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us. There is something about Bitcoin that has
not been mentioned. We can say that there is an important and
perhaps a big secret that has worked many times before that can herald the rise in Bitcoin. I’il show you the evidence, don’t worry, just
keep watching. Today, we will reveal this issue so that everyone
who wants to evaluate it, as well as what will happen in Bitcoin and of course all the
subcoins on Bitcoin in the coming days, we will talk about it because I will give a date. but we will not give investment advice. Definitely do not decide to invest with a
video. And there’s some hot stuff about JP Morgan
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with jet speed. My friends, there is a very important situation
in Bitcoin that makes $ 11,800 special. Remember, $ 11,800 is in a special situation
now. Why do you say? Bitcoin has a price gap of $ 11,800. So we call it gap gap. And this gap heralds us that Bitcoin can rise
to $ 11,800 again, but how and when to stay nowhere, what we should do as investors, we
will talk about it all. Now we have a price gap of $ 11,800, we said
there is a gap gap or you can easily understand it. Sometimes you see in the technical analysis,
there is a gap between the green and red candlesticks. It remains empty as soon as it is completed,
but the price eventually turns and comes there and completes. The data that this technical analysis says
are friends, and we see that it is more common in futures Bitcoin trading, even though they
are normally on Bitcoin, dollar charts. Let us explain a few sentences for the newcomers
in terms of what Bitcoin futures are. Forward transaction is a forward dated contract. So you do not immediately go to get Bitcoin,
and in a simple term, after 1 month, Bitcoin will come to this figure and you will deal
with a company that offers this contract. If you say, you win. Anyway, the Chicago stock exchange, the CME
has a gap gap of $ 11,800 in term Bitcoin transactions, and when I said that when the
gaps were formed, Bitcoin’s price would go back and see that figure and likes to fill
that gap. filled $ 10500, another gap formed, and increased
it to $ 10500. Then, at $ 11300, at $ 10900, there were small
gap gaps, and you see that the price of Bitcoin eventually filled up again, for example, after
a gap of $ 11800, there was a gap between $ 8000 and $ 9000. an important detail is
hidden at $ 11800, hidden and waiting to close. We have worked so far uninterrupted, we justified
something that will be certain after that even if we can not say that the law of life
and do not give investment advice, this gap gap of $ 11800, the price gap is very likely
to rise up to $ 11800 Bitcoin could close this gap . Although we do not consider this
gap gap to date, I care about this issue because of a moment in which I personally live, my
friends. Look, let me tell you. In the meantime, if you didn’t subscribe to
my channel and don’t touch the bell, you can do it right now and comment on this gap gap,
about Bitcoin rising to $ 11800. Now, a friend of mine who did technical analysis
when Bitcoin was again $ 6-7 thousand and about $ 13,500, about 1-1.5 years ago, has
a gap in the $ 3500 region, a price gap. I’m afraid, but what Bitcoin does, he said
he completes the gap, and then what happened, an event broke out, the excuse was, I don’t
know what happened. He finished the gap gap, my friends. Write $ 11800 in your mind, go and invest
only based on this video, of course I’m not saying, I’m just giving information. I’m trying to make you aware of something. Now, let’s talk about some of Bitcoin’s days,
it’s hot. In December 2017, in the midst of the soaring
season, which we call the famous bull, he said future at Bitcoin The CME group, which
launched our futures, recently announced the binary options service at Bitcoin. If there is no problem, binary options will
come into play today at Bitcoin, and do you know what CME group customers can do now at
Bitcoin in these binary Bitcoin options where JP Morgan expects great interest? For a very short period of time, such as 15
minutes, for example, Bitcoin will rise or fall. If he wins the bet, he’il make money. Telling that such binary options usually offer
high profit rate and stand tight. It is very simple to use. They can appeal to everyone. You don’t deal with complex numbers. Because of the simplicity of these binary
options, my friends, if the CME group succeeds in this business, then many stock markets,
crypto money exchange can start to offer binary options, just like futures, futures. So this could bring new customers to the market,
and if it is to be done with real Bitcoin, as in the Bakkt platform, this could mean
money entry into Bitcoin, extra volume. Even in Bitcoin, not forex or something, some
stock exchanges have removed the water into 10-second transactions by turning the event
into a game of chance rather than investment, which I think is a bit of a nuisance. So you choose 10 seconds and the bitcoin will
drop or rise, there are red and green buttons. All you have to do is predict what will happen
in those 10 seconds, but as I said, it’s a game of chance rather than an investment. Apart from these, what should we look for
in Bitcoin in the coming days? In any case, we should expect a decline or
an increase, so that if we say that we should make money or not lose it, we came out of
the descending chock that we entered on June 27, albeit a little late. There is no expectation that we will re-enter
that chock unless Bitcoin falls below $ 7,000. Look, there’s a symmetrical triangle here,
all right, it’s not supported by wedges, but it’s under $ 7000, but at least for now it’s
not a danger. But there might be a leap in Bitcoin right
now. If Bitcoin is to operate according to this
triangle, it can break up or down hard by 14 February at the latest, but there is a
warmer date before that. According to another indicator, there may
be some hard movement around January 17 at Bitcoin. Although this indicator is not an indicator
that I trust very much, we kept the dates we gave one-on-one, if you remember in Bitcoin,
that says January 17 right now, but put it in front of
it for a few days. If you want wedges, this is a symmetrical
triangle, the date of January 17, February 14 to combine all of them to provide information
that can be used without meaningful and investment advice. My friends, as I just said, the negative impact
of the descending wedge starts at $ 7,000. So I don’t include it in the equation, and
I say that if there is this symmetrical triangle in Bitcoin, it can make a hard break in the
January 17 or February 14 period, and because Bitcoin is above the 50-day moving average,
it makes an upward, upward break, harder movement. it probably sounds to me, but nothing happens
100%, you know. Now that’s enough Bitcoin, I think we’ve done
a nice update and I’m moving to today’s bonus information. My friends, if we spend only 2 hours around
the black hole and return to the world, we will have gone 50 years forward in the world,
you know. Let those who wonder, 2 hours around the black
hole, 50 years in the world. Now, let’s move on to your questions and comments. Thank you very much for your support. I read each comment one by one and try to
make a comeback. I usually try to make a comeback as soon as it
is published and I return to some comments within a day or two. Rarely, I can’t answer. Now let’s read a few of the first comments
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