Equifax hack is good for Bitcoin, Bcash is a great name for an altcoin! Crypto-dividend news

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alright so let us jump right into it I I
have many many things written down here
ok so check out Saturday’s show i link
to that below simon Dixon was on
something he talked about what is going
on in China with Bitcoin it’s he’s on
the ground there or he was on the ground
there I think he’s back in Hong Kong by
now it was an excellent show people were
just raving about it raving mad about it
and the one thing though a lot of you
are saying that oh it’s the master plan
by the Chinese government too you know
they’re sending out this information
that’s flooding Bitcoin you know
every just piece by piece to give
maximum FUD to bring down the price of a
can buy it up because they really want
Bitcoin and you know personally I I
don’t think that’s what I don’t think
they see Bitcoin as an ally I think they
see it as a threat because if you boil
it down Bitcoin is kind of a threat to
the current uh government paradigm that
we’re all used to but but if you guys
are right if you guys are right then
this is all master plan but the Chinese
officials to get more Bitcoin then in
five years we’re all going to be filthy
rich okay China is a dot the Chinese
government is going to be friendly
toward Bitcoin in like adopted and
secretly buy it and have this master
plan I mean in five years imagine what
the world is going to be and if they’re
trying to take over the world that way
but again I highly doubt that but for
all those people who like you know think
there’s something bigger going on well
if there really is something bigger
going on us holders are gonna be in
really good shape but I think they’re
actually fighting it
so I mean alright just wanting to get
that off my chest also on Thursday this
Thursday will be Russia Shana I will not
there won’t be a show on Thursday there
will not be a show on Thursday I’ll
remind everyone a few more times we’ll
have an early show on Wednesday and
we’ll have a late this week in Bitcoin
on Friday but I did two shows for you
today so hey hey guys found out like
button if you like to chose and check
out that 4 a.m. show and I’ll talk about
that in a second so be cash well now
we’ve all been called it be cash for a
while it is the crypto dividend that
forked off from Bitcoin at the beginning
of August it’s you know around was it
around $400 or something a lot of people
have done well with it it interesting
it’s no threat to Bitcoin it has no
right to it doesn’t even pretend to be
Bitcoin and just the grassroot you know
and so be cash is what we call it and
that is just that name is just an
example the one of the best examples of
grassroots mark grassroots marketing in
the cryptocurrency space I always say
little marketing it doesn’t seem like we
have a lot of marketing skill here yet
well that’s an example of some good
marketing because every people started
using people started spreading the word
it caught on people are putting it in
tweets and social media using it in all
different ways and it’s the perfect name
for a crypto dividend it’s a perfect
name for an altcoin it’s the b-team
you’re not on the 18 with Bitcoin you’re
on the painting
I mean it’s secondary I mean it’s
perfect so keep on calling it be cash I
know where I mean all of us who are
getting be cash crypto dividends are
really excited because it’s a crypt it’s
the first major crypto dividend we were
so excited with this new way to form an
altcoin I mean it’s just it’s great no I
mean now there’s some people I’ve been
really lately on Twitter
king of the trolls he’s very frustrated
you know it’s it’s kind of funny you
know he likes to do his form of
marketing but when the marketing turns
against him he doesn’t or goes against
what he wants in his coffee he doesn’t
like it very much
oh poor guy poor guy you know that’s the
way it is most people call it be cash
get used to it and hey guys keep on
calling it be cash it is it’s just a
perfect name for and I love getting my
freebie cat don’t all you love your
freebie cash your crypto dividends I
mean that’s great stuff anyway um so and
one thing to remember if people try to
confuse you
Bitcoin there’s only one Bitcoin you can
extract all sorts of crypto dividends
from it now from the be cash crypto
dividend you can’t extract Bitcoin from
it it’s secondary it’s b-team okay I may
have someone to make a crypto dividend
at from be cash they could fork off be
crash they could have a friendly fork of
be cash and then bitcoin would have like
a grandson crypto dividend that would be
kind of cute wouldn’t it
grandson fork friendly Fork that’d be
really friendly alright so yeah great
marketing guys keep it up with the name
be cash love the name love it love it
love that name put it out there on
Twitter so also one thing I speaking of
all coins in crypto dividends for me
personally getting these crypto
dividends you know bit and I talked
about big core yesterday and I’ve talked
about B
to be cash but in it’s good for all
other altcoins that already exists top
tier ones like I am less likely now to
sell my light coin or my Monaro than I
ever was before because you know what
why not just hold them see what happens
with them and just let the free crypto
dividends that I get just sell them you
know who knows that they’re gonna stay
you know I say I love the the B cash
dividend well I mean it’s it’s new
threat to Bitcoin that’s what I mean but
it’s price is eventually gonna drop I
mean it’s who knows I might become
worthless when they said you that you
want to get because there’s no real team
behind it or anything you know how it is
