hey everybody I’m Remington welcome to
Dollar Tree DIY so to create this beautiful floating gem candle holder I
grab two packs of napkin rings then I started to lay out my design
I glued four rings together first and when doing this part make sure the glue
is not visible from the sides once the first part was dry I moved to
the next section as you can see right here I’m adding more glue as needed
I placed two more rings on top and that completes this part right now the candle
holder is about seven and a half inches tall so if you want it taller add more
rings but keep in mind that if it’s too tall it will topple over without proper
support maybe you can put popsicle sticks in the backside or something like
that next remove the mirror from this set then trace it out on cardboard or
foam board and cut it out I made two but it really depends on how thick you want
your base glue them together like this and then glue the mirror on top to decorate the sides I have some
options here from Dollar Tree I have the diamond wrap and the mirrored mosaic
towns it’s a perfect fit too but for my craft stash I have this gorgeous
rhinestone trim I bought from Amazon you can check out the description box for
all the materials and some helpful tips so as you can see I cut the trim to size
and eventually glued it in place next I removed the plastic part from this
pencil pouch I’m using it as faux glass and you’ll see what I’m talking about in
just a few add a small circle of glue to each ring and firmly press down I know
I’m cutting here but I would wait until the end glue the plastic down first and
do all the trimming after for this part a pair of small scissors
would make this really easy but I don’t have any so I used my scissors at first
and then I tried my x-acto and that worked well but once I was done I
had to trim again with the scissors because the edges looked really rough
and this is what it looks like and right here I’m trimming those rough edges next
I glued one acrylic gem in the center of each ring just like this gorgeous right and from this set I use the bottom part
of a wineglass right side down I place it at the top
just like this and for an even fit I use the hot glue nozzle to taper the sides
after a few minutes the sides were gone and it was a perfect fit then I just
glued it in place for the last step attached the base once
you glue that oranges add your candle if you want to see how I made this I’ll
show you really quick I cut the same rhinestone trim to size
and glued it to the Dollar Tree LED candle this candle does have a wax like
finish so you have to move fast because the glue will slide off right above that
I placed this beautiful decorative trim that I bought from Amazon and again all
the materials will be in the description so I quickly moved in sections around
the candle until I reached the beginning this candle costs about 4 to 6 dollars
to make which is really good because I couldn’t find any decorative candles
like this in store subscribe did you guys like that little
insert let me know in the comments I’ll take it out if you don’t like it you to create this vanity or wall mirror I
started with a piece of cardboard in the mirror from this 8 by 10 frame to create
the new frame I measured one and a half inches from the bottom but this part
depends on how big you want the finished product to be this one was about 13 and
3/4 tall by eleven and a half inches wide next I tried to Center the mirror
and create two equal sides I ended up measuring a little under two inches for
both sides and for the top I measured the same distance as the bottom and I
measured and trim some foil to cover the frame this step is optional but I
slightly crinkled the for you I really like doing this because it adds a bit of
texture and honestly you only need to crinkle the sides but during the whole
thing was easier for me trim the cardboard to size and start
gluing down the foyer I think at this point I realized that I’m covering my
dimensions so if you do this blue on the opposite side next I place the mirror for fittings and
did some quick measurements to get myself back on track I added glue to the
center and place the mirror on top on each side i layered the for you with
adhesive Diamond wrap leaving three rows of hang over and as you can see I didn’t
place any in the corners now to remove the frayed edges I peeled back the paper
and quickly passed it through a lighter I added glue for extra support and place
the diamond wrap on top I continued this for all four sides and right here you
can see how I glued the overhang to the backside for the corners I created one
row strips and glue them down I know I’m showing you two here but it’s not
necessary one is enough next using mirrored mosaic tiles create
12 3×3 diamonds just like this then lay out your design for the sides
I measured from the top and bottom to create equal spaces and before gluing I
use scrap paper as a marker I removed the paper backing added glue
and placed it down I repeated the same steps for the middle and top one and I
moved to the other sides since the front is still flat I decided to add the
hanging and hardware slightly pull back on the unfolded paper clip add a
generous amount of glue and place the cardboard on top the next part I gave
myself two options glue large gems in the center of each diamond and place
cluster gems in the corner like this or use the acrylic gems after laying them
both out this one was my favorite so I placed one gem on each diamond and in
the corners I added nine acrylic gems I did add more glue in the gaps as
needed I just love the way this looks and to
finish it off I added larger gem and smaller ones in
between oh and this is a wax tool I bought a
pack of six from Amazon I don’t think I’ll ever use all six but you can always
find all the materials I use in the description box tell us which one was
your favorite wanna see more subscribe thumbs up this
video share it with a friend and we’ll see you in the next one bye guys


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