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You will see that it is earning everyday
Those are my account earnings for 7 days
I have been trying it for a week. When it earns, it goes to your BTC wallet.
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Lately, you may be seeing a lot of videos in Youtube about crypto currencies and we all know that
the value of crypto changes rapidly.
One minute, it’s going up and then the other, it will go down again.
So you always have to closely monitor your investments, right?
But would you believe me guys, that there is an eWallet
that you can use where you won’t incur losses with your investment capital?
It will only trade for you if there is a profit
That’s why today I will introduce you to an ewallet where there are no investment losses.
I have already tried this app for more than a week now
and I have already earned a couple of dollars
So I will share all of that with you,
how to earn and what this app is,
So stay with me until the end of this video
The app is called Everus. You can download it from your Appstore or Playstore.
This app is the same as other eWallets where you can save virtual money
This eWallet can save up to 100 different cryptocurrencies
So, I’m sure all of you are excited to learn how to earn here in Everus
Before we start, I will show you my transaction history where Ihave already earned some Satoshis
This Psigen is the one I mentioned, an AI technology where
it will trade for you automatically. You don’t need to monitor it manually.
It will notify you when it earns
This Psigen technology only trades when it will result in a profit.
you will see here it earns everyday, and those are my earnings for seven days
I have already tried it for a week.
Whenever it earns BTC, those earnings will go to your BTC wallet
How to Create an Account
How to Cash-in
How to Withdraw
Those are the things we will discuss today.
Download it from Playstore & Appstore and all you have to do is just follow this registration process
How to cash in here in Everus.
Just click on you EVR wallet
You will see there send receive request
let’s just click on receive
you will see your QR Code and the
address for your EVR wallet
Just copy it to clipboard
Then you can already request from your exchange wallet
So before you can use Everus, you will need another eWallet that will serve as your funding source.
Okay. So once your EVR wallet is funded,
you can already put those in Psigen.
where it will earn for you automatically
No need to monitor it
And it will not let you lose any of your capital investment
So all you have to do is just click on join now and then you will see available packages
so the lowest investment that you can make is $10
the highest would be $10,000
It’s up to you how much you’d like to invest
make sure that you have sufficient funds
There. You will see a pop up.
When your investment had already earned
those earnings already went to your BTC wallet, right?
You can withdraw, in dollar equivalent, your original trading package
And for example, the value of your investment depreciated at the time of withdrawal
your withdrawal will be paid back the same amount in cryptocurrency as when you joined
This release date that you see here,
those are the dates when your investments will be released back to your EVR wallet
They have a 30-day holding period. You can still withdraw even though the 30 days is not yet up.
But, there will be a 10% processing fee
But once it has been released, you can
withdraw without any fees
And this Psigen, what’s good about this, is that it comes free with Everus wallet.
And the Everus wallet, Like I said, it’s free for everyone. You can download it on the Google store or Apple Store
So guys I will do another follow-up video after 30 days
I’m going to show how much we have earned from our $200.
If this is worth investing.
But for you guys who already want to try
If you already want to start earning
Then you can download Everus anytime
just use my referral code
it’s on the description box and pinned comment down below and
Let me know what you think of this app
And we’ll talk about this again when we’re ready to withdraw if you have any questions or clarifications
Feel free to comment it down below and if you like this video, please give this video a big thumbs up. Thanks for watching. Bye
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