Dollar Tree Cruise Shopping Must Have Items Tips for Cruising

dollar tree store cruise shopping must have items for cruising organizing what to pack for a cruise hacks hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you’re heading on a cruise make your first stop the Dollar Tree store I made a stop at the Dollar Tree and stocked up on things to help me enjoy an upcoming cruise must have items hacks organizing tips things that I’m going on a cruise I thought I would share with you the must have items that I chose and see if they might be things that you’d enjoy taking on a cruise – I’ve been on dozens of cruises I love the cruising lifestyle and there are a few tips tricks hacks supplies things that help make a cruise smooth and enjoyable for me every time I go the first thing I bought for my cruise at Dollar Tree store was a drawstring backpack bag for going ashore it’s very lightweight nylon has an extra zipper pouch along with a very large pouch in the middle it’ll hold all kinds of things supplies necessities I bought the black bag because it’s nondescript they had some beautiful colorful bags if you like but when I go ashore I try to remain more anonymous than a cruise passenger it just helps you avoid some of the troubles that can be ashore in some of the ports I picked up some travel Kleenex antibacterial wipes some hand sanitizer that has a clip-on carabiner you could clip it on to any bag I also picked up a sunglass case that has a clip on it because things like this are great for making your own first-aid kits keeping together a few essentials that you’d like along the way without having to have a gigantic purse a great tip if you’re going on a cruise is to get some kind of a lanyard the cruise ship will l give you a cruise card that you need to carry with you all the time it’ll have a hole punched in it you can clip it on here wear it around your neck it allows you access off and on the ship to purchase drinks and snacks aboard the ship and it also is the key to your cabin look for little kits to help keep your cruise smooth bring along a sewing kit and a manicure kit trying to buy these things on a cruise can be extremely expensive and looking for them ashore is a waste of your valuable port time travel is a great time to get new toothbrush and a little tube of toothpaste you can pick those up inexpensively at Dollar Tree stores sometimes they’ll have deck parties at night on cruise ships and glow sticks are a great way to help you enjoy it on some cruises they hand them glow sticks out but they may not have enough or as many as you choose so pack some of these along if you’re into the party spirit to help find your way around in your cabin get some battery operated candles bring along some flashlights for everyone in your family and also the batteries that go with them organize things in your cabin with removable hooks they’re like command strips or lots of the walls on cruise ships are magnetic you can get some magnetic clips and then hang things from these along your cabin walls bring a carabiner you can clip some of your carry-ons and day packs and shopping bags together I love these great big jumbo plastic clothes pins these are the perfect thing to attach your beach towel to your lounger and help keep it from blowing away they’re also great in an outside cabin to clip the curtains completely closed or more open depending on the amount of light that you want help keep things organized in your cruise ship cabin closet with some of the hanging organizers from Dollar Tree store they come in different colors I just happen to like pink and they have that velvety soft flocked fabric on the organizing hanger they have circles and hooks you can see either one of them fits nicely I actually decided I prefer this one because you have all the loops plus the hook so you can hang sunglasses bathing suits cover-ups tote bags sundresses belts sports bras nighties an evening bag and scarves you can hang the hooks and you can use just the loops and hook even more things through the loops so this is the hanging organizer one that I think is especially handy it has all kinds of places to hang and hook things on it you can see it’s well made because it’s been hanging here and everything is staying put and it’s organized and I can easily flip through it pull the whole thing out of the closet flip through it find what accessories I want and set it back in my cruise ship cabin closet I like to bring extra hangers because there’s never enough I bring plastic ones they’re lightweight for packing I leave all the hangers behind when I go home when you’re on the ship make sure you read the daily newsletter jot down ideas that you have leave notes for people and bring some highlighters highlight in the daily paper the activities that interest you bring a different color for everyone in your group and each person can highlight the things that they are interested in in their own color then you’ll know at a glance what you want to do that day and where the people you’re traveling with might be electical plugs and outlets are notoriously missing in cruise ship cabins look for a power extension cord at dollar tree that allows you to plug in and recharge several things at once in a convenient way these are items I like for organizing my jewelry if you can’t find an empty plastic bin buy the hardware set take out the contents and use it for your earrings and jewelry and I also like to take suction cups and I’ll stick them to the mirror then I can hang my necklaces and bracelets up right in front of me when I’m getting dressed putting on my makeup and then I know what I have and what I can choose from is also hanging in plain sight so then you remember to pack it up carefully when you’re leaving your cruise ship look for first-aid supplies at Dollar Tree
