Diy Organization idea for your room dollar tree storage

Hi guys. This is Lu-Ann Skaggs. And Welcome to the channel. Now guys. If you would like to see. How I made these very easy. And very useful shells. Then keep on watching. Now a full list of all the materials needed for this project. Would be found, in the description down below. Now let’s get started. Now for this project. We’ll be using this container, that I picked up from the Dollar Tree. Now the issue with this container. Is that it comes down at an angle. Now what I did, for this issue. Is, I decided to use floating shelves. Now that’s what we’re going to be doing, in this project. Now to hang these shells. We’ll be cutting, a piece of cardboard. 1 1/2 inch wide. Now this is the, double corrugated cardboard. It’s a much stronger cardboard. And it would, hold up the shelves much better. Now I don’t know, if you could see this. But there are some lines, running down the cardboard. And we’ll be cutting, directly on these lines. Now to cut the cardboard, we’ll be using an exacto knife. Now we need eight of these pieces, for one shelf. Now on the cardboard, we’ll be putting glue between these areas. Now we want to put, a generous amount of glue. Because it’s most likely. That it’s between here. That the pieces would come apart. Now we do this for all the pieces. Then we’ll turn it over. And do the same, for the other side. Once we have finish with that. I’ll show you the pattern, in which we’ll be gluing them on to the container. Now for the first row. We’ll count one. And we’ll be gluing the cardboard, onto the second row. Now after you’re done, putting glue on the both sides. You may want to also, put glue on these two ends as well. Because it could also snag on those ends. But for the sake of this video. I’ll just be gluing this, in the inside. Now guys. as you can see. This is a perfect size, to fit in the inside here. And it doesn’t show true, on the outside. Now we’ll be gluing this, in please. Now once we’re finish with this layer. We’ll count one two. And we’ll glue the other one, on this layer. And we’ll continue this. All the way up. Until we’re finished. Then we’ll do the same, for the other side. Now once we’re done, gluing on all the cardboards to the trey. We’ll take the trey, and these containers outside and spray-paint them. Now I’ll be using this, rust-oleum metallic silver spray paint. To spray-paint mine’s. Now guys, once we have our pieces spray painted. This is the way that. The containers fit, inside of the trey. Now these shells, could hold a lot of weight. And the only thing, that determines the amount of weight, that nigger hold. is the cardboard that we
glued onto the side so that’s why we want to make sure and put enough glue to
hold the cardboard in place because that will determine how much weight we could
put inside of these trees once you’re done you could leave yourselves exactly
like this they look beautiful just like this or you could leave it the original
way that it came in the beginning but I want to decorate mines even more now for
some reason because I was making this video the Shelf decided to get scratched
so I’m not going to worry about this right now I’m going to continue
decorating and I’ll touch this up later no I’ll be using this black and silver
diamond wrap but you could always use the diamond wrap from the Dollar Tree
now I’ll be using two rows of diamond wrap to go along the edge of the shells
now I would show you what I do to go along the corners and we’ll be doing
that for all the shelves now for the corners we want to cut two of the treads
that goes between the diamond wrap now we want to cut about three or four of
those treads and we’re going to be using those for around the corners and we’re
going to simply do this all the way around until we have finished gluing on
all the time unwrapped on our shelves now if your piece is too short just add
another two strand make sure that it lines up perfectly and continue gluing
now once you’re finished we’ll move on to the trees now we’ll be gluing tools
of rhinestones at the top two at the bottom and one in the middle now guys if
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we have more great videos like this come in every week now once we are done gluing our bling
wrap onto our shelves we are going to be using these gems that I picked up from
the Dollar Tree and we are going to be gluing one in the middle of our shelf
no this will just give us a nice cute little handle now once you’re finished
you’ll be using command strips to hang them on the wall now guys if you want to
stack them one on top of each other then you’ll use command strips at the bottom
to attach it to the other one and then command strip on the back to stick it to
the wall and that’s how you stack them one on top of the other and also side by
side now guys these shelves cleared up so many things in my home
because you have shelves for your big things and cupboards but there is hardly
any place for my small things so this really helped out a lot now one of the
reasons why it helped out a lot is that you could see through the trees and you
could remove the tree that you need use it on your work table and then place it
back in the shelf and that I really like the convenience of keeping everything
all together and then placing it back together that really helps me with
organization and being much money so guys I hope this helps you as much as it
helped me so bye for now guys and see you all in the next one thanks for
taking the time all to watch the video you have a blessed and poor Sunday now
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