Earn $50 In Paypal Money Over And Over Again (Proof Inside) – Affiliate Marketing (Beginners Also)

How would you like to earn fifty dollars
over and over again in affiliate Commission’s. What’s going on everyone
Attan here and in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can make fifty
dollars over and over again with affiliate marketing this is easy to do
also for beginners and I’m also going to share with you a secret that many people
won’t share with you regarding promoting these services to find out all the
details all you have to do is stay with me but first if you new around here make
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marketer there is tons of things and ways you can promote we have already
covered it I’m going to show you totally different something different here to
promote today and as I said earlier I’m also going to reveal to you a secret
that many people won’t tell you about promoting these services so make sure
you stick till the end watch the whole video here so you don’t miss out on any
important information on this and if you’re interested in making a full time
passive income online with affiliate marketing and more build a sustainable
online business I do have my number one recommendation
right here below so make sure you check that out when we have finished this
video but for now let’s have a look at how we can make $50.00 PayPal
commissions like this or even more just like this with affiliate marketing
alright let’s get started what we are going to have a look at today is
actually promoting web hosting before you jump into any conclusions bear with
me here because I’m gonna share with you actually few
simple ways on how you can get started even if your total beginner wave face so
just to show you here first this is my site my I am tips calm
I do upload all the videos articles and stuff like that here and if you go to
the resource section you can see that I have some banners here so this is a
great way to actually promote web hosting okay you can see I have other
things here also but I do have a banner here so when someone clicks that will
arrive to web hosting another one could be let’s say that we go to the blog
section here and you can see that I have a lot of banners here I promote my
products would your video mastery daily list profits and here we have fast
comment okay so this is the company that I promote I work with and I’m going to
explain to you a little bit here in detail now there is a tons of hosting
companies you probably have heard that the most popular the famous one is
Hostgator Bluehost unfortunately I have a very very bad
opinion about these companies Hostgator was very good when I started out over a
decade ago but when they were bought up by a company called AIG and to explain
to you what this is then things really took off on the bad way because last
time before I left Hostgator I think I was an online chat for probably two
hours which really really sucked and I sent them an email and it took me like
five or six days I thought I have were out of business or something like that
which was really really horrible support and when you have a host thing no matter
if you have a small site or a big site you want to have good support which is
really really important so I left on I tried some other sites there and of
course I test there tons of companies during those years I got stuck with I
first comment I’m going to explain to you here also why so by just having a
quick look if you type e IG hosting companies okay you can do your own
research about this you can quickly see here that they tell you to stay away
from it okay I’m just going to open up something that
I see here you can see here moderators I want people to know which companies AIG
controls because I sincerely want to help people avoid AIG alright so I hope
that you understand that this is not a good idea and you probably be shocked
what companies are involved here okay we have Bluehost we have hostgator we have
tons of other companies so do your own research I’m not going to go into detail
I usually don’t like the resource monster I usually don’t like to
dimension this but just to mention it I know Bluehost might pay you 65 dollars
in hosting it is the popular site everyone goes there and sign up but I
prefer to have satisfied customers receive $50 Commission’s and know that I
can sleep who helped by having promoted a good web hosting company to my clients
and of course for those are online there so one way to promote actually is if you
have a blog presence if you don’t you can get started you can get started for
free I share tons of ways you can do a
blogger blog which is totally free you can get started with that right review
comparison is very popular popular people are searching for best web
hosting 2090 in 2020 and so on you can have wordpress.com and of course if you
have a self hosted blog or a site like I have here on
maíam tapes calm you should definitely add banners and do of course if you have
email list building you should definitely promote that too I
usually do it from time to time but my mostly rely on here now another way you
can do this is actually you can do it in two ways okay so one way is that I have
mentioned this in tons of opportunities earlier you can actually go out to
offline businesses there is tons of companies construction companies people
who want to rent Airbnb companies and stuff like that whatever it is just ask
them how they have the web hosting how they have if they are covered with that
if not and go ahead and explain to them that they can actually get it for a
cheaper price so what you’re going to do here I’m
going to explain to you let’s say for example that we go to first comment here
which is the company I promote I’m going to actually leave a link below here so
if you’re interested in having a look at good hosting you can sign up under my
link if you like it because you will also get a discounted price and you can
see here that there is free plans okay so this is for one single website I
always avoid this package but this is a great package I had this I have upgraded
actually to this one you can see here that if they sign up for three years now
they can get it for four dollars and forty-five cents per month it is very
competitive with Bluehost and Hostgator with the difference that you get 10
times faster site here they are really super fast they’re not so many people
that share the IP address which is another big one about shared hosting the
bigger the company the more sites they share on a shared IP address the IP
address is something where your site is going to be hosted so you have tons of
benefits actually to promote this this company here okay and of course if
you’re interested in signing up here I can guarantee you you will be super
satisfied I’ve been working for over a year now with this company great support
get always replied back and really really nice so as I said I’m going to
leave a link below so you can sign up if you want to and what do you do is you go
to if you don’t want to promote fast combat fair enough you can go for
something else you look for affiliate program and you can see here I’m just
going to cover fast comments affiliate program here
partner with us and not money for helping us spread the word joining our
program is absolutely free and you get paid each time you refer a new customer
to first comment plus sign up bonuses so there is even sign up bonuses you can
make even more and they do explain here it is real-time tracking they have a
long cookie direction I’m sorry duration so what happens is that from 1 up to 5
sales in any given month you make 50 dollar commissions if you are working
heavenly on this and you make more commissions you can make $75 per sale ok
so from 6 sales and upwards you make $75 per sale and then if you get over 10 you
can make hundred dollars per sale or have this is even more 125 and this is
for shared hosting now if someone decides for going for a bigger package
which is a VPN hosting you can see it stalls for $75 and goes up to 120 150
I’m sorry and then you have dedicated hosting from hundred dollars up to two
hundred dollars per sale so I’m just mentioning 50 dollars because I think
this is a realistic amount to get started with to actually go out tell
people and if you don’t want to actually go out
you can do this via phone or you can just go to google start to search for
local businesses here contact them via an email do a video for example like I
did here with some screenshots and what you can do is you can tell them that I
appreciate if I did it I recorded a video for you especially here if this is
something that you’re interested on please contact me at bla bla bla okay
this is one way that you can do it so you don’t have to go outside but I think
it doesn’t hurt because if you go outside they might tell you that yeah we
are interested we are interested in doing a video for example oh yes I can
do that too and we are interested in making a website of course you can do
that too it’s super way easy to do it even if you
don’t have any knowledge you can outsource it so don’t limit yourself
that you can’t do anything you can do anything at all you can just outsource
it and run a commission and have someone else doing it so you don’t need any
technical skills to do this at all alright so there you have it on how you
can make $50 in paypal commissions over and over again with affiliate marketing
for beginners now as I said earlier you do find my number one recommendation
right here below on how you can make a full time passive income online with
affiliate marketing and much more so make sure you check that out you also
find a link of course for a discounted price on fast converter with web hosting
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thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon

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