DIY DECOR: Dollar Tree Bling Gold Cake Stand On a Budget

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
the Nines, I am fulfilling my promise to bring you a glitzy and glamorous cake
stand that’s oh is so affordable and as an added bonus I have some very
cute fall-themed acorn cupcakes if that sounds good to you stay tuned! Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m
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it if you joined me. For this episode I was invited by Maria from artsy cupcake
to participate in her fall cupcake challenge she’s got a great channel and
I’m gonna put the link below in my description box so once you’re done
watching this episode I’d invite you to pop on over to Maria’s Channel and check
it out as well as all the amazing and talented individuals participating in
her challenge… so I’ve got something fun planned for you today
a few weeks ago I did a knockoff of a Magnolia home tiered cake stand you
seemed to really like it and I asked you if you wanted to see something a little
bit more glitzy a little bit more glam and the overwhelming response was “Yes!” So this lines up nicely with Maria’s challenge where she’s challenging us to
either do a cupcake stand or a cake stand and fall cupcakes so I’m gonna
start with a glitzy more blingy cupcake stand that’s still very affordable if
you stick with me to the very end I’m going to be making some chocolate peanut
butter cupcakes with a fall Flair of course with my famous peanut butter
frosting… as just a little added bonus… but let’s get started on the cupcake
stand. I picked up a couple of supplies at Dollar Tree and then some just kind
of here and there and I’ll kind of tell you what I’m using as I go along… so the
first thing I picked up was this burner cover set from the Dollar Tree it really
doesn’t matter which like print is on it because we’re not even gonna see it
make sure you look them over thoroughly because a lot of them are bent and
banged up and then I picked up a margarita glass now I really like this
margarita glass because it has kind of like a mottled effect on the glass which
i think is gonna translate well for what I’m doing and then I picked up one of
these tealight holders in their home decor section we’re going to take this
margarita glass I thought that if we flipped it over
that that makes a really nice substantial looking base for a cake
stand we are going to spray paint pretty much everything in this krylon metallic
gold there’s nothing more glamorous than gold but I thought it might go my cake
stand might go nicely with my new backsplash you haven’t seen that episode
I’ll put the link above so the first thing that we’re gonna do is let’s just
start out by taking both the margarita glass and the tea light holder and both
burner covers and we are gonna go take them outside and spray-paint them gold now it’s time to start assembling I
picked up some mirrors at Michaels this will add stability to our cake
stands which are pretty flimsy to be honest with you just start out with but
this will definitely do the trick and add a little glitz and shine so I’m
gonna just take some e6000 which is just my tried-and-true adhesive of choice
then we’re going to mark Center for the underneath side where we are going to
place our pedestals I take my margarita glass put some e6000 and a little hot
glue for instant stick and I flipped the old margarita glass over making the top
part of the glass the base and it is perfect it works perfectly I do the same
with a little one except for I use the top part of the tea light holder and
glue that to the underside of the small burner cover now it’s time to add a
little glam by adding a little bling I do this by hot glueing some rhinestone
ribbon that I picked up at the Dollar Tree it is so cute such a simple
glamorous touch for less than $0.50 I have to be honest with you I am
digging it just as is even though I have plans to add some crystals and beads and
all of that I am liking it kind of clean like this we are still going to proceed
with adding the beads and crystals because I have them actually left over
from my dining room chandelier makeover if you haven’t seen that video I’ll put
the link above as well as below and you can watch it afterwards but I have all
these crystals and beads left over from that project so they’re free to me as is
we’ve got about $3.50 (US) into this and maybe $5.50 to $6.00 into the larger one when you calculate
in the spray paint and everything so really inexpensive but if you wanted to
add the crystals and bling and all of that I got this gigantic bag off of
Amazon it’s like a hundred feet of crystals I’m gonna have crystals forever! I can crystal so many things I think I paid like $15 for like a hundred feet of
crystal beads they’re not real crystal they’re like acrylic but they are pretty
convincing and then I think these little teardrop guys well not they were not
very expensive and again they’re left over from my project so you can see that
I’ve evenly spaced those out and I just kind of laid them down to make sure that
that was right but it is going to be about every 6.4 inches going
around we are going to drill a hole we’re going to be very careful but I
have like a sixteenth bit on my drill gun and we’re going to just mark it out
and then I’m just gonna drill tiny little holes very, very carefully and we
are going to put little holes for the crystals and beads to hang from. Perfect! Okay so now we need to determine how much of the swag we want so I’ve
kind of lined it out and then we’re going to just attach them to the crystal
kind of behind I think and then the same over here. make sure
directionally it’s not twisted and that it will hang nicely all right my gold bling-y glamorous
cupcake stand/ cake stand… however you want to use it is done with the crystals
what do you think? did you prefer the cleaner one or do you like the extra
Sparkle? It’s so much fun to make so easy great at a wedding great at bridal
shower baby shower so many fun occasions but right now we’re going to dress ours
up for fall as part of the cupcake challenge we’re gonna start out with a
chocolate cupcake I got these really cute gold cupcake liners on clearance at
Walmart for $1 for a set of 24 they’re really cute! Now a little secret! As far as
cupcakes are concerned, I just like to use a box mix if I’m going to be having
cake I actually like cake from scratch but cupcakes are a different story I
like them light and fluffy so I’ve already made the cupcakes just follow
the instructions and they’re ready to go this is a devil’s food cake it’s my
favorite flavor. now we’re gonna make my peanut butter frosting so the
ingredients are two cups of powdered sugar one cube of softened butter one
generous cup of peanut butter not the natural stuff one to two teaspoons of
your favorite good vanilla depending on how strong a flavor you like so
I’m just gonna do a generous teaspoon two to three tablespoons of whole milk
and I’m gonna put in about two and we’re gonna hold on to the extra as we need it
and now we’re gonna just whip it till it’s nice and fluffy you can add milk
and powdered sugar as needed to get the right consistency now it’s time to frost our cupcakes! I’m just going to go ahead and use a ziploc bag because I couldn’t find my
Wilton attachments and this is just a little trick that I use sometimes it’s
not perfect but it still gets a pretty good result to make our cupcakes have a
little fall Flair I’m making these cute little edible acorns made from dark
chocolate kisses a Nutter Butter and a chocolate chip they are super easy to
make so I’m going to show you how to make them really fast to make your acorn
you’re just gonna put a little bit of peanut butter frosting on your mini
Nutter Butter then we’re going to take our dark
chocolate Hershey kiss and put that on top of that then we’re simply going to
take a little bit more frosting and put it on a chocolate chip and then we
simply put that on the center of the top and you have a cute little acorn that’s
totally edible and then we’re simply going to take our little acorns and put
them on the side of our cupcake that is so cute my cupcake stand and my fall themed
cupcakes are done and I am really happy with how they turned out I am thrilled
with both looks with and without the crystals I like them both for you know
different occasions what’s nice is you can remove the crystals if you want
something a little more clean and straight lined or you can leave the
crystals on and have something a little bit more glamorous so did you like the
cake stand with or without the crystals let me know in the comment section below
our tier cupcake stand came in without crystals you could do it for under $10
with all the crystals and all the bling you might come are in around $20 but
both super affordable especially when you go price them out there this is a
good deal and we did it ourselves if you enjoyed this episode I’d ask you to hit
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extra episode or two this month so be sure to watch for that thank you so much
to Maria for inviting me to take part in this challenge I had a lot of fun and I
hope you pop on over to her Channel and check out her episode as well as all of
the participants of this challenge thank you so much for watching and stay tuned
for more fall themed episodes coming your way soon now it’s my favorite part
time to taste the cupcake oh yeah it’s a winner bye


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