DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Keepsake Gift

Merry Christmas this is the season of giving and one of the true gifts is in the giving with that in mind we have a simple meaningful and portable gift to show you this craft represents the spirit of Christmas to believe and as you see I’m still with these Jenga blocks and the Droid compound having too much fun with this so you get two rows of seven and just glue them together and then once those dry you’ll go ahead and use the joint compound to fill in all the gaps and create a smooth surface and then after that dries you’ll want to go ahead and sand it to create an even smoother cell surface and then you’ll get it all ready to be painted [Music] and the paint that you’ll use for this one is going to be the pewter gray and once that is on and complete and dry you’ll go ahead and use a damp sponge and you’ll apply the sterling silver to it pick the sponge and just you know dabbing it on will give it that galvanized still look but you know I love doing yes hocus pocus shadowbox was that same galvanized steel look that was so cool yeah it came out really cute so the metal word that they have now at the Dollar Tree the Christmas ones that they came out with believe joy and peace keep it silver but it was a little bit too shiny for the base that I painted so I went ahead and put the pewter gray and the silver over that to you till it matches the base really well that looks really good and you know what we have something else that’s really good and hopefully really exciting for you we have a Christmas movie trivia question for you at the very end and make sure you watch till the end so we will let you know what that question is and you can just put your answer in the comment section below well be fun oh I think so too you just see how many Christmas movie buffs are out there I love Christmas movies oh I do too like our next craft is kindly giving tribute to one of those movies Frost is no man oh how fun yes and the belief kind of goes along with that too it does yeah because who doesn’t want to believe in Santa or frosty or any of those guys well speaking of Santa what I wanted to you now is to stress the craft and she was a little distressed of you if I say so myself ha so you just get the burn auburn and go lightly around the edges and it really gives it that distressed look I’m gonna do that on the base also yeah and I’m not gonna tell Santa you said that ok nose right if you’re naughty or nice or any of that so there’s no fooling Santa yeah I’ve been on that naughty list okay yeah you know what we don’t have much we don’t have much time today Maria so we’ll spread we’ll talk on that about it another time so now I want to distress it like we were talking about make it look old I really like this look I do it on everything in my house and when that’s all dry you’ll go ahead and finish the bottom with the black belt gives it um more grip if you’re you know putting it up on a table or something it’s not gonna slide around and a real finish look like you said yeah it’s I really like using the felt on at the bottom of it and as you noticed I have white little dots that I put on there because I have little trinkets that I’m gonna glue on but I wanted to see where I wanted them first before I glued them on oh that’s a good good tip and there’s your trusty glue gun hey Santa I need a new piece right hey Santa I want a new glue gun from Christmas oh my gosh well you better be nice then I know really good price I got those at Walmart they’re really cute well I wanted to do something really durable so I can mute like to keep this all year round and the little gift boxes I got from the Dollar Tree of course that is so neat good good choices read thank you very welcome so I put e6000 first and wasn’t really doing what I wanted to do so I put the Maj pot down but I don’t want the huge clumps of glue to be shown to hold the word up glitter over to remember that snow looks so good you know like I was saying I’m gonna go ahead and let you know what that trivia question is and it’s actually a quote from a Christmas movie and I think a lot of you would probably get it but what it is is I triple dog dare you you guys know the answer just put it in the comments below so I just put up two pink bottles together and let it dry overnight and there you go that looks so good and we have a preview of our next or one of our next crafts thanks for watching until next time

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