but you know monaro and litecoin oh
those are hardcore up coins I mean those
are they’re gonna be around so I’d like
to you know now I don’t feel like that
it doesn’t you know all I’m trying to do
is get me more Bitcoin you all know that
you know that’s what this is all about
all coins are really ways to get more
Bitcoin but the crypto dividend is a way
to get yourself some more Bitcoin pad
your Bitcoin and then maybe you’ll hang
on to your light your top one of your
top tiers for longer litecoin or Manero
or theorem classic or whatever you guys
know my top tiers and if you want to
hear my top tiers you can email me at
Adam at trey’s or help calm I can give
you a crypto consultation help you set
up your trades or help you with just
getting through life be a more positive
person we can set up that appointment I
the clients that they be coming it’s
been good it’s finished I met with one
in person for back city before I left
that was awesome he is a good guy and he
I owe you an email dude I will email you
back I got that email tonight alright so
alright oh yeah the super early video my
4 a.m. video today I talked about bit
core and so you should watch it if you
don’t know what bit core is it is it is
a crypt of dividend a friendly fork of
Bitcoin that happened a few months ago
and I haven’t experimented with it yeah
I’m gonna I’m going to do what’s on
their site I link to their site below
again but watch the video I did earlier
today at 4 a.m. and you’ll learn a
little bit more I have it how to extract
your bit core from your Bitcoin and by
the way I also also encrypted of
dividend news I have heard that be gold
we’ll be updating
their website soon so hopefully they
will because as we all know that website
is horrible now just horrible and they
need to need to put it in just make it
better and there’s nothing wrong with
being horrible now but you got updated
I mean and once it’s updated I’m sure
everyone will be able to understand
their situation a little bit better so
uh alright also speaking of a you know
crimper dividends so people are saying
that segue to X is not gonna happen now
is it’s not gonna happen well I’ll tell
you one thing I think the people behind
it see that there’s money in this with
these other crypto dividends so
obviously it’s no threat to Bitcoin
anymore it’s been totally neutered
almost now and big oil really neuter it
real nice but they’re you know the
people behind this reminders or whoever
they’re gonna still do it and so why not
go do it dudes it’s it’s I don’t find it
a threat at all anymore and if you do
feel find it as a threat thing you talk
it up as a crypto dividend that’s what
it is it’s just a unique way of forming
a new altcoin and of course the people
behind it were originally and probably
still are unfriendly toward Bitcoin but
they know very well that everyone’s
dropping out of the seg with 2x
agreement a New York agreement whatever
you want to call it it’s harmless now
people it is harmless bitcoin is the
a-team this is part of the B team with B
cash I mean this segment of the 2 to X
coin is gonna be on the bench ok
when and B cash and B gold are gonna be
running around you know playing on the
field on the B team alright so uh yeah
so III 2x I’d be happy to get some free
coins from the 2x I mean holding has
never been so lucrative with Bitcoin
palnet like button people if you hold
frickin Bitcoin and you’re just like
it’s Pat passively getting you’re just
sitting there and getting your crypto
dividends it is awesome it is just
alright us up I forgot to bring up at on
Fridays this week in Bitcoin tour de
Meester warned everybody about the
United States exchanges and that he
feels that uh you know we’re not at the
end of the situation yet
where there’s gonna be there’s gonna be
a hack again yeah he’s a he is a big
name people so control your private keys
I don’t know how many different ways I
have to say it but don’t leave your
stuff at an exchange and the funny thing
the interesting to tie in here too bit
core and some of these smaller future it
was in the future we’re gonna get some
smaller crypt of dividends to like bit
core that just sneak in there and by the
way I think the big four guys are gonna
contact me maybe we’ll get them on or
something I don’t know because I’d like
to hear more about this big core why
their marketing was not very good if
it’s been around for a few months but
anyway these little ones these little
that you know you can get six dollars
from your crypto dividend for free yeah
that adds up like let’s say you had ten
Bitcoin and you turn you get 10 bit core
for it are you a nine Bitcoin you get
nine bit core for it that’s you know
yeah and it goes up to $10 just whatever
its of $90 all right
well right there the only way you’re
gonna get that big core is if you
control your private key and so you so
it makes it worth it to have pay $90 for
your treasure or whatever it cost okay
right there
these what I’m trying to say is these a
Bitcoin these the crypto dividends pay
they pay for you to have a storage
device because a lot of people don’t
want to pay for a storage device well if
you’re storing your Bitcoin there you’re
gonna be able to get more and more
crypto dividends which will eventually
pay for the cost of owning the $90 $120
under $50 storage device pound that like
button if you were up tonight here so
that is a way of looking at it and just
you know for the people who like to save
money hey man there’s nothing wrong with
saving money I save money all the time
but this is a trace or keeping you’re
keeping your private key off these
exchanges is insurance for your for your
Bitcoin ok treszura’s insurance for your
