Greetings my lovelies! Hi it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another dollar store taste test. Today I’ll be tasting…. thiiiisss! And this is a pork chop. This says it’s a bone-in pork loin chop. I found this in the frozen foods section at my local dollar store, and if you’ve missed my other dollar store taste tests including steak and burgers, I shall put the playlist up here. And similar to the ribeye steak, this is a very, very thin cut of meat. Here is the chop. It’s really big actually…. And this is a five ounce steak. So just like my ribeye steak, I am going to cook this up frozen. And I’m going to do so on a cast iron skillet — my favorite way to cook steaks. Some people have asked me about this burner — this is an induction burner, so it actually does not get hot to the touch. It only works with ferrous pans, so your pan has to have some kind of iron in it. So this uses a magnet to heat up the pan — as you can see it is starting to smoke So this is getting smokin’ hot — I’m going to go ahead and place my pork chop on here. I’m not going to salt this at all because of the solution. All right! So, I’m going to let this cook for three minutes, and then give it a turn. I start to see some of the solution kind of….oozing out. All right, let’s give that a flip. I’m gonna call that done! There’s how it looks on that side. All right. So, I’m gonna add a bit of black pepper to this… because I didn’t really season this at all. Last time I put salt on my steak which was a bit of a mistake. So there are a couple reasons why they add solution, or a brine, to this meat One: to make it juicier; and two: to give it more flavor. Let’s go ahead and give our pork chop a taste. Give it a cut. It’s a very, very, very thin steak. A pretty lean piece of pork — just a little bit of fat on the edges here. And… let’s give it a taste! Itadakimasu! Hmmph… That’s…not very good at all. That’s pretty terrible. The texture is really what I find very strange: it’s squishy and rubbery, so as you chew into it, juices kind of squish out. The texture is unlike any meat I’ve ever had before: very, very resilient, but unnatural; kind of spongey in texture And the flavour is not very good — it just tastes of that solution: it’s quite salty; um, kind of meat-like, but it tastes a lot like a soy burger, too. I was happy that I was able to get a pretty good sear, but that’s just more about technique — if you’ve got a cast iron pan that’s really heavy and can retain a lot of heat… This actually reminds me a little bit of seitan or vital wheat gluten. Vegetarians and vegans may know what I’m talking about. Basically gluten is the protein that you find in wheat, and you can extract that from the wheat and turn that into a kind of faux-meat and it’s kneaded and pulled and then seasoned with soy sauce and other kinds of things to give it some flavour. And then you can use it in stir-fries as you would meat. Kind of meat-like in terms of….it has a kind of texture to it. I actually much prefer the seitan or vital wheat gluten to this — this seems like some strange hybrid, like something isn’t quite right here. So this piece of meat was a dollar, but price for pound was a little over three dollars a pound. So for that price you could easily get a piece of pork from the grocery store for the same price. And it would taste so much better and would be so much better for you — so much less sodium for sure. So that was Stampede’s Bone-In Pork Chop from the dollar store. All right! Thanks, you guys, so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; Let me know in the comments if there are any other things you would like to see me taste test…. And yeah! I shall see you in my next video. Oh! Share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; show this video a little bit of love; and I shall see you in my next video. Toodaloo! Take care! Bye! *Babbling, and a big burp*


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