Davincij15: HUGE Altcoin Season + Bitcoin BTC Trend Now BEARISH?! (Cryptocurrency News/Analysis)

what’s going on guys Pat Rick here
bringing you a brand new videotape
another killer video if you guys full of
information today we got DaVinci j15
back on the channel finally we’re gonna
be going over some big coin and all coin
technical analysis as well as talking
about all coin season just something I
think a lot of you guys are gonna want
to stay for a lot of you guys are gonna
want to hear his thoughts on so make
sure you stay all the way until the end
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let’s jump right into the video all
right guys we are back with da Vinci j15
it’s been a long long time coming you
guys have been asking a bunch but we got
them on the channel he is here we’re
gonna have a two-parter one part on our
channel is going to be technical
analysis cuz I know you guys always love
some technical analysis find out what
the hell bitcoin is doing where it’s
going then on his channel we are also
going to be talking about a very
interesting topic haven’t seen it on
YouTube much I’ve seen people touch on
it lightly in videos we haven’t seen an
in-depth video he wants to go more in
depth on this and this is how the
government lies to you about the dollar
about Bitcoin and how they’re keeping a
lot of things secret and how it might be
the perfect buy signal for you to pick
up some Bitcoin right now so da Vinci
the floor is yours
shows what you got give us everything
well thanks
on your show Padgett how you doing I’m
doing fantastic
how are you alright alright can’t
complain I’m lovely with Bitcoin
volatility I mean finding what traders
love volatility because I mean when you
see spry swings over $1,000 that’s
that’s some huge money game oh yeah you
you put in some some 5x some 10x yeah so
here let me just share my screen and we
can go on to say do some charts my son
Bitcoin so let me just see here I’m
gonna share this screen here start
sharing and let’s start with a bigger
picture of all as always because you
know what that’s the most important
thing is the bigger picture how is
Bitcoin going to do long term because
you know what in the end I think most
people do better if they just buy and
hold and I’m not talking about going
running out and taking your all of their
life savings and dumping on before at
this price no don’t do that I want you
to dollar-cost average in because we
don’t know where the price is gonna go
honestly if people who look to me as
some sort of Guru some sort of Oracle
Oracle I’m just some guy in and it just
like you are battering and and I’m just
doing my best I can and I do trade from
time to time using technical analysis
it’s just a method of making money
that’s all it is is not a end-all and
Beall of seeing what the future is don’t
agree and and there’s absolutely no
guarantee technical analysis you follow
patterns you follow trend lines you
follow supports and resistances those
can break exactly exactly and so you
have to accept those things those losses
and you move on and that’s it and that’s
the hardest part of trading is accepting
losses and moving on and just looking
for the next trade yeah and it works the
opposite because when you get lucky oh
your account so you have to be careful
and and play with the position of play
from a position of strength and not over
leverage yourself or put yourself in too
much risk don’t bet the farm on any kind
of idea that someone is telling you so
that means even though I believe
bitcoins going to 100k you should not be
selling your house and putting all the
money into it I might do that
if it gives me the right price I might
do it but it’s not financial advice
we’re looking at the Bitcoin here it’s
definitely in a downtrend for sure if
you’re gonna be training this you’re
definitely looking at this and saying
you know what bitcoin is in a downturn
we’ve got you see we have the higher
lows here the first half the first I was
was 13,800 another high over here at
13,000 6 165 approximately right and
then we’ve got another high up here at
eleven thousand eleven thousand one
hundred for example now if Bitcoin
breaks here’s a curiously you could see
that Bitcoin did not make a lower-middle
low with making several lower lows as
well but leak recently just recently in
the last last little while
it’s made of higher level if it breaks
this point which is art and I hate
saying this point because you said you
tend to do that too on your show how I
do it’s the worst and you want to say
this place don’t be speaking up I might
have to change my camera angles people
are gonna get Mac they can’t see the
numbers hold on alright
I’m switch it over guys sorry sorry okay
we’re good we’re back here as you can
see on 11100 if we can break
approximately 11 top 150 or something
like that that will create a higher a
higher high and make an actual W
formation what’s this bullet
now of course we have to break this
particular trend line you don’t have to
say this trend line because you have to
be watching this a trend yeah it’s it’s
connected to the two top points that are
the last two higher highs lower highs
sorry lower highs and you can see that
it’s coming down and it’s gonna break
that channel to really say that okay
that’s it we’re going to the moon we