Bitcoin alright think of it that way you
don’t want to do it you don’t want to do
a risky thing these thing there’s gonna
be one of them’s gonna disappear again
is forget hat alright so what do we got
here a tweet by David Sachs is it real
or is it a bubble represents a false
Internet was both during the dot-com era
genuine revolutions create froth okay I
think I think that is really interesting
because it’s true it’s true
the internet.com thing was both so all
of cryptocurrency right now it is it’s
both it is real but there are bubble
aspects to it also the ico thing is a
bubble but there is there some Bitcoin
is obviously real and there’s some
in-between stuff and maybe Bitcoin will
get bubbly or two if it’s like $10,000
tomorrow or something there might be an
argument that it’s a bubble but but
still it’s real at the same time all
we have I linked you and that’s linked
below I also link to a blog post by
crimson security the equifax breached
what you should know and that’s just
good that’s just good information about
this hacker breach because we all have
to know about this but as it relates to
Bitcoin a lot of people are saying just
freeze all freeze your accounts freeze
your Equifax account so that you cannot
open basically you won’t be opening able
to open a new line of credit or buy a
house or buy oh well first and so my
point in saying that if you go that
direction if people go that direction of
freezing their credit and basically it
won’t be able to get credit you’re just
living within your means which is great
and that’s bullish for cash and it’s
bullish for Bitcoin okay because bitcoin
is not a debt instrument of any case of
any sort so it’s about savings and
having all this you know going more and
more into debt is basically what these
credit services will they monitor your
debt but they’re part of that whole
system all right credit monitoring
system cesare all part of that so if
people decide to just freeze freeze
their accounts so people cannot steal
their ideas IDs anymore well then
they’re gonna have to get into cash and
bitcoin more so it’s good news for
Bitcoin and someone wrote learn to pay
are them do you need new credit cards
okay okay that was me anyway so uh it by
the way if you’re probably this is
better for people that are over thirty
years old because I guess if you are
under twenty and you wanna buy under
thirty and you really need to buy a hat
I mean there are some reasons to take
out a line of credit or whatever and
that that it can’t be shut down that you
that you should be able to get credit
that you should maybe get a credit card
at least let’s say let’s say you need a
new credit card or you have no credit
card well then you want everything to be
normal you don’t want to freeze your
accounts okay but if you’re over thirty
years old over thirty five you don’t
need credit
we really don’t if you have I mean if
you already say just save people there
are people out there that build their
whole businesses without using an ounce
of credit
also this Equifax thing is bullish for
civic not the eye cos I’m not gonna talk
about the ico aspect of vanilla ham
Civic but Civic and I am up I gave Civic
my information a while ago and they’re
supposed to be you know monitoring it so
if they are the way of the future of
taking care of people’s identity
identity that stuff then this is gonna
be good for them this and Vinnies been
tweeting about it quick correction from
the other day Simon Dixon said something
about Taiwan kind of being part of
something similar to Hong Kong and Macau
it is not it is not and I was going to
say something he made a mistake Taiwan
is his own country long live Taiwan
seriously they were formed by people who
were against the original communist
government of China so Taiwan is his own
country and real quick he also mentioned
that he was on a panel with jake smith
and i was really shocked that he said
jake Smith called the B cash an altcoin
because Jake Smith was a few months ago
and I link to the video below he was all
those famous debate debates with tone
BAE’s and king of the trolls he was
really a big blocker and
I was shocked when when Simon mentioned
that that he would now be calling it an
altcoin but it was kind of fleshed out
to me he’s Jake Smith is calling an
altcoin now but he feels like it could
overtake Bitcoin one day so it’s an
altcoin that eventually could become
Bitcoin well I don’t agree with that but
I see now why he called it an altcoin
and so if people saw that I was kind of
shocked was Simon brought up this jake
Smith character well that’s the reason
but there was really not that much
reason to be shocked
so hey check out that link below to that
old video if you want to see that old
debate and a simple point from last
night if you’re in the Bitcoin you’re
already part of this elite in a way I’m
compared to the masses of Baltimore
that’s what I was kind of trying to say
that you’re in a good shape you’re on
the right track here the 80% term really
describes a lot of people in Baltimore
I’ll just leave it at that and you’re on
the right track you’re much better track
than most people that you encounter
anywhere in the world if you’re already
in the Bitcoin you’re pretty elite in in
your own way okay
and yeah I often say we’re in a little
bubble here but the bubble that we’re
living in it’s like the bubble of
success we were kind of and then the
masses I wish they could come in but
they have no desire okay kind of like
but now madam I should become most of
this run my summers tried to sound like
this video share this video check out
the notes section below I will join you
guys in the chat bye


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