Crypto Prophecy Reviews – Is Crypto Prophecy Legit?

hi guys Manuel here from empowerment
team dog and today I’m gonna look at
crypto prophecy and I look at this
crypto prophecy and do a review on it Crypto Prophecy Reviews
and normally I don’t I don’t like do the
channel about these types of crypto
things but I’ve been I’ve been
approached by so many people so many
people have been talking about this
prophecy that I thought I’d have a look
and I would also help guys like you who
you know you may be looking at crypto as
well at this moment the fact that you
found this video probably you are so I’m
just gonna have a look into it and see
if it’s something that potentially could
help you could benefit you could help
you to make some money in crypto but
before we get into that if you are new
to the channel I just want to say hello
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gonna go I never look at this crypto
prophecy now and to do that we’re gonna
shoot over to the computer so let’s go
tell y’all guys then over at the
computer and this is it this is the site
that we call it’s called crypto prophecy
review the person is going to be like
helping you on the site I’ll talk you
through the site in a second but the
person that’s going to be giving you
trades and giving you advice on this is
someone called crypto girl and this is a
picture of her here let me just have it
show you here this is a crypto ago she
looks very cool very rad so um yeah
let’s go back to her site there we go
so she supposedly crypto girl has been
in this industry for a while she’s been
doing trades
and she’d been such so profitable with
her trades that now she decided that
she’s good enough of this she’s now
gonna give you access to her traits
you’re actually gonna get a trading
platform where you’re going to be able
to trade exactly the same way she is so
she she decides to buy a coin you’re
gonna be able to do the same she decides
when she’s gonna get out
she’ll notify you and you can decide
whether you’re gonna get out into trade
as well now I took time to look at this
site it took time to watch this video
which of course talks about the crypto
you know the crypto prophecy products
and also talks about crypto itself and
about the new coins and everything and
how crypto is a thirty billion pound
industry which it is but also it makes a
lot of really high P claims I mean one
if you if you go and listen to it it’s
very very high P is it all true I don’t
know I wouldn’t I probably I reckon a
lot of is bogus but you know you you can
listen for yourself this is the the
platform she showed you some of the
trades the platform you’ll be using
she’ll be telling you when she’s getting
in and out of trades and you can copy
there’s some interview from some other
top traders and you can join it for 37
dollars and you get a 60 day money back
guarantee which I believe that they will
honor if you do get into it but what you
have to do what you have to realize that
even though crypto is a thirty billion
pound industry you have to think that
there was this big hype around it you
know III never got involved in it
because I I’ve seen things like this
come and go I’ve been marketing online
for over five years so you do get these
news things where people get hyped up
and it’s the hype that drives it which
is similar to this I think it’s because
it’s crypto everybody’s gonna want to
get involved in it that’s why
everybody’s talking about it quite so
you know it’s hype that drives it and if
you really look at the crypto currencies
at this moment we’re in what we call a
bear market so it’s actually dropping
yeah so let me just show you a chart of
crypto here this is Bitcoin one of the
crypto coins you know there’s loads of
coins one of them was called Bitcoin
that’s probably the one you may have
heard of but
in what’s that June July the 10th 2017
was when it kind of just started to peak
well the hype start to happen and it
went crazy you know so many people are
friends of mine got involved and put
30,000 some people mortgage their
remortgage their house put thirty
thousand into this and yes it took off
you know made up to 150 thousand 100 or
somebody that Heiner but now he left
they left it in it and now it is doing
this you can see it starting to tank
almost getting back to the liberal we
started out in 2017 so you know this
person I’m talking about they’re
actually slightly in the red now after a
thirty thousand dollar investment so you
know I’m not saying you can’t make money
on the down all I’m saying about this is
that you you have to be careful of just
getting getting involved on the hype
you know like with any sort of trading
you should know a little bit about what
you’re doing and then you can follow
advisors and advisor gives you gives you
a tip or whatever then you go away and Crypto Prophecy Reviews
you do the research yourself if you’re
looking at this there’s any sort of
get-rich-quick scheme that you’re gonna
follow up few of her trades and then
you’re gonna make tons and tons of money
just be very very careful because I
don’t believe that that’s going to be
the case is this a scam I don’t believe
it’s a scam I mean you should given a
60-day money-back guarantee which is
which is very very like it’s a long time
most most guarantees are like 30 days
you know so given a 60 day bank
guarantee I can almost I would say that
you would get your money back you know
but it’s not about the 37 dollars that
you that you give to this because even
though she’ll give you a trade for
example then you’re gonna have to go to
a broker just say she said trade on the
altcoin buy it you then need to go to a
broker and then you’d have to invest
money with that broker so just say you
decided I’m gonna invest $3,000 on
altcoins you said to buy I’m gonna buy
$3,000 that’s gone now that’s gone to
the broker and the broker is gonna trade
your money so now that’s in the market
you’re not gonna get that back you can
come back and say I want my $37 back for
this but that
three thousand dollars in the market
it’s gonna be gone so if I was you and
if you decide yes I want to have a look
at this I want to give it a go then what
I would do is I would pay per trade for
a while
I wouldn’t put any real money down into
the coins that she suggested straight
away I would pay per trade for a little
why don’t have to do it for long paper
trade if you decide well every single
recommendation she’s given has just
blown up yep I’m gonna trade the real
money but just I would just err on the
side of caution me personally I haven’t
got involved in it I’ve seen things like
this come and go I’ve been in this
industry long enough to know that when
there’s a little bit of a hype I think
if you really do know what you’re doing
or you can really do get a good advisor
they got they’re gonna charge you more
than thirty seven dollars and you know
that they may be they may be really
really good but they’re gonna they’re
gonna tell you to do maybe short term
trades and that’s I I’m not an expert so
I’m not gonna say like I know tons and
tons about this crypto I mean she
probably knows tons more than I do about
her crypto but I would just err on the
side of caution if I was you anyway so I
hope you got some value from that if you
did then please take the time to like
hear also share it with anyone else you
believe will get some value from this as
you know if you’re not already a
subscriber remember like I said so much
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have involved in and the number one
recommendation I’ll give to anyone who’s
looking to try and make some money
online then I’ll leave a video below
this once you’ve clicked over you’ll get
access to a completely free video that
you can watch and decide if it’s for you
and if it is you can just push forward
you know but either way that being said
thanks again for listening
– next time then guys take care and I’ll
speak to you soon all the best ticket Crypto Prophecy Reviews

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