David Pakman Can’t Cut Duck in Kitchen at Eclipse Restaurant

so here we are a foot
finances and actually do that
an unhappy
we need to show them
solicit nothing notices
bespeak and his wife
so this is a poor children
no mattthews huh leg of lamb sister i
thought of philips holland
what’s wrong with the spirit department
hasn’t had a friend
all that i thought it
constraints on the day
consumed outside
and uh… that not convinced his action
um… it is weird
large cups of tea
any palestinian alpha waves
come prime rib
because it’s a whole piece
no bacteria gets
this is in sacramento
that’ll definitely i mean you can
you need is wrong
what’s really different if this computer
so the carcass into action
it deserves
cooking for stock
we’re going to make incapacitate we’re
going to render the fat
funky dominates
and use the breast as an object
it’s not going to do with these now
what kind of
hurts i got a fine
yuppie cut down to the bone
don’t cut into the ball and you want to
break belonging
if the meanest thing
and then you want to make a cock through
the skin
all the way along
saved the
buyers something in this way yeah
i see my profits dwindling the
advice you just let me do the rest of
the duck yet
silent opened this restaurant with
a specific dream land mines and that was
to serve high quality
here the clips article is to use fresh
confirmation hearing today from scratch
down to our catch up in arms gains so i
tried to create a dining experience that
i enjoy when i go out
without touching the elegance but not
eclipse restaurant wine bar
main street


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