Crypto Predictions Astrology Timing Report – BTC Market maker – Now Ready

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Astrology Timing Report – BTC Market maker
– Now Ready
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f3fs29fsmilli14667 cf2 Hi friends thanks
for joining me. Friends, fans of crypto woo
astrology and this video is an announcement
that my crypto timing report is now ready
it’s available for all you guys and it’s astrology
timing for the for the market for the next
couple months through July. There’s a few
bleed over dates that go into the fall but
I’m not going into the fall yet. I’m going
to do another report when we get closer to
it. This is the big market trends where I
see Bitcoin going up, where I see it going
down. ‘a0Basically, based on my basic understanding
of Elliott Wave Theory. I’m going to talk
about the ups the peaks in the valleys and
the chop the up and down sideways motion in
the market, and when I see that happening.
So this was the big problem for those of us
who were in crypto in 2018 and had sort of
sit and wait and hold through that whole down
market. Nobody was telling us when to get
out nobody gave us proper warning on how to
do that and I actually have never done anything
like this before in my life so I had no idea.
I was like brand new to it. I figured it out
by you know being thrown into the water and
learning how to swim but I have also not put
out anything with astrology and timing yet
because I wanted to test my time and make
sure that it works. So I have tested it. I
am confident in what I put in this report
and as time goes on I’m going to show hits
and things like that so here’s what it is
the report is those two months and it’s got
a bonus coin in it so it’s not just Bitcoin.
Bitcoin will tell us the big moves of the
market. Bitcoin moves, basically here is how
the market works. Bitcoin goes up and then
when it comes down all the altcoin start to
pop. Then when Bitcoin goes up all the money
gets sucked out of the altcoins and Bitcoin
goes up and then one Bitcoin comes down the
altcoins go off like pop,pop,pop,pop. Okay
so that’s really useful to know it’s really
useful to know we’ve hit peaks so you can
take profits and then maybe potentially buy
back in at the bottom all this is in the report
also in the report is a sample strategy on
how to take profits, hold ‘a0profits, continually
take profits as coins go up and that way you
get your money back out into either another
more stable you know top-tier coin or into
dollars if that’s what you want. So it has
the strategy it has the timing of what I see
between now and July and some bleed over to
the fall and it also has, oh, the original
article that I wrote over a year ago about
my seeing BCH overtake BTC and my strategy
the trading strategy and the specific levels
where BCH will get to on its way to overtaking
Bitcoin. So forget about dollars for a second.
So as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash go in a war
to fight for dominance of this market Bitcoin
Cash which is now trading at around .05% of
a Bitcoin Which is less than when it came
out in August of 2017. So it’s it’92s way
low very cheap so it will hit certain levels
on its way up you know .1 .12 whatever. So
my trading strategy talks about very specific
levels. I was only shown a couple of them.
I don’t have every granular detail going along
I have the big ones okay and I see where it
goes up down, up down, and then over, over
Bitcoin. So there’s a trading strategy in
there that can help you and it could set you
up if you use it properly. So all three of
those things are in that report. So this report
has got about four times as much information
as my just simple coin report and it’s very
thorough but it’s not day-by-day okay I do
not have day-by-day information in there.
What I have are the peaks in the valleys and
the moments when big things are happening
and there’s a few other things in there like
dangerous times to be in crypto at all because
there’s like potential hacks and things like
that so there’s a few like other pieces of
information that are there. ‘a0So that’s
it my job as an astrologer is to tell time.
Psychic information is great but psychic information
is generally weak on time simply because time
doesn’t really exist. It’s kind of a lie,
so if it’s a lie how does astrology tell us
time. That’92s a really hard thing to explain
but it kind of it has to do with the fact
that time it really is cycles okay, it’s like
a spiral. So astrology actually sees the spiral
and tells us when the intersections are happening
and it’92s at the intersection is when we
get timing so that’s why astrology can tell
me time but psychic information doesn’t, I
hope that makes sense. So alright the report
is available. The prices going to be $100,
but for the first 10 people. The first ten
of you who go to that link that’s down below
and get it it will be $50 so it’s only to
be $50 for the first 10 people and anybody
who’s had a reading with me in the last month
or bought the other crypto report it will
be $50 for you as well so you don’t count
in that first 10 and then after the 10 I’m
going to raise the price to $70 and it will
be $70 until the end of June and then on May
1st it’s going up to a $100. By then I will
have dates and things like that that I can
show that where I am report so I can kind
of verify the information. So yea that’92s
it go, go get it I’92m so excited. Thank
you so much for joining me please like this
video if you think my content is valuable.
Also just a note on on information so I try
and give you guys as much as I can here on
the public channel and this is what I do for
a living so I have to charge for it but for
the report but in my weeklies I will continue
to be giving big general sort of transit information
that people can use. Also sometimes I go in
and look at stuff in the moment and see some
new stuff because I do believe that this is
an opportunity for normal people to do really
well in a way that is not available in our
society the way it may have been some decades
ago. They have sort of taken away the opportunity
for mom and pop businesses to do really well.
When I was a child I had my stepmother was
a really successful business woman. She built
a million-dollar clothing company and then
all the rules change and they sent all the
manufacturing overseas and it killed all the
small businesses and that’s really the environment
we’ve been in for a long time. People can’t
necessarily make businesses of their own in
this political, legal environment. It’s very
difficult far more difficult than it ever
use to be so then when I was a child anyway
what I watched so this is an opportunity for
normal people to set themselves up. So I want
to give information of people that’s actionable
but because it’s what I do I need to charge
and I need to protect my people who pay and
give them special information. So this is
the way I’m doing it and I’m making it available
for the first 10 people for $50 so you know
go get it and also it’s only $70 until the
end of the month and that’s it. Thank you
so much for joining me. ‘a0Make sure you
like and share this video and leave me a comment
and I’m about to announce my winners in my
next video about where I may be my previously.
I never know what order I do these in. The
winners of the free soulmate report will be
announced and I do give away to my people
who comment in my section. So please comment
so I can enter you to win something. Alright,
thank you for joining me and Namaste and joy
may we all do well. One other thing final
last thought on my blog I posted an article
very in-depth kind of intellectual article
about the solar eclipse in July and that energy
and how to use it to help use the law of attraction
to allow yourself to become more prosperous
because this is actually an inner game. It’s
not just about getting the money and getting
the things it’92s about changing or inner
state so that we can allow prosperity and
share prosperity in this world in the way
that we were meant to in the way that is true
to our mission in life and our our highest
joy. Go check that article out that’92s linked
down below.


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