Ellen Helps Reunite a Family for Million Dollar May

As I said, before
the show starts, I’m backstage in
my dressing room, and I watched the audience
dance before I come out here, and I saw this one audience
member dancing before the show. Take a look at her. Look at this. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. That’s right. So I wanted to meet her. Where are you? Come on down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Oh my God, hi. I just love this entire look. Thank you. I love it. And you just look so happy. What is your name? My name is Achieng Agutu. That’s right. [LAUGHTER] Gesundheit. Achieng. Achieng. Achieng. OK, and where are you from? I’m from Kisumu, Kenya. Oh wow. That’s amazing. [APPLAUSE] I actually know a little
bit more about you than I’m pretending to know. I do know that
you’re from Kenya, and I do know that you used
to watch the show in Kenya and that you learned some
English from watching my show. Yes. How did you do that? People told me the
best way to learn a language is through watching
music or listening to music. And so when I used to
see artists on your show, I used to take down notes on
the songs that they wrote, and then I’d go to a cyber
cafe and look up the lyrics and then learn the lyrics and
then therefore learn English. Wow. Because I was
watching you, you know a lot of lyrics,
just about every song that we played on here. I was like, OK. And so what made you move
to the United States? So I moved here about five years
ago with the Graces, my host family. And I moved here for
higher education. Sorry, I’m just so
excited that I’m here. But it’s been
amazing, and it’s also been really hard for
my family back in Kenya because they’ve honestly done
every single thing that they have from selling
land to taking loans, pouring money to be able
to pay my school fees but also just make sure
that I’m comfortable. Yeah, they’re still in Kenya. Yes they are. And you work. How many jobs do you work here? OK, so I work one full-time job. My 9:00 to 5:00, I’m
an admissions counselor at Holy Cross College. But then I babysit
for two family. I wash people’s cars. I clean their houses. I’m an Uber driver. And then I also teach English to
international students and some of the DACA students
in the South Bend area. But that’s all? That’s all you do? That’s incredible. And your family
members– so who’s there? So it’s me, my older
brother Churchill, and then my dad and my mom. And they’re all three in Kenya? My brother is in South Africa,
but my parents are in Kenya. I see. OK. Then they help a lot of
families there too, right? Yes. So my parents really want to
give back to the community because they feel like
they’ve been really blessed. And so my parents are
helping about 10-plus kids from our family but also from
the village that they live in. So they’re paying
for their school fees like uniforms, books,
all that fun stuff. That is incredible. Yes. All right, well– [APPLAUSE] –we sent– I can’t believe
that we were able to do this. We sent a camera crew to Kenya- No! –and South Africa. And so let’s see if we can– [SHOUTING] Hi, everybody. Hi. OK, this so exciting. This is the clearest
picture we’ve ever had. This is crazy. [LAUGHTER] All right, so it’s
been a while, right? How long has it been
since you’ve seen Achieng? It’s been two years. I miss you so much, Achieng. And you two, your– see, that’s what I mean. All right, well, we
still have your brother. What’s your brother’s name? My brother’s name is Churchill. It’s back here, right. I need to get the controls. Open the door because
we have to fix this. Open the doors. [APPLAUSE] And her family–
and they have not seen each other in two years. How does it feel to be together? Just thankful. This is amazing. You inspire us so
much, and the fact that you’re able to do
this is just amazing. So thank you. I think we feel grateful. It’s immense for us. It’s so huge. Well, we’re grateful
for all of you. It’s amazing. So I know you want to help her
out in getting an education. We partnered with Walmart
for the entire month of May to give away a total of $1
million to deserving people. I want to play a game so
you guys have a chance to go home with some money. It’s time for
Million Dollar May. [MUSIC PLAYING] We didn’t even rehearse that. That was great. Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to play
three-card monte. But since it’s Million Dollar
May, behind each of those cards is a certain amount of money. Behind one is $10,000. Behind another one, $25,000. Behind another one is $50,000. We’re hoping you pick the
$50,000 because obviously that what we want
you to go home with. So you have to remember where it
is when we shuffle them around. [MUSIC PLAYING] I know where it is for sure. All right, what do you think? Do you all– Two. Two? I think two. We’re going to go with two. All right, let’s
hope it’s $50,000. Let’s go with two. [SHOUTING] [APPLAUSE] I want to hear about them. Use the hashtag #SparkKindness. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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