ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet Review – The Best and most Secure Crypto Wallet For KIDS?

if you like the idea of a phone like
device as your wallet
that is touchscreen easy to use and very secure
then Ellipal is for you
it is also perfect for kids
if you’re like me and crypto is a part
of your daily life then having our kids
have a basic knowledge of the blockchain
and crypto and even having their own
wallet I think is an important key for
the future now Jay has been using his
iPad Mini since he was three so this is
the type of device he’s used to
So I wanted something for Jay that he’d feel
comfortable with in his natural device environment
Now I have a few hardware
wallets like this cool wallet
and the Nano ledger S
and also the keep key
however, we found Ellipal
Ellipal is now our go-to for cold storage
So there
are a few cool things that we like about Ellipal
Now what do you like about Ellipal Jay?
You can stick little logo’s on it. Yeah you can stick little logo’s like when you order it
So iv’e got my CIK one and what have you got on there?
I got the Fortnite one
Right so he likes Fortnite so he’s got a Fornite sticker on there
Now what else do you like about it?
It’s completely COLD STORAGE
Right so it uses QR CODE Technology, which is an advantage over other COLD STORAGE devices.
Now what else?
now this is very important because it makes him feel comfortable in his own device enviournment
after using the IPAD for so long
Now this is a huge advantage for kids over other devices
Ok so lets see how easy it is for an 8 year old
to make a transaction using his Ellipal wallet
Now Jay has his Ellipal App on his IPAD MINI
and he’s going to send 20 XLM to my Ellipal app
So lets see just how easy that is!
Ok so what are we going to do here Jay?
we’re going to send 20 XLM
So how do we do this?
Ok well we click the coin
then we click send
put in 20
then the address
click that
then put this on fast for a fast transaction
ok so we are going to do that fast are we?
and then submit
now we click sign on the Ellipal
so then we put in the password
just give me a moment here
there we go
ok now we just, as you can see we’ll scan this
Ok so this is the QR code generated by the app
Ah now we have to scan the second one
we have to scan both of them that’s correct
Ok no we’re done
Ok now we’ve signed the transaction with the Ellipal
now we need to scan the signed transaction with the Ellipal app don’t we
so now we use this to scan there we go
and then
wait for it!
and that’s how you do it 🙂
ok so 20 XLM is sent now all we got to do is wait for the beep dont we
the little ding in the other app….let me just turn this volume up a little
op…there it is…there we go and there’s the ding
now how easy is that?
it is isn’t it
ah hah
now if you decide to get one or even two
be sure to check out ellipal.com
for regular updates as they are always adding new coins
I will leave links in the description for more in depth reviews and guides
Now don’t forget to like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂


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