Cryptobuyer Pay: acepta pagos en Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin y recibe USD.

Your business can now accept payments using Bitcoin! Cryptobuyer Pay is the new solution to integrate your business to the world of digital currencies, versatile fast and safe, with Cryptobuyer Pay can offer an additional alternative to your traditional payment methods with the advantage of paying 0% commission, no maintenance fees and without any affiliation cost the merchant should only choose the currency of payment place the amount payable and display the QR code to the client, the system will detect the transaction and Done! and now you wonder if the Bitcoin price goes up or down? there is no problem! Cryptobuyer Pay blocks the dollar amount of the payment in the moment of receiving the transaction ensuring transaction receive trade 100% of the operation. And whether trade wants to receive digital currency bitcoin or another? solved! must only decide whether to receive such payment or you can even choose a combination of 50 and 50% in dollars and crypto what are you waiting for? visit and contact us! , Cryptobuyer! your gateway to digital assets.

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