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welcome New kids followers we’re back
the New Kids on the Blockchain , me ash
the old ball and blockchain Lisa and
yeah we’re back for another week of
crypto and blockchain related fun
foolery how are we feeling about the
market the only thing that’s trading
these markets at the moment if you look
at it is bots these tiny incremental ups
and downs there’s people just scalping
1% here and there and yeah it’s it’s a
pretty powerful old show at least we
haven’t had any more savage bleeding
like the last couple of weeks but we’ll
get into that more when we get into the
market update
speaking of horrible old show what is on
this earth today well this week we’re
gonna chat to rob from cypher glass in
blockchain banter and have a deep dive
into the SEC ruling against block 1 on
iOS and what it means so any of you EOS
followers don’t go anywhere this is some
good knowledge our news today is brought
to us by crypto Daily they sent us these
lovely new hoodies so yeah the way I’m
talking of news I guess we should have a
little look with a quick news roundup
well first up let’s have a quick look at
the market bought to us by Coyne paprika
and over the last 24 hours we can see
bitcoins down about you know just over
two and a half percent if they’re IAM
down actually nearly four percent so
that’s more of a drop than I’d thought
but generally speaking over the last
hour or so we can see that there is only
very small adjustments being made to the
market whether that will continue or not
time will tell
onto a bit of news now about Facebook
Libra and Zuckerberg apparently
addresses Libra backlash the Facebook
CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently addressed
regulatory and customer identification
worries that were voiced by the social
network employees over the upcoming
stable coin Libra leaked comments from
an internal Facebook meeting suggest
that Zuckerberg acknowledged Libra has a
lot of criticism from the public despite
this he says that it’s been pretty
simple behind the scenes the public
things I think tend to be a little bit
more dramatic Zuckerberg said according
to the verge which published a
transcript of the meeting on Tuesday but
a bigger part of it is private
engagement with regulators around the
world and those I think often are more
substantive and less dramatic the main
concerns regulators have for Libra is
that of illicit users with this
Zuckerberg moved on to talk about know
your customer kyc verification for the
new payment network the CEO said calibra
is going to need to prove itself and its
users identities under Bitcoin now is a
BTC rally likely before 2020 the highest
price point for Bitcoin in 2019 was
thirteen thousand eight hundred and
eighty dollars any other asset sinking
by twenty percent or more would have
been classed as a bear market but not
for Bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency
has seen a drawback of more than 40
percent in previous bull runs and many
market participants are comfortable
holding a cryptocurrency in order to
prove the point CCN question experts on
where they see Bitcoin going over the
next few months before 2020
many of these analysts and experts were
quite bullish on Bitcoin and have faith
that it will rise again to the all-time
high it reached at the end of 2017 with
a twenty thousand dollar price point
there’s been a history of bad price
targets from analysts
for those that have been in the space
for a while we’ll tend to avoid extreme
targets like $100,000 Bitcoin some
traders give very conservative price
predictions such as the Twitter analyst
Benjamin blunts who says Bitcoin being
able to recover to ten thousand dollars
onto a theory of now and aetherium is in
deep trouble as the market inches closer
towards next downtrend god it’s all good
news this week isn’t it
happy Friday aetherium is in big trouble
and not just against the US dollar it’s
time for a theorem to begin its
correction against Bitcoin and it’s only
a matter of time before we see that
begin to happen the daily chart for eth
BTC shows us that the prices run into
the 38.2% FIB retracement level at the
same time it risks a sharp decline below
an important trend line support this has
put the eth BTC in a tricky situation
and soon as we see the pair decline
below the trend line support we might
have a major downtrend at hand they
could see the price fall to new yearly
lows in the weeks and months ahead onto
litecoin now an LTC is expected to
decline at the same rate that it rallied
like qin LTC is in a tough spot not only
against the US dollar but also against
Bitcoin the daily chart for LTC BTC
shows us the resistance levels that
litecoin is up against world trading
against Bitcoin if we see a decline from
current levels there is nothing much
that would stop the price from declining
at least 25% before it finds some relief
lest we forget it was like coin not
Bitcoin that led the parabolic advance
of early 2019
we have yet to see a correction in
litecoin that would eventually lead to
erasing the gains it made because we do
not believe that litecoin is bottom yet
not against Bitcoin and not against the
US dollar on to ears now and we are
going to cover this in more detail later
but block 1 is slapped with a fine over
the ICO but is it enough the company
behind EOS block 1 has just been whacked
in the face with a 24 million dollar
fine in regards to its initial coin
offering ICO back in 2017 now following
on from that story if you want to get
the inside scoop it’s worth going to the
people who know and the people who know
