Emilia Clarke Ditched a Solo: A Star Wars Story Screening to Watch the Royal Wedding

-Thank you for coming to
the show. I know you were just in England. -I was just in England. -Were you at the royal wedding? -No.
[ Laughter ] No, I wasn’t. I sadly, genuinely, sadly, was
not at the royal wedding. But I feel like I really,
you know — -Should have been.
-Yeah. -But you were there in spirit.
-I was there in spirit. -Yes, were you rooting for — everyone wants to see
a beautiful, fun wedding, right? -Yeah, absolutely. -I didn’t watch the whole thing.
-Yeah. -I just saw the highlights. -No, well, okay, so it was
the royal wedding, and then — -Get up at 4:00 in the morning. -Yeah, you would have to,
to really — -Yeah, I know. I didn’t do it. -I know you care
about the dress though. -I don’t really —
The dress was beautiful, right? -It was beautiful, right?
It was gorgeous. [ Audience cheers ]
Yeah, come on. It was amazing. -I mean, wedding dresses are pretty gorgeous
in general, yeah. -I think she kind of smashed it.
-She did. -Smashed it is…
-Smashed it. -…in England,
that means cool, right? -Killed it, yeah. -Slay!
[ Laughter ] -Okay.
-I just made up something. -I like it. I like it.
I’ll take that. Slay. Yeah, that works.
[ Laughter ] That works. -But you want
a little something. You want a little drama? Did you —
were you looking for — -Well, I mean, slightly. Yeah. So, I had a screening of
this “Star Wars” movie I’m in, for my friends and family, on the day and I didn’t
get my dates right, so I didn’t realize. So I sort of thought no one
would turn up, but then, they did. So then they watched the movie
and I watched the wedding. [ Laughter ] I was like,
“Peace. Have a good time.” -Yeah. Oh, that’s weird, yeah. -But, yeah, I was kind of maybe
hoping for a little, like,
domestic or something. To spice it up a bit,
but nothing happened, I think. -Yeah, but like,
or even trip or something. -No, no one even fell.
-I mean, come on. [ Laughter ] I mean, come on.
Oprah, trip for us. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Come on, give us something to
talk about. I mean, I would do that and just
look for my seat and be like… And then, that’s everywhere,
like, “Oh, Oprah tripped.” That’s funny.
-Exactly, yeah, but no. It was seamless. It was just
a beautiful, perfect wedding. -It was just a perfect day,
yeah. -I want to talk “Solo.”
-Okay. -Congratulations on this.
-Thank you. -I mean, you’re in
the “Star Wars” franchise. -Thank you. Yeah, it’s good.
-And it’s a giant role. [ Cheers and applause ] -You’re in that,
but you’re also — “Game of Thrones” could not be
bigger or the biggest thing in the world ever since —
this is exciting. -It is. -I’m happy that you’re
just handling all of this. -Just about.
-Yes, just about. But you’re shooting
the last season of — -Right now.
-Right now. “Game of Thrones.”
[ Both gasp ] [ Cheers and applause ] Right now?
-Right now. -So this is going to be
in the “Game of Thrones.” -Right now.
-This interview. -My own camera crew
is right over there, yeah. -And can you tell us anything? Do you know anything? How secretive is everything? -Yeah, I know everything. -You do know everything? -Well, kind of. Sort of. I do. I know plenty. I know enough. [ Laughter ] -You know just enough, yeah. But you can’t say anything. -I can’t say anything. -Do they have like —
-Can’t even say anything. -Do they have, like,
secrets on set, like an added character
that we’ll never see? -Yeah, I think — I think
they’re, like, fooling us. I think they are doing
loads of stuff and they’re not even telling us
because they don’t trust us and rightly so.
[ Laughter ] -Right, yeah. You don’t want to
slip up, really. -No, exactly. -Because what if
you’re just like — Yeah, I mean, you can’t
lie to your family. -Tell me about it. -Or your favorite
talk show host. -No, I couldn’t. -No, you could never tell me
what was going on. -Yeah, never. I could never. -You wouldn’t die in the last
season, no, right? -I’m not even going
to say anything. -Your character wouldn’t die.
[ Laughter ] -That’s clever.
-Yeah, not bad, right? Kind of got in there
a little bit. Yeah. But you didn’t even blink.
-It was good. It was good. -You’re just a good actor
and I’m an idiot. [ Laughter ] Oh, you know what I want to
know? What’s more fun to drive? The Millennium Falcon
or a dragon? [ Laughter ] Because you’ve ridden both. -I’ve ridden both, yeah. -It’s kind of cool. -It is kind of cool.
It is kind of cool. -You did send
a picture of you — This is you riding
one of your dragons. -Yeah. -And I didn’t really know what’s
going on. What happens? What’s the process? -That’s so the truth.
-It is. -That’s painful by the way.
FYI, heads up, that hurt. -So it’s a green screen dragon. -It’s a green screen dragon, but that is, like,
way up in the sky. It’s really high in a huge
studio, like a massive — where they make airplane
kind of sized studio, and it’s really high up. So I’m, like, harnessed in, and they don’t really let me
down very much. [ Laughter ] So there’s a lot of like — -You’ve lived half of your life
on this dragon. -Yeah. Did you say a joke? I didn’t get the punch– no? Did I miss it? Okay, good.
I’ll just be up here. -Oh, it wasn’t a joke?
Oh, I am the joke. Okay, cool, thank you.
-Yeah, you’re laughing at me. -Yeah, laughing at me. But, I mean, the Millennium
Falcon, you’re just kind of — You’re more sitting. -I’m more sitting.
-And stable. -Yes,
there’s more people around, so it’s a bit more
of a social occasion. -Oh, it’s a little lonely
where you’re sitting. -I mean, it’s just me.
That’s just it. Up in the thing, and everyone is
down there, having a great time. -Yeah, having a good laugh.
Yeah, having fun. Oh, my goodness. -Cracking jokes and there I am. Lunch yet? -Yeah, no, you can’t even
hear that. They all left for lunch, and you’re stuck on
top of the dragon. “Someone throw me a sandwich!”
Yeah, something. -I can’t get off.
Did you mean that to happen?


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