Czech Provocation! Prague To Rename Square By Russian Embassy After Russian Liberal Boris Nemtsov

Not so good news come from the Czech republic. The authorities of one of the central regions of the Czech capital decided to remove the monument to the liberator of Prague from the Nazis, Marshal Konev. Thus, the regional authorities are playing with big politics. And now – the next minor provocation – already at the city level. It is proposed to rename the area where the building of the Russian Embassy in Prague is, from Under the Chestnuts to Boris Nemtsov Square. The proposal to vote for the renaming was made by the mayor of Prague Zdenek Grzyb. It is no catastrophe, but Boris Nemtsov certainly is not the main symbol of Russia. To put it mildly, there are more visible figures in Russian history and in the history of Russian-Czech relations. Zdenek Grzyb simply offers petty nastiness, having in mind something meaningful, although not what it really is. Can’t keep but provoking. Relations with the Czech Republic, thanks to the wisdom of President Milos Zeman, are good. So you have to spoil it, provoke the reaction or what? Is there something for Russians to remember about the Czech Republic? Perhaps, the plundering of the gold reserve of Russia, which miraculously ended up in the hands of the whites and Czechs a hundred years ago. When they treacherously betrayed Admiral Kolchak to the Bolsheviks while out of the 500 tons of gold of the Russian Empire that the admiral was guarding very close, 182 tons were plundered by the Czechs. What are our options? Do we need to build our relationship today on this historical fact?

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