Every MGTOW should own at least 10 Bitcoin

everyone Adam Meister The BitcoinMeister disrupt Meister today we’re
going to talk about MGTOW
men going their own way and I recently
learned about them I am not one but I
learned about them and I i think that
they should own Bitcoin
own at least 10 Bitcoin they don’t have
women or children to support and they
they have money that they can they can
speculate on now there might be some
poor me down out there guys just don’t
go out to eat for a while I mean you can
save money I’m sure you can think of
some creative ways to save some money I
i’m on the web videos inspired by a me
tell you can visit his his channel he’s
mentioned one big tower I’ll give you a
link to him why he he talks about
Bitcoin I just stumbled upon his videos
this you comment on my videos he’s
really a great guy smart guy and he
seems to be the only make town out there
that’s kind of promoting Bitcoin in
encrypted currencies and again I i
elsewhere until a month ago sit there
and I’d say that the issue really
considered Bitcoin for a number of
reasons because if they just keep their
assets in dollars and they just have a
bunch of dollars sitting around in the
just supporting the current system and
that current system controlled by the
current leaders at least it supports not
you know they’re paying these men who
have children or white wives by keeping
their money in dollars they’re just
supporting women and children that are
who are there they’re forced everyone is
forced to support women and children
then we have nothing to do it or not
the because we all dollars in there
being played in all these monetary gains
going on so if you support it at every
meet out there
ball at least 10 ok it will definitely
help but he would also help send a
message to the current system maybe we
can this current system so spending
$4,100 on can become much less much less
than a lot of different things you waste
your money on anything it’s a good
speculation to look at it that way
alright Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister
see you later


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