DigiByte Dandelion – is now Here!

What is Dandelion?
Dandelion is coming to DigiByte
as a way to help boost your privacy
and prevent a malicious person
from tracking down your location
by using your IP address
When you send DigiByte to somebody
Dandelion technology won’t broadcast your transaction to everybody
like traditional blockchains would
Instead Dandelion will create a stem
and send your transaction through just one single person
That one person will do the same to another person, and another
This helps to protect your IP address and prevent tracking
Once it’s been through around 10 people
Dandelion will then flower the DigiByte transaction
and blow it off into the world
So it can be included in the blockchain
just like blowing a Dandelion
There’s no slowing down DigiByte’s insanely fast block timings
It’s just one more layer of privacy on your transaction
to help protect you as you use DigiByte
Dandelion is now flowering at DigiByte
Please take a look at the other commercials
to learn more about Digi-ID, DigiAssets
and the many other projects we have


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