take along some band-aids cortisone cream triple antibiotic cream eye drops chapstick then look for the 7-day pill organizer reminder each section screws on to each other and you could fill it up with different over-the-counter medicines vitamins earrings all kinds of little things you could put in one of these pill holders heading for a day ashore or just at the pool stock up on some sunscreen I found after Sun aloe vera towelettes in case you get a sunburn I found some deep woods off insect repellent towelettes lots of times when you travel to warm climates there are mosquitoes once you leave your ship so having something like that available helps you enjoy your time ashore in port then if you’re heading to the beach pack some baby powder I would rather have a smaller container but this is the only one I found when you get sand all over your feet sprinkle it with the baby powder because you can see right on it it says absorbs excess moisture and helps keep skin dry so what it does is it absorbs the moisture from the wets and allows you to brush it all off of your feet and legs get a roll of non-slip shelf liner you can cut a strip put it in the medicine cabinet and when your ship is rocking and rolling all of the products that you place in the medicine cabinet will stay more secure you can also put a piece of it and next to the bedside table then when you put your water your glass whatever next to the bed the non-slip shelf liner keeps things in place from the rocking and motions of the cruise ship I found a nice big waterproof zipper pouch well the zipper wouldn’t be waterproof but the fabric is and this is a nice way to put together all of your travel documents you could keep your tickets your travel documents your passports travel brochures this is a great way to keep together all of your travel documents or even to put your wet swimsuit in on the way home I found these Jumbo 2.5 gallon ziplock bags these would be great for bringing wet laundry seashells things you’ve collected along the way stick a few of these in your suitcase they don’t weigh anything and they might come in extra handy for anything wet or dirty that you’re going to be bringing home if you’re traveling into hurricane territory bring a rain poncho something as simple as that can save the day if you get caught in a downpour you might consider packing a few sandwich sized bags put a few snacks in them if you have kids along seashells little mementos sandwich sized ziplock bags it’s a great way to keep things together they’re a good size to fill up then drop them right into your bag you can buy shower caps at the dollar tree I don’t buy them I pick them up when I travel and you can usually find them aboard the cruise ship this is a great way to wrap up your shoes and put them in your suitcase you can easily see which pair of shoes you want and it keeps the dirt off everything else in your luggage then don’t forget to pack the Dollar Tree bags you can fold your dirty laundry stick it right in the bag stuff it into your suitcase as it becomes dirty your suitcases fit underneath the bed in your cruise ship cabin it’s simple to pull them out stuff away your dirty clothes things you’re done wearing and then it allows you to have more room to see the things that you still have and want to use and wear on your trip other supplies you might want to find one of the over the door shoe organizers you could hook it over the door to your closet organize your things in there sometimes they’ll fit over the bathroom door or you could hang it even over the shower rod something I always like to take along but I’ve never found at the Dollar Tree is an alarm clock it’s easy to lose complete track of time when you’re on a ship some people also like to decorate their cabin door that’s something I never do one time on a cruise there was a young man who was almost stalking my daughter and so now I always make sure that I remove my name off of the little tag on the door just for my own security and protection cruises are a lot of fun they’re great way to see new places and meet interesting people you still need to exercise caution and be responsible for your own safety listen to any warnings that they give you about the ports you’re going into and just like you would at home check who’s at your door before you open it and don’t invite strangers into your cabin if you want to meet somebody do it in one of the public areas there are plenty of areas for you to gather with new friends and enjoy yourself these are the favorite things that I like from Dollar Tree when I’m going on a cruise leave me a comment below about what your favorite things are especially if it’s something that’s not this list learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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