DigiByte 2018?

is 2018 going to be the year of digi
byte talking about all the latest and greatest news coming from the digi bite
community so stay tuned let’s do this what’s going on guys Patrick here today
I want to talk about digi buy what I’m thinking and kind of what I’ve been
seeing I’ve been working with some of the developers working with the
foundation and doing everything I can to help did you buy rise to the top in 2018
now some of the big things going on did you buy mobile wallet so there’s gonna
be an iOS wallet is gonna be an Android wallet doesn’t seem like that big of a
news but if you really think about the big picture here you think about India
has what a billion people or some crazy number and they’ve started to add
cryptocurrency but digi by it has been added to some of the top Indian
exchanges we need to make it so people can hold digi buy easy they can buy it
they can sell it centered around the world and make it really simple and easy
for them to use and that’s what the mobile wallet is going to do so I’m
really excited I’ve been using it I’ve been testing it it works it’s gonna be
good there’s a couple improvements that the development team is working on
they’re working hard they’ve actually just raised over 400,000 digibytes for a
bounty program so this is huge news 48 hours ago the digipak community came out
basically saying hey we need to raise some money we got to get some bounties
we need to increase development we need to get to work here we need to make
things happen and we all need to be a part of it and in 48 hours the goal of
400,000 did you buy it was hid so that’s massive news it deserves a round of
applause to everyone who donated and it’s really cool to see the community
come together and say hey we want to be a part of this we want to see digi byte
grow and that’s what they did so there’s 400,000 digibytes that are
now ready to be used for development and make things happen a lot of people have
been asking about digi by marketing you know what’s going on with a marketing
fund and my response is I’m not worried personally about what’s going on with
the marketing fund or what’s going on with the PR firm because personally I’m
working harder than I think any PR firm is ever going to work I’m making things
happen I’m doing things personally to make sure
that I can help dizzy by as much as I can I’m using my social network I’m
helping people on telegram I’m doing everything I can personally to work hard
to help dizzy by growth I’m also really excited to kind of announce that the new
digi by one-click minor is going to be released very soon we’re finishing it up
right now I’ve been working really hard on this this is a personal project found
a developer we started designing we started doing it it’s almost ready for
the world this guy Jared Tate he might be the most
undervalued person in the blockchain world he’s doing everything he can
personally to help grow he’s working his coding he’s doing all these things it’s
like I see the guy on telegram answering people on telegram people have questions
and he’s on there the founder of digi buy is on telegram answering questions
people are like hey I’m trying to stick up my wall and he’s responding to them
it’s really cool to see he’s a part of the community he’s working hard behind
the scenes to make things happen he’s also speaking at the MIT blockchain Expo
he was invited to be on a panel there and speak in front of some of the
world’s greatest minds and the blockchain world cryptocurrency world so
that’s a really big honor for him I’m really excited for that to see kind of
what happens and and hear about all the great news coming from Matt also going
on right now is South by Southwest I was planning on going to Austin for South by
Southwest to work on some stuff actually kind of hang out with you’re at eight
and do some cool things there with the digi bike community but I’ve just been
so busy I don’t think I’m gonna be able make it but Jared Tate himself is at
South by Southwest going to events talking to people working on some
networking events and suffer blockchain a lot of blockchain stuff going on in
Austin Texas right now so that’s really good to have him there to be spreading
the digi byte word and all the good news and stuff that’s going on with the digi
bytes blockchain community big news also the new digi bike or wallet has over a
hundred thousand lines of coding changes big improvements coming for the actual
core wallet and this has always been kind of a an issue you know it’s been
hard to sync or it takes a long time to sync it’s gonna be improved it’s gonna
be better than ever so this is big news as well you got the mobile wallet you
got the desktop core wallets gonna be better everything across the board or
did you buy right now is being improved the foundation Jared they understand
some of that you shoes that digi bite has had in the past
we’re working hard the marketing is being increased people are growing the
actual community themselves there’s so many members in the community who are
