dollar tree perfume review is this really worth a buck??

hello dollar tree queen here today I’m
shooting my very first video in today’s video I will be doing a product review
on a dollar tree product, it is a perfume it’s made by European American
designed it’s called just vivacious it is viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture with Dollar Tree in any way I’m not paid
by them or anything like that I’m just a huge Dollar Tree fan I find that you can buy
many many many products there that are so much cheaper than buying them at more expensive
stores but sometimes you do come across products that are not so great let’s
just face it what I would like to do is save you that dollar if I can save you that buck but for my impression of just vivacious I would say that it is definitely a very
close dupe to vivia la Juicy by Juicy Couture the smell is very very similar
it’s not as strongof a smell as viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture but the smell
itself is very close to the smell Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture the only
downside of this is it doesn’t last very long the smell of it doesn’t last very
long i usually take it along in my purse so that I can respray it throughout the
day because the smell does not last that long but in comparison is around fifty
to sixty bucks so for this to be a dollar from the Dollar Tree I’ll take it
I’m all about saving money and when I can get the same smell as purchasing the
50 or $60 product even if I have to spray this a few times throughout the day I’ll do it I don’t
mind if its gonna save me 59.99 or 49.99 I’ll do it this is
definitely a great product if you don’t mind respraying this spray throughout the
day now if you’re the type of person that
you know would prefer to just spray perfumesomething on just
one time a day and be done with it then it probably isn’t product for you but if you
don’t mind refreshing every so often throughout the day then this product is
absolutely wonderful it is a very close second to viva la juicy by juicy coutoure
also this same brand makes several other dupes for other perfumes I own several of them so I
promise you there will definitely be more is this really worth a buck dollar tree
product reviews on all the other Perfumes that I buyn by also there is a men’s cologne that
they make to several smells of that too purchased several those her husband he
will be wearing them and trying them out and when he does so we’ll be bringing you
some product reviews for those as well thank you very much I appreciate you
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thank you very much and you guys have a great day


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