about EOS are the block producers so
we’re going to chat in blockchain banter
to a Rob from cypher glass and find out
what’s going on with this whole se
see really back onto blockchain banter
and we’ve got robbed from cypher glass
back it’s been an exciting week for iOS
this week there’s been lots been going
on so Rob are you there I am thanks so
much for having me ash I appreciate it
good to see you back again obviously
lots of excitement in the news this week
SCC kind of you know lots of them kind
of good commentary coming from that as
well so I guess what’s your opinion on
it all yeah so honestly I think this is
probably the best news that block one
and heõs have ever received
obviously they announced the settlement
with SEC for 24 million dollars for not
putting in enough restrictions
essentially to prevent us residents from
buying their tokens in their token sale
that they did way back now in 2017 and
part of 2018 but I think it was
incredibly good news because what this
effectively means is the EOS is now one
of three tokens that has explicit
authorization from the SEC or explicit
regulatory clarity that it is not a
security and does not need to register
as a security so it’s in good company
with Bitcoin aetherium and now of course
CEO says that third one so pretty
amazing and now he owes from an
institutional standpoint or an
investment standpoint is much lower risk
because you don’t have that regulatory
uncertainty anymore yeah because I must
admit when I follow all the news feeds
obviously the first thing I saw him was
like SEC yeah I was like and then I sort
of rally I thought yeah because I had a
bit of a panic attack but I guess it’s
this should open the floodgates for them
to just march forward now right without
any fear of them being attacked again
absolutely and that’s one of the amazing
things about the settlement is that they
actually got a waiver so that they can
continue all of the things that they
wanted to do they even mentioned the
voice comm token in one of the letters
that was sort of a back and forth to the
SEC that they released and Brendan
bloomer the CEO of block 1 actually
tweeted this morning saying they’ll have
an update on voice comm soon so it
really does seem like this SEC
settlement was that last piece that they
were waiting for before they move
forward with the rest of their plan so
I’m super excited and I’m sure the block
one team is sleeping easy at night now
knowing that all that’s behind them yeah
I know we’ve talked a lot over the last
few years about kind of
regulation and the fact that it’s
definitely coming there’s no way to
avoid it and that the companies that
work with regulators to kind of come up
with a solution to go forward will be
the ones that kind of rather than that
initial libertarian view of all
regulation is wrong I think there’s a
you know big business there needs to be
an element of regulation doesn’t there
and it seems that this is coming
together to to hopefully be good news
going forward
absolutely it doesn’t there was even a
quote from the SEC in a letter back to
block one sort of accepting that
settlement where they quoted exactly
that they said because they were so
cooperative and willing to work with the
SEC that’s part of the reason why the
define is so small relative to the
amount of money that they actually
raised in that IC o—- yeah cuz there’s
I mean the SEC isn’t giving up here I
know they’ve obviously gone off to
Reggie from veritatem fairly heavily and
it seems like there’s going to be a
number of cases you know where they come
down and the I’m hoping that you know
the the the companies that have done
their due diligence that we can bank on
for a you know a long time in the future
and that seems to be how yokes have
played it and so I mean how do you see
the timeline accelerating now do you
think they’ve kind of had their foot off
the accelerator slightly waiting for
this and now it’s kind of pedal to the
metal I do and I think a lot of their
recent comments make sense where they
were saying you know a lot of the
factors with launching voice comm that
upcoming social network we’re sort of
out of their control before and I think
they just got a lot of that control back
you know obviously one thing block one
didn’t want to do while they were in
these talks with the SEC is launch
another token that voiced calm token and
sort of be and more you know get more
underwater with the SEC so now that
that’s sort of out of the way they’ve
talked about having discussions with the
SEC about the voice comm token to make
sure that everything’s good from the
start so that they don’t have to go
through that process again so I think
maybe with a little hesitation they’re
pushing that accelerator but they’ve
certainly moved their foot off the brake
and back to the accelerator which is
great news that’s good and obviously
there’s been some evidence of that in
the token price over the last few days
as well so hopefully we see some you
know some some more good news there
absolutely and obviously earlier this
month we had the you know the hard fork
the new release you know what’s your
take on that what were the sort of bits
of information around that that people
might not be aware of
so he was just went through a
coordinated upgrade or coordinated hard
fork so 1.8 which adds a ton of new
features one of which basically sort of
extrapolates or extracts that resource
management layer and takes that away
from the user and gives it to adapt so
if you were you know blogging into adapt
for the first time you could do that
without having actually own yo some
