Dropshipping with Crypto for Increased Profits

hey guys this is Christian with the alteration room and in this episode we’re gonna go over a quick and simple strategy that will allow you to earn an extra stream of income in a very easy way you can generate anywhere between 50 and maybe up to a hundred or a thousand plus a week by utilizing this knowledge and also by applying these techniques to what you can do online so when that being said I’d like to first do an announcement the announcement is the alteration room website is almost up and that will what that will do is it will allow you to submit projects so whether it be a photograph or a video shot with your iPhone or a Facebook post that you need a little help with or maybe even sales techniques or also optimization on your website or YouTube things of that nature so you submit your project you’re gonna get some traffic from the community and also professionals will go in there and they will help and they will tweak those those posts and submit it back to you and then you can test it it’s like one big giant case study as a professional marketer many people know that marketing is definitely about experimenting and tracking and documenting and doing case studies on the things that work and the things that don’t so this will allow people that are just getting into the industry and also skilled professionals to go in there and to practice their craft so the alteration room website coming soon and with that being said let’s get into the knowledge let’s get into them the meat and potatoes of this here so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go over a simple strategy using a couple different websites and also methods in order to generate some income all right so the first things first we’re going to go to this website called watch count comm and we’re going to research what the most watched ebay items are so I’m gonna type in I have this one in mine because I’ve used this one before and this one has been a profit maker for me and also it’s something that I fall back on in order to you know if I get stuck a little bit I know that these things will sell so this is the yeti cooler you just want to go through and see what people are watching because those are the items that are selling on eBay and those are the items that people want on eBay okay so let’s just take the Yeti Wagner this is a Yeti cooler personalized name tag and looks like they personalized it a little bit this one is the cold bastard Pro ice chest now these things sell like crazy you’d be shocked okay so now that we have that information we know that people are watching these here I’m gonna copy this link copy okay and I’m gonna go to Amazon and I’m gonna do some research on what this is selling for on Amazon sometimes it doesn’t pop up because there are on eBay they may be like this one is personalized so let’s just do let’s just go with the Yeti cooler for example okay you can use watch count to get an idea of what’s selling and what people are looking for I highly recommend using that you can also you know that these things these Yeti coolers sell like crazy so let’s just go here let’s get the information on this one here the Yeti hopper flip portable cooler so this one looks like it starts out right around 200 bucks with Free Shipping on on Amazon okay so now what we can do is we can go into eBay and we can take that same listing off of Amazon and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna submit a listing through eBay okay so this is probably what a lot of these people are doing as well so you have a Yeti this Yeti hopper cooler okay and if we go to to eBay let’s research that how much that is selling for on eBay now what you can do very simple strategy if you want to keep it as simple as possible ah / alright you want to keep it as simple as possible you can just go ahead and list the same exact thing on eBay or sorry on Amazon right onto eBay and an ad whatever your your profit margin you want add 20% to it or whatever it is that you want for your time and your energy and your knowledge to list that you can go you’d be surprised people buy this kind of stuff all the time and they just kind of go blindly and they buy it right off the eBay just because I want it and eBay’s eBay’s generating that kind of traffic so they can sell pretty easily so this hopper one didn’t come up let’s grab the same exact sometimes they’re hard to find on on eBay and that’s okay it might even be a good thing to for you maybe yeah here we go okay so it looks like this one is pretty much the same here it looks like it’s selling for the current bid is at 190 and it is two days out so it’s gonna go up the price on on Amazon is $1.99 and this one looks like it might be a little bit different so I want it to you know you want to find something that’s as close as possible but you get the idea what you’re gonna do is you’re going to take a listing right from Amazon and submit it right onto eBay and add however much you want to add to it whatever your profit margin may be you can do it as a auction listing or you can do it as a Buy Now listing I usually do it as a Buy Now listing and I start pretty high and then they can work their way down and I’ve had some good results with that it’s it’s super easy to do so that’s the basic the basic method that I’m teaching here how and what you do is whenever you get that order you just go right on to Amazon you place the order from the order that came in through eBay and then you just add their address and in wherever you buy it from Amazon they’re gonna ship it right to that person that bought it – from your listing from eBay so you literally don’t have to touch anything you don’t touch anything you don’t store anything you’re gonna basically drop ship right from Amazon right onto eBay and you’re going to take a percentage whatever it may be you decide make sure this is very important make sure that you factor in your listing expenses and whatever expenses that you have as well if you’re doing some paid advertising or things of that nature which that’s more advanced stuff but you can get into that but whatever your whatever you’re putting into it make sure that you factor that in so you want the end-user to pay for that as well also your shipping expenses you want to make sure you factor those in as well so you know leave enough room here on your buy it now to factor in your shipping and all that stuff as well so and you can when you do your listing you can include that so that’s the basic method you’re gonna drop ship right from Amazon on to eBay now there’s a way to spice this up even more and like I said in the very beginning of this you can actually use cryptocurrency which is a new pretty new thing it’s been very popular but you can use cryptocurrency to increase your return on investment okay so there’s