know exit
the big channel the Big Bear Channel the
other thing we could do with is setting
a higher price than we achieved in the
first quarter of the year so that would
be going above 4,000 $235 that was the
highest price we got in the first three
months of 2018 if in the next quarter we
beat that
that’s another bullish side so this is
this is where I’m a Suzy I think about
that that’s all Bitcoin stuff but also
you can look at a bunch of other old
coins who have already left the bear
market quite frankly they’ve already set
new rallies like litecoin is one of them
it’s probably one of the best looking
charts in the whole market it since the
15 to the December it’s just been you
know going up and up and up and up and
up and Raven coin was one I covered this
morning which is a coin for tracking
assets on the blockchain that’s now in
the top 30 do that how hard it’s risen
in fact if I just bring up the charge
against Bitcoin on Finance
let me just measure this these are the
kind of things that going on in the old
coin market last 31 days it’s up 531
I think raven coins left the bear market
quite substantially its all-time highest
and you can find a bunch of old coins
that are doing this it’s just bitcoins
not is lagging you know weren’t big
trying to come along and if it does we
should be good to go so what’s been
going on with EOS price has been moving
really nicely what’s going on though and
one thing that bugged people out about
block one who developed the software
originally is they came about when we
were still in this transition between
like the amateur crypto market when it
was still very cipher punky you know
anarchy crypto community type of thing
and they came along as a business that
acts like a professional business which
doesn’t really gel with that community
grounds up grassroots sort of thing but
they came along and I recognized their
behavior they behave like a blue chip
company right which is why a lot of
people don’t like them but I’m like yeah
but if we’re going to be taken seriously
these are the kinds of companies we need
to we need to have in the space so they
develop the software they stuck they
stuck to their guns they didn’t launch
the network they let the community do it
community did it that hasn’t an 18 so
now just like Apple this is how that why
I say they bullet behave like a
blue chip company on the anniversary of
the launch they’re planning a some kind
of the one tells what it is some kind of
big announcement big development I think
it could be something like a social
network that they’ve developed or it’ll
be big whatever if they’ve been working
on it for a year and I’ve got hundreds
of developers and they haven’t really
told us anything in last 12 months it’s
gonna have to be something pretty
substantial snow just be like we made a
wallet or summits it’s gonna be some
major release so I’m excited I’m still a
big eos fan despite you know when it has
his ups and downs and whatever still
trying to work the kinks out this is
some course I don’t know why the crypto
community is trying to demand perfection
from anything you know and just because
I’m a support of years and Lots things
perfect I don’t think anything is
perfect what we’re all working this out
as we go stop being so critical about it
okay it’s that just to suggest the
solutions don’t just sit there
criticizing you know that’s just my view
on anyway so yeah the u.s. is a power of
its bear trend already I’m just looking
at the chart here yeah it’s out so it’s
joined the party but she’s told it away
of a big point so I guess everybody’s
been a bit reluctant to get too
optimistic with the kind of crashing
highs and lows that we’ve had but there
seems to be a bit more optimism now of
you know are we starting to break out of
this it’s excited and so on but that can
that can distort the view such that you
could you can only see you ever going
into a bull run but as ever you know
anything can happen in markets so the
getting too overexcited and being like
okay I’m all-in
at this point wouldn’t do that either
you know let’s make sure he’s firmly
we’ve been again I always always an
advocate of scaling in you know just if
it’s going up put a bit in and then if
it keeps going up a little bit more in
just go with it rather than trying to
bet the bottom or anything like that you
know I never there advocate that it’s
too risky do you think there’s ever
gonna be this kind of magic moment of we
are in the bull market or is it gonna be
more of a kind of slow and consistent
thing I mean obviously back in 2017 we
have this crazy time and everybody’s
been waiting for this is it is it
happening again are we in this moment or
are things gonna become a bit more
sustainable that’s actually a very good
question that’s a very good observation
actually because when people would say
bull market I think they may be in that
parabolic move that happened over a
six-week period that’s not a that’s not
a bull market right Bitcoin was already
in a bull market meaning was
consistently rising over time it just so
happened that in that last six weeks of
2017 it’s snow balled right but that’s
not what I’m looking for I’m looking for
the new bull market which is instead of
like the last one once a consistent
lowering of lower highs and lower lows
I’m looking for a the pendulum to swing
the other way so we consistently for
like months and months and months set
higher highs and higher lows and yeah if
that happens it’s probably gonna kick
off again and do another parabolic move
and all the rest of it you know so
that’s absolutely fine by me but will we
know that’s the real bit that got me
about your question is there how we
write we don’t really know until after
the fact if you don’t I mean the the
bull market is gonna have to have been
underway for probably a couple of months
before we go oh we’re in it because you
never quite know to you it could be it
you know I mean just cuz we’re touching
that exactly so that’s why I keep close
to the charts but most people who keep a
good close eye on it yet we’re probably
gonna miss the first 10% of it until we
realize we’re in it but the masses are
gonna miss half of it before it gets to
the area oh cryptos back you know a lot
of missed half of it because they’re not
paying attention so that’s that’s the
route that’s why I say is the reward for
being diligent staying committed staying
keeping your attention on it so you’re
around and you’ll only miss the first
10% so that that’s half of it you know
keep keep the faith absolutely yeah well
I think what we’ve got to now though and
this is a challenge for cause content
Korea’s the momentum in terms of the
development of cryptos and the adoption
and so on it’s now so there’s so much
momentum in it I’m I firmly given up
myself on trying to keep up with
everything guess there’s just so much
happening now and all of the I’d say the
top 30 the top 50 projects are so solid
and each one of them have got multiple
innovations coming out all the time so
I’m like wow
so it was the content creator community
is now gonna have to make a choice about
almost like specializing in a certain
group of crypto assets and then
providing content around that because
when I started the old days of trying to
be a generalist that just data can see
that working anymore because there’s so
much info and if they for an average
investor finds it hard to keep up I
don’t think it’s possible for any one
content creator to add to try and cover
everything which is why I have a
somebody else leading and a few of my
own favorite projects so they’re not
just ways gonna have to go now
Chris always a pleasure take care mate
and I’m sure we’ll catch up soon okay so
that’s the end of blockchain banter it’s
always good to chat to Chris he’s always
got tons of great info so you should
check him out a crypto verse and
subscribe to his channel if you haven’t
already we are still going to be on tour
for the next two weeks we’re filming in
Vegas the desert and all around so might
be mixing things up a little bit but
stay with us and remember in the
meantime you’ve been blockchains


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