Hey everybody ! I hope you are well ?
Today we find ourselves in a new video where I will make a video
tasting it’s been a long time that I have not done and there we will taste and candy from the counter frosted the link and
in bar descriptions then you try a site that is specially
in frozen products but also in sweets and sauces and there are plenty of things to come on this site and the
great particularity of this site is that it is a site that is 100% halal that is to say that there are candies that are halal and therefore without
pork gelatin just as good for people in the Muslim community who do not eat pork that do not eat pork
but also for the Jewish community who do not eat pigs or non-kosher meat either
so here after I do not know if he’s just eating hallal so
it’s gone for tasting and do not hesitate to look to the end if you like kisses
We will start with this package of
marshmallows and the package it presents itself like that and so it is the brand bebeto so always at the comfort of the brilliant its balances
actually a site where they have plenty of things and then relates to the fact your shopping and you are delivered everywhere in France
We will taste the roses
It really is
very very beautiful and candy shaped ice cream so classy and frankly it’s super well done and in fact the
candy looks like that so it’s a kind of ice and watch me start to lose well done hyper realistic is gone
Then there is a pretty tart taste
You refill because it is really very good there is a sweet taste but at the same time a little tangy aftertaste
it’s perfect it’s super good
I recommend it to you
always in the brand bebeto of the tale by frosted we have candies source sawa and sweet it’s gone
as you can see there are several colors so there is green rose
the beige of the rape and no I want to test the purple that is all over there
my hand in
and we’re shuffling and this one and what’s good is that look is in the shape of a smiley so I find that
super cute is super cute so we’ll taste it right now
So it’s a tangy sweet
For those who are fans of acid candy
I recommend you here we will spend a great classic candy so it’s great original tax sharks
I do not have if you’re fed up
species of seaweed too cute and that it makes me really want this little starfish too cute you too
an orange leap that
is a species of fish it seems to me
it looks like a fish so in your opinion I’ll taste which
tell me a comment before doing the rest of the video and tell me if I will choose
the yellow doing a hashtag act john the red or the orange
I’m waiting for you
Hockey and well I chose the yellow
that I will taste because earlier I say that it made me want so I’ll vote this one
This beautiful world really tells me something
So it’s not really unfair, it’s more of a bubble thing at the fantasy orangina
Healthy good time audrey wood a soft drink years
it’s too impressive so it’s a mini little bottle of coca cola it’s too hot that we
So at first we do not feel too much
and then after two three matches actually travels when the candy opens
it releases the taste of coca cola
In really my coca cola
it’s exactly the taste of coca cola I’m going to show you
the best sweets of my life and cowardly forced to eat black and red
tell me if you prefer black and burn it or give up your words like that with little balls
and in fact these soft inside and the same thing in red and it’s really like my favorite sweets
I love these sweets for volga
It’s really good so I try to memorize the taste of red I normally ate
Without hesitation I prefer black sweets I knew I preferred the mill
We will go to the east lovely fleet so I’m little finger like fruit yes it’s strawberries do not preach
yeah it looks like strawberries so that’s what it looks like packaging
we see right away
And here’s a little strawberry so here it’s cutie t
par excellence I love watching these and they even mimic the little dots you know the slopes that are found in
in the bins in the strawberries actually
and actually behind those whites like this
So this moment it is very compact but after we have a chewing gum
It’s not my favorite
but good those who like strawberries will love because there is really a taste of strawberries and not strawberries chemicals it is
really fresh strawberry
So I like a lot but I’m a little less fan of the texture too gelatinous I’m not used and finally to finish
to finish in style I think they purposely put it deep down that they remember the kind of bands we bought
at 5 cents in the hall and
bakeries and it’s this kind of long wire like this here hyper acid
but it’s so good there were all the colors I do not know if you see what I’m talking about
And so that’s what it looks like so here
the band
nicolas of yellow rose blue and green and we will taste it right now
I speak more because it’s too much of a world
that’s the number one I think of all the tastes all the good times I’ve tasted
Do you do that too when you eat acidic sweets
Already that makes you drool and you have a species of his creation at the level of the ganglions here
I hope you enjoyed this video tasting anyway it made me great pleasure to taste these sweets and
thank you at the counter frosted I’m big big big kisses and then good I’ll see you soon for the next minor
as usual video


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