a cool website that is called purse IO if you’re not familiar with purse do basically what this allows you to do is it allows you to save anywhere between ten all the way up to about 30% on any Amazon item so let’s go back here let’s go to Amazon let’s grab this this list or with purse so first of all let’s sign into purse login here there we go okay and what you do I’ll break this down very simply you can import your wisk wish list okay or you can search for Amazon items so I can search Yeti cooler here it’s gonna pull up the Yeti coolers and it’s gonna show these Amazon listings here or anything get e alright and if I want to get specific I can pull I can go to my Amazon account I can sign in to my Amazon account and what I do is I add okay so what I do is I add to list I add to public wish list okay and then I’m gonna grab view my list I’m gonna grab the link to the list so I believe it says share wish Liz haven’t done this for a while so looks like my computer froze up yeah there we go okay so did that I don’t want this here and these are some old things that I was looking at and I’m gonna hit share it’s gonna generate the list I’m gonna go ahead and take that link there copy that and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna post that over in first audio ok so import wish list and wish Oh No that’s taking me to add okay oh here we go alright and then that’s gonna pull that item and there it is right there and then I could select add that one to cart and what I do now this is where it gets really cool I am going to use basically what this allows you to do let’s see looks like they changed it okay cool so this is the screen that you’re going to see you’re going to only be able to do about 10% on your first purchase so if you want go in there and do a purchase yourself maybe for a t-shirt or something like that something that you want on Amazon anyways and what this allows you to do is basically you buy the item using cryptocurrency and it kind of does the same thing that we were talking about earlier so you pay somebody cryptocurrency and then they use their Amazon gift card to buy it and send it to you okay so the cool thing about that though is you can add you can select what you want your discount to be and what this does is it goes into a a pile a list and basically people will say okay you know I have an Amazon gift card for $200 I want X amount of cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency is so popular right now and it’s doing is doing amazing things so people the key here is like people want the cryptocurrency they want the Bitcoin they want the etherium they want the light coin so what they’ll do is they’ll exchange for their Amazon gift card and then they’ll give you a discount in return so you can name your discount now you want to keep it at a good decent you know the higher you go the more risk you take of not actually if getting fulfilled because somebody doesn’t want to you know pay lose out on 22% of their Amazon gift card but I’ve been successful with about eighteen to twenty five percent and this is the estimated time so you’re looking at in between five and eleven days for delivery which is pretty standard for for getting your you know drop shipping from eBay or get a sell huh sorry shipping from eBay okay but look at this here this is the key thing you’re gonna save $40 okay so that’s $40 that’s your profit margin all you know you’re already making money because you’re gonna add you’re gonna drop ship from amazon to ebay and you’re gonna earn let’s say 10 to 20 percent there but now if you go to purse and you drop ship from purse okay instead of just drop shipping from amazon and you pay with cryptocurrency now you’re gonna add another $40 in profit to whatever you’re selling so let’s say your listing for the yeti cooler was two hundred and thirty dollars buy it now two hundred and thirty dollars you go to Amazon you buy it for what was it two hundred so you have that’s thirty dollars in your pocket already okay and and factor in your I’m just throwing numbers out there just off of this is obviously not the listing that I would do but I’m just throwing numbers out there so to explain okay so now your profit margin is going to be thirty bucks okay and you you that’s just buying it off Amazon and drop shipping right into ebay now if you add in the elements of cryptocurrency and you go to purse and you purchase it from person instead of Amazon now you’re gonna save an extra 40 bucks so now that increases your profit margin so now you just bought the item for a hundred and sixty-five dollars and 69 cents with cryptocurrency with Bitcoin or whatever whatever that may be okay so now you just bought that for one hundred and sixty-five 69 you’re gonna factor in your shipping costs and all that stuff so let’s round it up to about oh I don’t know maybe one ninety and then you’re gonna sell this yeti cooler I would say 240 to 250 would be ideal you’re gonna sell that for about 240 to 250 so then your profit margin is looking at right about fifty to sixty bucks now you can get a little more competitive you if you want and you know sell it for a little bit lower it’s completely up to you I recommend you know getting some money out of it and you know your time and your your energy and your knowledge and resources are valuable so get paid okay so that’s the basic strategy dropshipping we’ll go we’ll go over this briefly one more time find it a item that’s selling by using something like watch count or even just doing some research on Amazon bestsellers listing that on eBay for a higher price that they have it on Amazon that they’re selling it for if you want to stop there you can just use Amazon and dropship it right from Amazon to the purchaser that purchased off your eBay listing you can be done there if you want to make more money and go the extra step you can also add in the element of cryptocurrency where you’re going to Percy oh you’re gonna buy from Percy Oh instead of buying it from Amazon you’re gonna use cryptocurrency to buy it and you’re gonna name your discount and you’re going to save anywhere between ten an extra 10 and 30% and you’re going to add that to your profit margin by taking that extra step so this is a great way to make money guys a really really great way to make money super simple to do there are some details to work out the kinks with that and it’ll be super easy to do but this is a very profitable technique for dropshipping very easy to do and if you guys have any questions just comment below and we’ll get to you and I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to speaking with you on the next one this is Christian with the alteration room once again and I look forward to doing the next video for you guys we’ll talk to you soon


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