Currency Searching – $1 and $2 Bills – Star Notes!

hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’ve got $750 in currency to search today alright guys I got 250 dollars in twos
and 500 in ones and wouldn’t you know it one of the bank straps does have a
star note on top, an ender I’ll take it that’s a nice start but we’re gonna go
with the twos first I’m gonna run through them not on camera but I did
notice that there was a 76 that I got it’s trashed it’s missing a piece and
nothing special about the serial number but we’re gonna hunt these were hoping
for maybe a red seal or something even an older note I’ll take a a pre 76 note
or a pre-80s note in good condition but not this one let me crack into these and
let you know what I find all right guys the twos are down the best thing I found
in the twos was a trinary with twos fours and zeros could have been a lot of
different shuffling of those numbers that have been a really great bill but
you know what we’ll take it and then we found stamp on the back of one get ready
I’m coming again Jesus Christ – amen but I did find a couple of 76 bills a couple of 95 bills but no nothing fancy no red seals nothing that great I’ll tell you though
I don’t get a chance to search very many circulated twos there are always new
straps so it was fun to go through them wish I would’ve got a star note or
something more cool but we’ll take the trinary and pull it aside take those
back to the bank and we’ll get on to the ones you already see the first star note
so I just slide it out of here and as always guys at the end of all my videos
for currency searches I’ll be checking the print run and rarity of this star
note so we’ll take a look at that here in a moment but let’s get back to the
hunt first strap down all we got was a star note as an Ender thought might find
one more in that stack but no deal so let’s move on to stack number two but
halfway into the second strap we got her to start out so put that aside but check
in that later let’s keep looking three quarters of the way down we got
another star note so that’s a doing pretty good for us three star notes in
not even two full straps two straps down three star notes found
let’s move on a strap number three oh the agony as usual look at this almost
radar starts off six five two then it ends if you go reverse six five two but
it couldn’t be a zero zero or a five five in the middle to give me a right
arm so close but that’s currency surging all right guys third strap down all we
got to show for it was a trinary and if it would’ve ended with a five or one
would have been a binary but it is what it is
let’s move on to strap number four just a few bills on the strap number four
guys and we’ve got under the start up that’s our fourth one typically you want
to find about one star note for every Bank strap so we’ve got four we’re not
even barely into the fourth so we’re on pace to do that just a little past
halfway through the four strap we’ve got another star note that’s star note
number five in four and a half stacks well three and a half stacks cuz this is
the fourth we’re almost finished with that four strap guys and I found a
birthday note it’s in pretty bad shape crinkled up pretty good but check out
the date November 22nd 1966 so if any one of you out there if that’s your
birth date let me know we’ll set that aside that’s a good find
birthday notes are highly collectible and people do pay for him so pretty cool
wish it was my birthday but it’s not for strapped down we’re
sitting on five star notes a trinary two birthday note let’s see what else we
could find in this strap all right last straps hundred guys you’ve seen the
finds now let me check the print run a rarity these star notes and get back to
you okay everyone we’ve checked the perimeter of rarity of all the star
notes and unfortunately all four from 2013 we’re all part of 3.2 million
prints with a not that rare and the one from 2009 is also part of a 3.2 million
print run so it’s also not that rare but just as a reference here you can see I
looked for the my serial number there nomination and year and yeah that would
have been a good series of star notes the first run of him only at one point
to eight million second one six hundred forty thousand a super rare set for
thirty two thousand of them right there in the red my note with the arrow fell
in that range one of the yeah well it is the most printed run of the B series and
then only six hundred forty thousand of the last one so we came close to ultra
rare run but we missed it so as is the case done continues if you enjoyed the
home with me please give the video a thumbs up and as always everyone thanks
for watching


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