might break into the break into the the
print of 20,000 barrier and go to hot
and go to see all the time highs and I
think once we see all-time highs the all
coins will get finally catch a bit is in
my opinion what do you think yeah that’s
actually something I wanted to ask you
about as well so we talked on the
channel a lot about all coin season we
talked about Bitcoin dominance that was
a chart that I’ve mainly been looking at
for the last I don’t know how many weeks
is Bitcoin dominance Bitcoin dominance
cuz it’s been going up i we talked about
resistances on there where it was last
time where it was at the end of 2017 how
things looked where we thought it could
go to before started to reverse and how
we needed to see bitcoins almonds drop
to see all coin season start to see all
coins start picking up we’re starting to
see the bitcoins ominous if you go on
the weekly chart it’s pulling back a
little bit we’re seeing some green all
coins maybe some opportunities here but
I did want to get your thoughts on all
coins if you don’t mind expressing it
with us what do you think about all
coins all coin seasons do you think
they’ll recover sooner or later honestly
my opinion about all kinds is that I’ve
seen so many people started to dump
their all coins it’s not funny and
because of that I believe that altcoin
season even though even though it might
not be here this is the summer time and
I’m kind of disappointed because like
you know I’ve got a lot of bags myself
but with that say it’s the bottom we’re
bottom in here it’s if you were coming
into this base and you’re like looking
at the all coin destruction I mean
complete destruction chaos like doing
videos about oh when moon and you know
I got all bags study with that feeling
all sad and depressed this is the time
you want to be in this market you want
to start nibbling I’m not talking
betting the farm on every single corn
project but things like a cerium
litecoin – all these coins have taken
massive hits that are not going anywhere
they’re gonna be here for a very long
time now is the time to start you know
what I think I’m a little bit of that
I’m gonna buy a whole lot right I’m
gonna buy maybe 1% half a percent start
nibbling yeah perfect leave fines and
start nibbling at these coins and if
they go Lord just what you got you got
these coins at a discount because in the
end when Bitcoin decides to do 200k
300,000 K these things are gonna be in
the five six thousand dollar range
Oh so look out for that and that’s
that’s your being able to buy these
things now for a couple hundred dollars
so I would suggest it I was in my
personal opinion if these things are buy
right yeah yeah that’s something we
talked to we talked a little bit on the
channel about in the last video I don’t
know if you guys didn’t watch it make
sure you go check out last video I went
to more detail about it but to me the
way I broke it down was that if you’re
looking to pick up long term all coins
now is the buy single like the fact that
everyone’s selling to me that’s the buy
single every time everyone sells
something it’s usually because they’re
raw most people lose in every market
because they usually sell it the wrong
time in they buy at the wrong time so if
everyone’s capitulating all coins to me
green light
time to pick up some all coins if you’re
looking to short-term trade all coins
then to me since we broke so many
supports on the way down I need
confirmation of a little bit of a trend
so I want to see resistances start
breaking before we fully go back into
yeah we’re gonna fully trade all coins
right now cuz as you know I run a trade
group so we’ve been very slow with all
coin trades right now in the last few
weeks even a few months actually has two
months maybe month and a half because
there’s no all can we trade don’t jump
into something that’s on a downtrend
wait till you get confirmation of a
potential gains for all coins then you
can jump back into it but that’s
Estelle’s well sort of my break now if
you’re in for the long term all coins
i’ve been dollar cost averaging if
you’re in for the short term wait till
we see some them break resistances
because it’s too early right now
correct correct and the best way to if
for your audience the best way to
determine when to to buy all coins when
Dale Coyne seasons of turn is what I
suggest people do is look for weekly W
so take any kind of all coin trend and
you look for a W so this could have
turned into a W if it was like for
example if we did this down move move
dead down but not and when went straight
up if that was a weekly W this right
here let me show you which is this point
that’s you can either take the camera
body which would have been like point
zero one or that sudden people do the
last week the last high which was the
point zero two it doesn’t really matter
it’s up to you it’s how you how you best
trade with these dude what you decide to
do on your technical your technical
analysis but these are people they
either take this breakout which is the
point one or point 0.01 or point zero
one two which is which would have been
if it did do this W inform formation it
didn’t obviously it broke through the
lows and so it doesn’t look so good so
what we need to do is i viously look for
some sort of W and pattern again in the
