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what’s up everyone it he has gone
through some some news so obviously I
guess a big cash soaring so the my caps
assists over six hundred twenty six
billion up there it was time house down
to like 600 billion yesterday’s those
likes come I got beat its meeting seek
dominance forty five percent
it’s amazing guy has nearly 60 percent
not a week ago so much the changes it’s
up quick so bitcoins cuz like it’s it’s
just hovering or in the 16 they’re at 16
a half if you Nate so for last you know
24 hours
areum’s bit same but 826 liquid cash 3 7
3 6 so obviously if you don’t know by
now if you had between your coin base
account on always the first that’s where
you hold your corner that I way would
but are the Pens I suppose you might had
in there when they did the shot but you
have free Bitcoin cash so around all
that albeit not much but I usually keep
my Bitcoin my coin basic and to be
honest but yeah seriously free cash
yesterday so spend it wisely obviously
depends if you feel I can see how up I’m
not a big fan of big cash so now each
their own
I’m not here to judge you can do like it
or not it’s like it’s up to you I was
here it’ll ripples going up it’s a lot
of green really at the moment now dash
dash’s were 1502 – that it’s huge
your donors I’m down a little bit was
about fifty something you say I always
hover around $5 marks I mean down to $5
I’ll be taking it my coins 321 obviously
with Charlie Charlie didn’t you just say
Charlie so he’s like coins if there was
a conflict of interest so it’s
interesting yeah alright then I would
say how that but you know I did hear the
other day I be crying go cuz they the
rumor was look like Bitcoin gold was
gonna go on to
they said was that I was just under
three and dolls it’s soon as the be cash
stuff happened he couldn’t go when I was
well noticed so sets off 50% in the last
seven days and I don’t that Manero
Manero still going up Harrison climb as
well since Princeton and neoguri eyes up
the usual a wind out a little bit bears
back out so anything’s yarn up so I’m
gonna be a bit on the boy I really it
depends I mean you look good for
obviously part of dip don’t buy on the
high or too high as usual and other than
that guys anything want to talk about
really easy to Delta so if the Delta
supposedly so five hours ago he users we
have reason to believe there’s been a
malicious attack the temporary gains
access to equal Delta comm DNS server we
investigates issue right now in the
meantime do not use the current sites
and don’t touch the site guys in this
another update update one at a to
important we have reasonably that there
has been malicious attacks the temporary
gain access is the same one so then four
hours ago the imposes at please be aware
the imposes app has no chat button on
the navigation bar nor the official
Twitter feed on the bottom right is also
populated with wakeboarder books so guys
just until everything sort out do not
use it the Delta you can use it
amenities complicated users it is might
do a video on Monday to say how to use
it but it looks like Bonnie it looks
like it’s standing it a lot more i ce
o–‘s coming into their little book of
tokens so yeah might even need to tell
us right now but yeah so what’ll be
doing it mean you’ll take security yeah
it’s going to be don’t really take it
seriously hey he was submissive you
putting on a treasure or a nano into it
I don’t know why you would but I be
using a my ether wallet what I
personally I’m thinking myself is sound
I think I created a new my wallet one
has never been insert into a the Delta
and then transfer my olds
my all the coins of Maya or either oil
might eat the will open cat sorry in tan
I’ll be transparent that’s the new one
that has an actually being plugged in to
be the del Sol so that’s one way you
could do it yeah security battalion
staff we’ve got to be a while I mean
every exchanging you should at least to
factor at the moment so I’m having
trouble with my to fact exhaust we
operate was phone last week and bloody
so obviously I didn’t get a chance to
deactivate all my two-factor temporarily
so I could change my phone so that’s
just been the biggest headache for me at
the moment so I’m trying to get back
into pioneers and collectors I left some
tokens on there one being power ledger
so I’m not very happy where that I
didn’t get a chance to transfer it all
back to my eat the walk so yeah that’s
me at the moment so discounted process
and trying to get that I’m done
obviously and just as my Genesis mine is
pretty good
they were pretty quick actually though
like half an hour I have you back into
my account so I was pretty cool so it’s
good service there Pete speed service
better than else but with it Genesis but
that’s the way to go so that’s pretty
much we got all for you today I was not
short one obviously is she
it’s a season weekend a year to
demoralize me let my Christmas Day
business the week leading up to it is
chaotic heroes it’s just not seeding
when I go with shopping centers it is I
try to avoid it at all costs time of
year and how you guys do it but most
want online obviously you bought online
get it delivered to your door I don’t
think unless I mean I listen to it I
mean not sure I don’t mind on the
midnight shop it gets you got about 11
o’clock annoyed know what you’re gonna
get get in there so I like to say you’re
like oh I SEOs and that can get done
anyway all right guys you pull up a
video a thumbs up if you want subscribe
hit that subscribe button hit that Bell
if you want to learn very to my upload a
video and let me comment what do you
think of what do you think eat the Delta
you know
should you actually trading you my
either wallet and chance for the old
stuff that you you know he got into a
new wallet and donated system so that
she’s an all one all right leave me
feedback see I wasn’t thinking a free
between cash from coinbase there wasn’t
about conjecture sighs did y’all talk
about eight or nine thousand one stays
surprise over there it has a glitch but
who knows
and I’m yeah guys I mean in non-sleeping
video if it’s it’s never a loss and
mister seller loss telly with you say
yeah bye

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