Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Price hits $4000 -Expecting bullish or bearish trend?

Thank you so much guys for joining me on my channel this video is dedicated to Bitcoin market analysis Let’s analyze what’s going on with Bitcoin, and how we can see the market trend gonna be for next few days So let’s enjoy. Thank you Alright guys, thank you so much once again if you liked my video Please subscribe if you new to my channel I mostly do Marquis analysis of all the cryptocurrencies Right now and try to make sure that how the market rent gonna be on the basis of news and on the basis of Previous analysis that we have observed So this video is dedicated to Bitcoin market analysis recently we have seen it has went all the way to four thousand You guys we have done it all the way from China Issues all the way from three thousand onwards up till now four thousand We have region if you look at the coin market cap we can see That most of the thing is in green except – is right now at minus one three point five I think extremely last 24 hours, so we started to see some Downtrend as well, but majority of them are in green Which is a good news guys at the same time if we look at it the market care for Bitcoin has? immensely improved and increase on the daily basis We have seen that it has collapsed due to China news some says that it has all happened you to China use but if you look at the market trend it looks like it is because of The overbought region so it cannot be the mix of both of the two scenarios I believe that that causes us so down crane really fast so that kind of a makes sense This is a wallet our industry and everything move very fast, and it’s going down or it’s going up all right guys So let’s start looking at this Bitcoin What’s happening to this Bitcoin in coin market cap right now. We are at three thousand nine hundred and sixty one dollars Did this today in 24 hours we have seen increases? 7.15 percentage And also I need to see what the market is Telling us all the exchanges The BitFenix is always be number one showing 12 point nine eight percent of the wall You will the price is where the price is 3946 and if you see most of them are around three hundred nine hundred and except tricking which is at four Thousand right now, so it is mostly lying in that region Encrusting li if you see all of these asterick numbers these are coming from chinese market And if you go down all the way they will mention that this price are Excluded over here, so you know China is going down now we need to see an analyze if China Which actually constitute a very small market cap right now? The only issue was the mining thing because most of the mining we do its in China That’s what need to figure out at the same time when I look at this market Analysis, I feel like the market cut is not gonna affect much with the China ban right now We can get more idea in more days So let’s continue and see what the market is telling me on treating vidcom Alright guys so right now. I’m using coinbase Bitcoin USD dollars And trying to analyze on creating Viacom so what I see right now still I try to consider this as an uptrend and The way that we have seen all the way things went down That could be because of this China But it hasn’t crossed that spot level if you remember guys in if you guys are following me on all of my videos and Mamaki analysis I have mentioned in the past the support level we have is around three thousand and if it breaks it gonna go down like Crazy, but for some reason it is still hold that level of support So I’m still confident that even with the China news We still have that support level of three thousand so if you guys also remember that new around 2000 and getting Towards 3000 was always a challenge, but not anymore guys right now We have that support level next what do we have we were all the way at? 4900 dollars which was around 5,000 dollars and from 5000 all the way we went downstairs until the support level of 3000 then we went up like crazy if you look at these RSI and MACD level you will realize that when we were at the top When we at the top means let me show you what I mean at the top so this region? If I make it red, so this was the same region when this happened So we were at RSA level was at the overbought region and that wasn’t happened because of that overbought region we ended up going Downwards so that’s why some people says that because since we were at the overbought chrétien That’s why I start to go down, but I mentioned that yes. We do see you were bought richer, and we went downstairs Similarly as we were having at that point of time We were at the overbought region we went down But all the way down was kind of have a clue this gonna Give me a clue that due to China ban And all the news is and all the rumors either from the chippy Morgan or any other guy Who’d been trying to throw the stones on the script currency as also the new? Market the new investors got frightened about it, and they start to sell all the crying’s Anyways now all those people are realizing that you know that was the buy time or that was the whole time and now Everything is trying to get its moon what I can see right now is Two more support levels that I’ll see the first of all the support level from the bottom one is around 3700 if you remember in my last video I mentioned that we might gonna see the same support level between 4100 to 3,700 and for a while it tries to maintain that level before it move up above 4000 Anyways, what happen right now guys this RSI is? in a very good condition in a very good range where it is still in a good position not overbought not oversold the MACD level confirms that the downtrend is gonna go and I it might gonna see an uptrend by the way I’m using a one-day Crane over here every candle Represent one day each so we have we are seeing that every day We are trying to close and we’re trying to go up trend and on that basis I think this will go to this purple box. It will try to continue right now. We are seeing around 3900 I am Suspecting alright. I am thinking that because of this market trend and I can see more support level around 4200 why if you look at these candles if I zoom in for you guys you will see this one candle over here This another candle over here the third candle is touching over here so and the fourth one is over here So what I feel like because of these four Points I think this is the support level that we are maintaining by the way let me mention you guys one more time since all the lines that I’ve drawn is not up to the scale so you can get some of the Variation or some kind of a range when I say 4200 You know I mean Approximately 4200 it could be 41 50 to 40 to 50 so there could be a range so please Keep that in mind. Also. Why I say uptrend Let me remind you one more time because the MACD level is trying to go back up If you remember you see we had the last MACD level which was Around zero point what happened is start to take another height, and we start to grow from there Let’s take a look example of this one. This was the downtrend we had and then we start to move up But at this I have to mention you guys as soon as it reached to this top. I’m afraid because of this Because of this pinch fuck so I have drawn this pinch fuck up crane And because of that we are touching the middle line for sure over here so I’m afraid that this is gonna be the maximum one for now and it might gonna go drop and try to just maintain this level or It might gonna go down to this option number two which is ranging from 3,700 in between of 3,000 so we might gonna land on this green zone in order to be at this position rather than going Beyond this number because after going beyond this number this seems like a red flag And we might go enter into the red zone Which is overbought so I don’t want this to go on that zone, and then going back down like crazy In the end guys let me create. Let me just summarize everything for you guys We are on the region of touching the uptrend and we might gonna end option number one around $4,200 because of the MACD level is going up if not we might gonna maintain this $4,000 and $4,100 range for a why or Option number two that I feel like if it continues to grow in the same path there could be possibility it will go down again and try to test 3700 to $3,800 Before it goes back up again, so guys. That’s all from my side Let me know guys. What do you guys think do you think they’re gonna maintain this number? Or it will go down, or it will go What do you think guys? I’m sorry if my wife is breaking right now I’m just trying my best to give you best of my knowledge and best of my skills But remember guys these knowledge and this information is just for Information not for trading purpose. I would highly recommend you guys please go ahead Seek financial advisor before you go and in rest This is my analysis, and this is how I will try my best to do trades If you think there are some option there are other options in the market that the market will travel Please come and blow and guide all of us. What do you think about it? and if you liked my video Please give a thumbs up and do subscribe my channel so that you will keep update with all the videos that is coming in the future please turn on the Notification for me so then as soon as I upload a video you guys get that alright Thank you so much guys one more time, and hope you have a really nice day Hope you do a good trades, and I’ll see you next time. Thank you so much


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