Cryptocurrency trading – How to trade bitcoin and Altcoins

Hey everyone welcome to this video if
you’re watching this video you’re
probably in the crypto currency market
or you’re looking to get into the crypto
currency market and you’re just you’re
looking for some information I just want
to make this quick little video to kind
of maybe introduce anybody who is
looking to get it started or maybe if
you already have been started and you
have some coins and maybe you’re
thinking of well what can I do like how
can I actually make money in the
cryptocurrency market well the
cryptocurrency market you know is is on
the rise it’s definitely here to stay as
you can see in this slide here there’s
there’s multiple different coins and the
market cap has reached an almost half a
billion dollars and it’s projected to
get to like a trillion dollars and if
you want a piece of that pie I’m gonna
talk about three strategies that you can
use to to get some cryptocurrency so how
can you participate in cryptocurrencies
well the first way is mining basically
what mining is you set up a computer
with you know a powerful of you know
graphics cards and you basically set it
up onto the blockchain and you you set
up the program to have it mined for you
and it starts mining the cryptocurrency
for you now the thing about mining is
that it’s very capital intensive and
very overhead intensive meaning that you
know you have to really spend a lot of
money and put a lot of upfront capital
to get started you know it’s it’s hard
to be profitable with mine just because
there’s so much competition and you have
to build you know very powerful rigs and
you need to have a warehouse so they
store everything and make sure that the
temperature is very cool and you know
you don’t want your computer to overheat
and this that you know it’s a lot of
headache in my opinion
I never liked mining I did try it and
you know just for fun but I wouldn’t
recommend it as a strategy to you know
for an everyday person like myself that
just wants to you know get some
cryptocurrencies that wants to grow some
cryptocurrencies you know over time the
second strategy is a buy-and-hold
strategy now basically what this means
is you pick a coin like let’s say
Bitcoin aetherium and you just you know
transfer your fiat currency and you you
purchase that coin and you buy and you
hold it so you hold it for the long term
basically you’re you’re banking on the
cryptocurrency to go up over time
and that you know let’s say in five ten
it’s appreciated you know 100% and
you’ve basically made a return on your
now the only thing about buying and
holding is that obviously it’s a very
long-term game and you know it doesn’t
allow you to grow your Bitcoin or grow
your cryptocurrency meaning that the
amount that you buy is the amount that
you’re gonna have forever now the value
of that is gonna change up or down so if
Bitcoin goes up the value of that
purchase goes up but if Bitcoin goes
down the value of that also goes down so
as you already know the cryptocurrency
market is a very volatile market so you
know depending on when you buy your
coins that coin can go down and then
you’re basically losing the value in
that coin but you’re never growing it so
you’re always gonna have the same amount
of coin so unless it goes back up in
value you’re not gonna make a profit the
third strategy and the strategy that’s
always intrigued me is trading what
trading allows you to do is you’re
basically trading like stocks you’re
basically buying and selling and you’re
buying low and selling high and that’s
what you’re trying to do and by doing
that you actually are growing your
cryptocurrency holdings and you’re
actually over time are gonna have more
cryptocurrencies so even if the
cryptocurrency goes up or down it
doesn’t really matter because if you’re
trading on a positive you know scale
you’re constantly building more Bitcoin
so over time you’re gonna have more
Bitcoin or more aetherium or more coins
meaning that you’re gonna have more
value in that coin the only thing with
trading is that you know trading is a
very time intensive thing and you know
it’s very specialized and even the
expert traders out there you know it’s
it’s hard to make trades consistently
for a profit and you really have to sit
by your computer you know day and night
I mean the cryptocurrency market is not
a five day a week it trades seven days a
week and it trades 24 hours a day and
sometimes the best time to sell for a
profit is maybe three o’clock in the
morning when you’re asleep
so unless your by your
computer 24 hours a
day I mean trading is something that you
know is not for everybody it’s so the
easy thing to do when training is is
buying is we know knowing when to buy
you buy the coin and you’re gonna wait
for it to go up the hard part about
training is knowing when to sell that’s
the tricky part and that’s what
separates the expert traders versus just
the average Joe I don’t know like I’m
not a trader
I’m not a financial adviser
I don’t really know what to sell
I just try to sell when it’s up but the
problem is sometimes the best time to
sell is when you’re not around your
computer or you’re not you know maybe
you’re sleeping or you’re you’re you’re
not around unless you’re doing this 24
hours a day that’s the hard part but
with the trading software that I’ve
found and then what I’m using it uses
artificial intelligence to actually buy
and sell crypto currencies for you so
what the beauty of the cwe trading bots
is that once you set it up you actually
tell it what coins you want to buy you
set your stop losses and it does it for
you and it analyzes the market using
artificial intelligence finding the
social signals out there and it analyzes
all that and then when to sell it for a
profit and that’s what I’ve been doing
and honestly it’s been working
awesome for me if you want to learn more
about that it as a link in this
description and you know the best part
about this trading bot is that you have 100%
control of your cryptocurrencies at all
time because it connects to your crypto
currency exchange like by Bianance or bittre, it connects to it through an API
so it never has access to your coin it
can never withdraw your coins but it
just initiate trades on behalf of you
and so you know if you if you want to
learn more about how this works you know
click the link in this description
there’s some awesome educational videos
that really kind of talk about it and
goes through the whole process and so
this is something that you think you
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