weeklies of any of these courses so if
you go back in time let’s go to some
other coin that has a large history
let’s try my one of my favorite ones is
a mono or doesn’t seem like it like a
coin that should be there remember we
talked about in our last video we talked
about Mona but you can see here nice W
there it’s uh you know what I’m gonna do
to go to the line chart so it’s easier
to see for further for people that you
can see Darla see
just go scale wait there’s a nice little
W there too W out here right you can
easily see the W in patterns before it
actually starts to take off and you see
another one here another nice clear one
right here but before it it did a face
room so these W a weekly double use
right because you can see this this coin
decided to go straight down and you
would like to forget it you know what
you could have waited waited waited
waited and then look a little W and then
take the trade right back here which was
point was 3,000 SATs from a sudden
takeoff and that would have been that
would been phenomenal trade right oh
wherever the bottom is we don’t know
where the bottom is on this it’s
interesting though this Wis one did do a
little bit of I don’t like this W
pattern it is kind of like but because
they you can see a little bit here but
as a long why W as a long bottom here
not as clue so it’s not really clean
yeah but you might want to take this
trade right here but I don’t know right
here it’s not so clean you have to wait
for the trade for price for prices to
break approximately the third three
thousand three thirty three thousand
SATs it’s kind of high but it but that’s
it if you want to do wait for a market
confirmation that’s how you do it and it
don’t you what do you think about that
no I agree way from market confirmations
wait for patterns I agree with you I
like i don’t use chart patterns as much
but um I think make sure it looks clear
don’t a lot of times people make the
pattern in their head because they want
to see the pattern so badly like I
really want to see a W so hey they find
a way to see a W no matter what the
chart looks like so that’s the whole be
very unbiased take the emotions out of
trading put them aside focus on the
chart look at what the chart gives if
there’s no W right now there’s no W
right now wait till you see it you know
don’t don’t see the W because you want
to see it so bad I know I know that’s
that’s a hard thing about trading and so
I’ve heard that you’re doing horses
right to help people trade I have I have
a group that I post all of my trades
obviously not financial minds just
giving you guys every trade that I enter
um and that’s pretty much how it is both
on bit mechs with Bitcoin aetherium long
shorts and then all coins on Finance if
they are if there are good if there are
good trade some ones we have like two
all coin trades a day in the beginning
of the year – all coin trades a day
absolutely killing we’re making like 10%
a day 15% of day profits absolutely
insane right now you can’t do that any
other market and then last few months
now we have to slow down take things
easy be happy with the first few months
wait it out wait till we get all coins
to pick up again and I’m sure we’ll see
you back of course you guys got the
first link down below as always is the
crypto trade alert group you guys can
follow every single one of the trades
that I make every single one of the
trades that brought me to the portfolio
I have today very beginner friendly
takes two or three minutes to set up
every trade and after that profits are
taken automatically for you in down
below you also have the links so
obviously everything that da Vinci has
we have his website we have his YouTube
and we’re gonna have the link to the
video that we’re going to do right now
on his channel so guys hopefully you did
enjoy this da Vinci thank you so much
for allowing us to see an insight into
the technical analysis that you have
talking about all coins a lot of people
are bearish on all coins right now at
the bottom people were bullish on the
way down I think it was gonna reverse
now that we’re at the bottom
people are bearish on all coins so is is
how is how it works people are always
wrong or people are usually wrong
unfortunately yes
just open an all coin chart blood
everywhere alright guys we’re gonna be
jumping into the video make sure you
check it out it’s gonna be the second
link I think I’ll make it a second link
in the description and so I’ll see you
alright guys so let’s do this really
quick from the last video I’m going to
be picking a crypto giveaway winner now
that we’re done make sure
to this you go check out the Vinci’s
video on his channel because it’s going
to be a very good one though so the
winner is crypto Overlord or crypt
six-six-six yo thanks for the content
all season will be awesome I agree
hopefully after this video you guys have
a little more confidence that no all
coins are not dead
all points will be back at some point we
are waiting obviously for all coin
seasons come in but when it does we are
all looking for some crazy gains in a
lot of good all coins so like I said
make sure you check out da Vinci’s video
next link in the description down below
and guys I’ll see you there


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