without having to worry about any kind
of resource management for CPU or net on
the chain so that’s a big feature and
right now what’s what’s basically
happening is the 1.8 upgrade was
successful and now we’re waiting on the
top 15 out of 21 blog producers to go in
and implement a couple multi-sig
agreements to basically activate those
features so that should be done here in
the next week or so and then gaps can
start utilizing those new features am i
understanding my limited understanding
of that is that that’s quite a necessary
upgrade for voice calm and a lot of data
to move forward what does it
specifically give them that allows that
so it’s really that specific feature so
block one wants to make this user
experience as frictionless and as normal
to a normal social media network as
possible so if they’re giving people
free us accounts when they sign up and
they really need that 1.8 feature of
being able to delegate resources on
behalf of their users so if you for
example a signed up for voice comm for
the first time you get your free us
account you log in and then anytime you
send a transaction or make a new post
you don’t have to worry about resource
management at all and block one will
handle that for you but before the one
point upgrade that was not technically
possible to do so now as soon as that
feature is activated that’s sort of the
last requirement that block one has
before they can launch the voice comm
beta and get it out into our hands
so I was just thinking this morning it’s
October the 3rd I mean we’ve got only
got like you know less than three months
of this year left what would you like to
sort of see us have done by the end of
this year how do you sort of see going
into 2020s have been a really good
position I think the the biggest thing I
would like to see for sure is a voice
calm beta release I don’t expect to see
the you know full-blown release with the
real token but having the beta in
people’s hands letting them experience
the product and give feedback would be
amazing but I would also like the CEOs
IO 2.0 potentially released and
implemented on the may net as well that
was announced back on June 1st at the
big b1 june event this year and has some
incredible speed and
performance upgrades over what is
already a very fast and efficient es
mein net so to have that release then
and implemented after the 1.8 upgrade
and get us to that 2.0 threshold I think
would be amazing and really set us up
for 2020 so I’m crossing my fingers for
that release as well well hopefully if
we get you on back on before Christmas
we can have a bit of a pre-christmas
kind of drink across the wire and chat
about everything that’s happened over
2019 which seems to have gone like that
yeah it really is incredible looking
back on all the stuff that’s happened
this year and now to be in October is
just kind of mind-blowing but you know
time continues on great well thank you
for coming on it’s always a pleasure and
we hope to catch up soon Thank You ash
have a good one
that’s it folks the end of another
jam-packed crypto show we hope you’ve
had a fantastic week we hope you’ve had
time to check out creator eco we’ve
mentioned this for a few times now we
have a separate channel to YouTube which
is a tokenized environment where we’re
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to your mum from the new kids now on the
new kids has won we had a comment a
couple of weeks ago from somebody going
who new kids look at the 5 o’clock
shadow on that guys clearly not our kids
now they have something in England this
must have been an American
they have something in England and it’s
called irony we know we’re not young
it’s a bit of a play on words so people
get with the program we’re English irony
is part of our language it’s a play on
the phrase or the new kids on the block
it is but also it’s a play on the phrase
of we’re clearly not young kids neither
are you me there are some of the other
people claiming to be you know new kids
they’re not particularly young either
are they now so doing okay so the old
Americans who seem to miss that one are
any people irony now we hope you have a
fantastic week let’s hope that things
pick up in the marketplace we start to
see some upswing all you moon kids out
there must be starting to feel like
there’s been not a lot of great news of
late so we’ve got just under three
months until the year ends where is the
market going to end by the end of the
year below please predictions btc-e ‘the
litecoin card our know down below what
do you think that we’re going to end
December 31st this year the best comment
we’ll even give away some free new kids
coming Curt coins
so basically comment below the best
comment about where the market ends up
at the end of the year we’ll give five
new kids tokens to you-know-who I would
like to also hear from
anyone who joined the cryptocurrency
space in like 2018 we have known since
before 2017 when we all experience the
higher together and now we’re all
lulling together but I’ve been to to
hear from people who didn’t doing that
maybe people who sat around the
Christmas table 20 18 hearing about all
their family have made money in 2017 and
plowed their entire life saving blindly
into it oh other bit of news just
finished the cut of the documentary that
we’ve been working on for three years so
a couple of three weeks and it’ll come
together so we’re getting there and it’s
a it’s a real roller coaster ride so
stay tuned for more news on that but
until we see you next week there’s one
thing to remember you’ve been blood


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