[ENG/日本語] 요리하고 쇼핑하고 외식한 일본 일상 브이로그

Yogurt drink 128yen Milk 198yen Grilled tofu 98yen Returning home after collecting my clothes from the dry cleaners I’m having nabe which I bought from Kyoto for lunch today Bought separate udon and broth All the ingredients are included in a box I just need to heat this up Noodles look cute Flower-shaped rice cakes I enjoyed the variety of ingredients in the soup Lastly, udon Delicious! Now I’m going to have some bread I thought this bakery was in Kyoto, but the address here is Osaka I originally went to get a loaf of bread to have for tomorrow It’s in an interesting flat shape The staff told me this bread gets sold out straight away, so I bought one Looks like a roll cake with apple jam center which is only available for a limited time Will try one right now Roll cake-like center and pie sheet on the outer layer Feels like I’m having too different bread at once Delicious Today I’m having toast for breakfast, and the bread is from Kyoto This bread has mascarpone cheese inside Looks interesting Very small Doesn’t have a stringy texture Perhaps because the bread is from yesterday I will try it with this rice milk The slight cheesy flavor was delicious Now I’m making yogurt to have tomorrow I got a fridge storage box from Muji One holds all the cans and bottles And the other box I kept all the condiment sauces Sausage 298yen Chicken leg 245yen Low-fat milk 198yen Pumpkin 248yen Lotus root 257yen Potato 307yen Eggplant 198yen Bell pepper 158yen Carrot 158yen Tonight I’m making curry soup for dinner The ingredients include chicken legs Carrot Lotus root Eggplant Bell pepper Pumpkin Potato And mushroom I had at home Cut up the vegetables Looks more appetizing to grill the vegetables But it’s too much of a hassle, so they’re being boiled instead like in the cooking instructions I forgot to add in the sauce first This dish is perfect for the chilly winter Can eat a variety of vegetables too Moving the yogurt into a fresh container before going to bed I’m going to have toast with Ang butter I received a parcel from Singapore Came in this cute pouch Let’s see… They’re earrings I bought 2 because it’s free delivery over 80 Singapore dollars This one is a plain gold hoop And I bought this from the Kyoto trip The original store is in Tokyo But since they opened in Kyoto, I went to have a look and bought this top A basic sheer turtleneck top Features ribbed lines And I bought the same top I already have in short sleeve version Limited edition for the Olympics I thought the detail color was pretty cute I’ll try the new earrings I’ve put on the silver pair Doesn’t look flattering on me How it dangles like this… It looked really pretty when I saw the pictures Not as pretty on my ears This hoop has a thicker post I doubt it will go in Does go through Looked like it won’t go in because it’s so thick Looks neat Pulls a bit, but I still like it This is what I’m wearing today The laundry is very noisy at the back A white top with the turtleneck layer underneath Black pants and boots I searched up this bakery which sells toast They also do lunch, so I came Cheese appetizer Delicious salad And T-bone steak for the main dish Tender and delicious The bread is cold Ordered a side of bread I liked it better cold then toasted Hefty bread Saw a delicious-looking pie shop on my way past Mochi inside a croissant This has to be tasty Deliciously warm Cute character Adorable cream soda Only having a sip because afternoon coffee disrupts sleep, and drinking cream soda instead Reminds me of a Hawaii drink This is all for today’s video, bye~~!!!


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