working on their own projects to help grow awareness not just the foundation
there’s things going on every single day I’m in Telegram people send me a message
some guys are day so many messages like hanging I’m working on its new digi byte
website it’s gonna be really cool he sent me some screenshots I can’t really
get into it cuz it’s top secret but it was cool and there’s a lot of things
going on with digi buddy also the foundation is working with some of the
exchanges trying to talk to exchanges like Jim and I and a lot of things going
on right there the one cool thing about Jared Tate is he’s not posting
everything online he’s not bragging about people he’s talking to he’s
working on things behind the scenes that nobody knows about I don’t even know
about nobody knows about but he’s doing things I know he’s doing stuff but he
doesn’t release news until it actually happens so I do respect him for that I
do respect the Digi by foundation not getting people’s hopes up until things
are done and making real commitments making real partnerships and I’m excited
to see what happens in 2018 also kind of big news of that circle pay had bought
politics politics is a major exchange that does offer digi buy and now the one
good thing here is think about like this so G Dax is the exchange for coinbase so
coinbase is executing all their orders on their
exchange which is G Dax now what happens with circle pace circle pay is now
coming out with an app so people can buy crypto currencies with US dollars fiat
currency they can buy it on the circle pay app and what does that mean for us
I’m crossing my fingers that there is a chance that circle pay might have digi
buy on their app in the future because it’s already on Paul NX already on the
exchange very easy for them to actually just put it on to their app so that’s
kind of big news people aren’t really talking about I’m not getting my hopes
up but it would be really cool and really easy for people to be able to buy
digi buy it with US dollars with fiat currency through a simple app like
circle pay and I think circle pay is gonna be a major contender in 2018 2017
we had a big run you know cryptocurrency went crazy but I think that was only the
tip of the iceberg in terms of what to come two years from now that
blockchain technology is gonna be better than ever that digi bite is gonna be a
household name there’s gonna be a lot of great things happening with digi by in
2018 the community is very very excited everybody is working hard you go into
the telegram you see people who you’ve never even seen before and like hey
check out this new program we’re gonna check out this new app or check out this
new website there’s a lot of cool things going on every day I’m surprised at how
many people are working hard to grow did you buy not just the foundation not just
your tape but there are a lot of people who are behind this project when people
tell me like oh yeah did you buy it’s been around for four years nothing’s
happened I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for digi bite than right
now seeing the community seeing what’s going on the development the marketing
the people behind the scenes doing things there’s a lot of cool things
happening and I’m really excited I’m buying more digi buying every dip that
we get I’m just gonna keep buying I’m gonna keep buying it cuz I’m very
passionate about this I think there’s a lot of potential here
I think Bitcoin litecoin digi buy it just makes sense these three right here
you got Bitcoin it’s the store about he got litecoin it can be like the you know
twin our bill you got did you buy it can be the five dollar bill there’s a lot of
cool things going on that can basically help everybody there’s so much to do
with digi bite that hasn’t even been done yet and there’s a lot of things to
come as we progress as the blockchain world increases as people start to come
in more and more investors more people getting behind the project only gonna
grow faster and faster and digi buy is ready for that it’s able to scale it’s
able to handle more transactions it’s able to handle more people using it so
like aetherium had issues with their crypto kitties the whole network was so
slow you could even use it because crypto kitties
we’re digi if I could handle crypto kitties crypto doggies crypto puppies
everything on the blockchain so I’m really excited you can see I’m smiling I
want to give you guys an update on what’s going on personally what I’ve
been seeing behind the scenes at digi by and kind of my overall impression and
I’m looking forward to the future I’m looking forward to the future with digi
by and it’s gonna be really cool two years from now I look back and like I
was there at the turning point I was there when did you buy it went from
digitally to do so there it is my take on digi by right now 2018 I think 2018
is going to be the year of digi bytes so get ready if you haven’t already do me
one big favor hit that subscribe button and also leave a comment below I will
talk to you guys later on


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