Dollar Tree dollhouse furniture makeover

Hello, I get this dollhouse furniture at
the Dollar Tree store They’re very pretty but there’s a couple
of issues, the height of the the chair is almost the same as the table. Tables are
typically 30 inches height in a scale 1:12 it should be two and a half inches.
as you can see this table is under two” So, I’ll have to correct that by
removing these legs. Adding something at the bottom or removing them and
replacing them with longer legs The second issue is that the chair seat is
too wide and if I want to push it in when it’s not in use, it cannot go in.
It doesn’t fit so, I will trim a little bit of the sides of the chair and a little
bit of the front to make it to the scale that I want, which is 1/12. 1 foot equals
1 inch I thought I would use something like this for inspiration to paint them I’m using my tiny little little clamp that I also got at the Dollar Tree to hold the chair in place while I do my
cutting with my dremel so I trimmed a little bit of the sides
and then I noticed that it looked very long and so I trimmed also a little bit of the front and with my sanding block smooth out the edges and now if I wanted to push it in it will fit. I still have the problem with the table but, I’ll get to that later to achieve the color that I want. I’ll be using this multi surface paint, a little
paintbrush I am finished painting the green on the
chairs now I’m going for the stain the flat surface
these are touch-up markers for wood floor these, are also from the Dollar
Tree store and be using the lighter tone Ooh, it is even showing up a little bit
of wood-grain here have to do the same to the other
three chairs. While the chairs dry I’ll start working on the table. The first
thing I’m going to do is cut these wooden dowels at the right length, which is
going to be two and… a little bit less than two and a half inches long and now, to even out these rough edges All even lengths ready to be installed on
the table. we must remove the old legs of the table. To remove the legs of
the table I will be doing something that I do not recommend children should do without supervision, and even adults must be very careful I am going to put it
in the microwave oven. Every microwave is different that’s why you cannot do this
and leave it unattended. In mine, it will take 30 seconds and then it will soften
the glue and I can just remove the legs when you remove them from the microwave, the wood may be hot. The surfaces may be hot. so use mittens to protect your hands and you have to do it quickly because
it’s soft only for a little bit of time okay this works perfectly 30 seconds
like I said every microwave oven is different and you definitely have to be very careful the wood does get hot and if if you are a child DON’T DO THIS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION AND APPROVAL since I have the table partially deconstructed, I’ll paint the areas that have to be painted with
the color green now it’s easier to do it now since he doesn’t have the legs
attached to it and, I’ll paint the legs as well, and then I will come back to
glue them onto the table this part of the table that needed to be painted it’s
already painted I’ll set it aside to dry these are the legs and the legs also
have to be painted. These are the ones that came with the table see how short
they are? I’ll save these because I may be able to use them for a different
project. Everything can be recycled we love to recycle and not throw away
items. The green paint has dried now I just want to make sure that it’s smooth
so I’m going to give it a little bit of sanding with a very fine grit, 400 I left the stain uneven intentionally
so that it would give me the appearance of some grain on the wood. Now it’s time to glue the legs on. I know that this furniture was probably was put together
with hot glue and that is why I was able to pull it apart by heating it up in the microwave oven but I really like working with carpenters wood glue just have to be careful that they’re straight. one last step I’ll be applying a coat of Mod Podge. This is a sealer, a
little bit of luster is depends on how you like if you can leave it the way it
is but I want to be able to wipe it down this looks weird but don’t worry it
dries completely clear and I’ll do the same with the with the chairs and also the the parts that were painted green and I’ll let them dry and then I’ll come back
to show you the finished product I was aiming for something like
this. We started with our plain Dollar Tree dining set, and we worked on it and
made it to the right dimensions perhaps, the lady of the house may
sit. And the chair feel a little bit too deep but it’s much better than it was before. And now perhaps she can relax at the end of the day and drink a cup of
tea the grain of the wood on the table looks
pretty fantastic and I didn’t realize but the tea set matches the dining set. don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it. share it with your friends
with your fellow miniaturist and come back again Thank you!


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